Czech Hunter #22
Czech Hunter #22
Czech Hunter #22
  • Czech Hunter #22

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Czech Hunter #22
Fortunately, right on the train platform, I met a very handsome guy waiting for his train to arrive. We started chatting and he was very interesting. You see, he had a flexible body like a gymnast or a circus performer. Too bad he was also incredibly shy. It was almost impossible to get him out of his undies. It took a while but all the effort was totally worth it in Czech Hunter 22.
I met this blonde guy while he was on his way to a floorball training session. He didn't look beefed-up but the floorball thing got me interested. I expected to see a nicely shaped body. His cute face and blond hair made him look so innocent... I was definitely in. Now to figure out the way to get in his pants... It was very simple because the guy liked money a lot and wasn't exactly shy. He whipped his cock out right in the middle of the street and then took me to his place. There this hot twink showed me his true self.
This boy was a bit busy and didn't want to talk to me. I had to improvise and throw money in his face right away. I definitely wanted to do him. That was just crazy but also incredibly promising. Greedy boys usually don't know when to stop. Before we got to the lookout point, he was totally my bitch. He wanted money and I wanted my entertainment. I found us a discreet place and there the fun began. The boy looked adorable while trying to fit my horny cock in his tiny mouth. I gave him the rest of my money for analyzing his virgin ass and it was well worth it.
The streets were empty because it was almost lunchtime. After 20 minutes I bumped into this dude. I had a good look at him right away and what I saw was interesting. The young man liked money a lot and agreed to follow me into a nearby forest. He gave me a pretty sweet blowjob and then revealed his tight and shaved asshole. It got me so horny that I didn't waste time and put my cock right in there. He clenched his virgin hole around my cock while I was thrusting deep inside of him.

Cast: Various Artists

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