Dad's & Lads Night In
Dad's & Lads Night In
Dad's & Lads Night In
  • Dad's & Lads Night In

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Dad's & Lads Night In
From the press notes:
"One weekend a greedy cocksuckin' dad is on a mission to get his hard end way with as many filthy lads as possible... and boy does he give it a fuckin' go! One dad and eight lads? Now that's what we call one lucky cunt!
Dole scum dad Steve, bored and stuck in his council flat on a Friday night, decides to have a couple of tinnys and a smoke with his mate to relieve the boredom. Fucked off with the crap footy on TV and having not that much else to do, big Steve gets an unexpected phone call from another couple of lads on the estate who want to pop round to borrow some smoke. The lads sit and chat and as the lager kicks in they decide to stick a bit of porn on the telly. It's not long before dad Steve has got a big boner and - chancing his luck - gets one of the lads to suck him off. The other lad Tyson watches Big Steve getting a good sucking and says he fancies a bit of that himself.
Soon little Danny is getting spit-roasted by big Steve and muscled scally lad Tyson - alternating with his mates to fuck Danny's tight hairy arsehole who can't get enough of their big fat cocks pounding away at him. Tyson dumps his load in Danny's face and fucks off. Danny says he has to leave as well but will come back later with another couple of lads for a bit of a party.
That night Danny returns with three mates - Kai, Jamie and Adam - and spliffed up they all get their cocks out, ready for some hardcore fucking. As big cock Kai fucks Adam over the skanky -stained sofa, Jamie decides to shove his dick up Kai's tasty backside as well and all three get into a pounding frenzy before jizzing their loads in each other's faces.
The next night, a couple of pals, Mel and Jay who dad Steve used to work with, drop by for a before heading down the pub. Left to their own devices for a bit while Steve goes to pick up his car from the garage, Mel and Jay decide to make use of the sofa. Soon Mel fishes out his massive black cock and rams it down Jay's willing throat before flipping him over, rimming his arse and then fucking him in every position he can think of!
In the middle of their fuck session dad Steve and his mate Neil turn up and just sit and watch the floor show as Mel and Jay fuck on the coffee table. As Mel unloads his jets of cum into Jay's open mouth, Neil and Steve spunk all over themselves and the sofa. Now, thats what we call a lads night in!

Cast: Adam , Jamie , Jay Huntington , Neil , Steve , Tyson , Mel , Danni Slam , Kai

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