A Daughter's Love
A Daughter's Love
A Daughter's Love
  • A Daughter's Love

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A Daughter's Love
Maya (Chanel Preston) and her daughter Kali (Alison Rey) are on the bed together in Kali's room. Maya is brushing daughter Kali's hair, fawning over her. Maya announces she has a date. Kali is surprised, then worried. She tries to hide it but doesn't do very well, commenting that her mom never told her she was interested in anyone Kali looks hurt, betrayed, as though she truly believed they told each other everything. As Maya spends more time with the man she's dating, Sebastian (Chad Alva), Kali's jealousy grows. He's also begun hitting on Kali, which shocks her because of how he's disrespecting her mother. One night, Kali approaches Sebastian and leans seductively against the doorframe. She invites him into her room. Sebastian is a bit suspicious, though then grins as he steps inside. Sebastian is rough right from the start, lifting Kali onto the bed and squeezing her perky tits. Pulling her pajamas off, he buries his face between her legs, eating her pussy as Kali moans softly. Kali certainly has a twisted way of demonstrating her love... Kevin (Calvin Hardy) has been heartbroken ever since his stepdaughter, Marie (Isabella Nice) ran away from home. It seems like she's dropped off the face of the earth and he can't figure out WHY. He keeps replaying their last moments as a family, hoping to uncover the answer there, but it's hopeless. She's gone and he has no idea if she'll ever come back... But when Marie DOES come back out of the blue, Kevin is overjoyed... until she reveals that the reason she left is because of HIM. Kevin is shocked, afraid that he's done something wrong, but Marie insists that she left because of her feelings for HIM... Once Kevin realizes that Marie is admitting that she's romantically and sexually attracted to him, he's mortified. They're stepdad and stepdaughter! She can't be feeling this way about him! What will his wife, Marie's mom, think?? Marie's expression darkens. She admits that she's jealous of her mom, heartbroken that her own mom doesn't even seem to CARE that she's been missing. Her mom doesn't care about HER and she DEFINITELY doesn't care about Kevin... not like Marie does... but if Kevin can't return those feelings, then Marie has no choice but to leave again. If Kevin wants to keep his stepdaughter close, he may have to get closer to her in a way he's never imagined...

Cast: Alison Rey , Isabella Nice , Calvin Hardy , Chad Alva

Product Subname: Brunettes , Character , Erotic Vignette , Family Roleplay , Feature , Pigtails , Plot Oriented , Popular with Women , Family Affairs , Oral Sex , Pure Taboo