It Takes Two
It Takes Two
It Takes Two
  • It Takes Two

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It Takes Two
Scott and his wife Sofia are just walking out of a counseling session. As Scott gushes to Sofia about her commitment to their marriage, Sofia is intrigued by another man - Andrew - in the waiting area. Her gaze strays down to Andrew's hand and she notices a wedding band on his finger. A glint flashes through her eyes as she sees this. Andrew looks back, a hint of a mischievous smile on his lips. Sofia seems to get an idea and breaks eye contact with Andrew, turning her full attention back to her husband. Sofia then tells Scott to go get their car for them, leaving Sofia and Andrew alone together. They start chatting and it's revealed that Andrew is the marriage counselor's husband. As they continue to flirt, it quickly becomes clear that both Andrew and Sofia have no issues with cheating on their spouses. Licking their lips hungrily, they each slip their wedding bands off. It takes two to make a marriage work... but it also takes two to break its bonds... Martin has been having a very hard time since his wife passed away. He's been unable to get any rest, his exhaustion slowly driving him mad with each restless night that passes. He's trying his best to hold on but it's just so hard... Tori, his step-daughter, is so worried about Martin. It breaks her heart seeing him falling apart, but she doesn't know what to do to help him... It's not unusual for Martin to tuck Tori in at night, but something is changing the longer he goes without rest. His mind starts to take him to dark places as his eyes linger on sweet Tori as she lays in bed. She reminds him so much of his wife... When Tori stirs one night to find Martin spooning her, she freaks out. Martin apologizes and begs for forgiveness, insisting that he needs HER to get through this. Maybe, just maybe, if they can share one intimate night together he can finally find relief. Although she's hesitant, she can't stand to see him like this. If fucking her stepdad is what it's going to take to get them through this, then she HAS to take the chance.

Cast: Cindy Starfall , Dillon Cox , Savannah Sixx , Tommy Pistol

Product Subname: Interracial , Couples , Family Roleplay , Asian , Brunettes , Married , Big Black Cock , Family Affairs , Oral Sex , Blowjobs , Pure Taboo