A Test Of Loyalty
A Test Of Loyalty
A Test Of Loyalty
  • A Test Of Loyalty

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A Test Of Loyalty
Nadia chats with her fiancee, Tara, who is browsing on her phone like always. Because Tara is so sociable, it's often cause for arguments, and today is no exception. Nadia is suspicious that Tara is cheating but Tara assures her for the millionth time that she can trust her. They're going to be MARRIED soon and Tara claims she'd NEVER hurt Nadia like that. A few days later, as Tara swings by a cafe to grab a coffee, she runs into an old ex, Jessie. Tara's immediately remorseful, apologizing for how their relationship ended on such bad terms, and Jessie is touched. As they chat, an old flame seems to be rekindled between them, even as Tara reveals her upcoming marriage to Nadia. Even so, when Jessie starts to turn on the charm, inviting Nadia back to her loft, Tara is unable to say no. Surely Nadia will never find out, right? Carla waits for her dear niece, Stephanie, to arrive. Stephanie's coming over to talk about something important and Carla is ALWAYS happy to see her... All she ever wants is to get CLOSE to Stephanie... When Stephanie arrives, she's distressed. Carla sits her down and encourages her to open up. Bit by bit, as Carla fawns over her, Stephanie opens up, revealing that she has a crush on a family member... She knows she shouldn't but she can't help it! Carla's heart races. Could THIS be the moment she's been waiting for? Could Stephanie be finally admitting to falling for HER? When Stephanie blurts out that she has a crush on her mom, it's a shock to the system that Carla never could've seen coming, although she tries her best to hide it. If Carla wants a chance with sweet Stephanie, she's going to have to play dirty.

Cast: Adria Rae , Elexis Monroe , Paige Owens , Victoria Voxxx , Whitney Wright

Product Subname: Brunettes , Character , Cunnilingus , Erotic Vignette , Family Roleplay , Feature , Lesbian , Lesbian - Strap-Ons , Oral , Plot Oriented , Popular with Women , Pure Taboo