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Get Well Soon
Get Well Soon
Get Well Soon
  • Get Well Soon

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Get Well Soon
Jennifer (Kyler Quinn) has been ill and needs to rest a few more days before she can return to school. As she's resting in her room, she receives a Get Well Soon card that people at school have signed for her. Jennifer begins to read the messages written in the card. To her shock, she sees that someone wrote a dirty note about wanting to fuck her in the ass. Jennifer is embarrassed, but becomes curious about who could have written something so bold. Wanting to find this person, Jennifer calls her friend to ask who signed the card last and she says it was their teacher, Mr. Williams (Ryan Driller). A few days later, Jennifer is fully recovered, and she stays after school to talk to Mr. Williams. Mr. Williams is pleased that Jennifer doesn't seem upset, and brazenly asks if it made her wet. Jennifer admits that it did, and says that she wants him to fuck her, including giving Jennifer her first anal experience. Nicole (Vanessa Vega) and her former teacher, Mr. Harris (Clarke Kent), enter Nicole's old classroom. A class reunion is happening in the gymnasium, but Nicole asked Mr. Harris to let her into the classroom so she can reminisce. Once inside, Nicole becomes resentful and reminds him about when she was 18 and told him that she WANTED him... but he rejected her. Mr. Harris claims that he turned her down because it would have been inappropriate for a teacher to have a sexual encounter with a student, but Nicole doesn't believe him. She angrily reveals it was an open secret that Mr. Harris was having sex with plenty of other 18-year-olds in her class, so why not HER? Nicole says she has an offer for him. She states that she wants the closure of knowing that Mr. Harris never should have said "no" to her, so she is offering him sex one final time...

Cast: Clarke Kent , Kyler Quinn , Ryan Driller , Vanessa Vega

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