Amg Resurrection: A New Beginning
Amg Resurrection: A New Beginning
Amg Resurrection: A New Beginning
  • Amg Resurrection: A New Beginning

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The 60+ year-old Athletic Model Guild vaults into a new century with this highly-anticipated full hardcore title. Known throughout the world for their unforgettable exposes of massively-built men flexing and posing, this time they go for the gusto - full-on fucking, fellas! - and hire some of the biggest models working today to bring to life this costume-laden sex epic. Forget everything you know about AMG - this one features the really good stuff!
The studio pays homage to AMG founder Bob Mizer’s work, and updates his vision to modern day tastes like he never could imagine. This is iconic Athletic Model Guild - resurrected like you’ve always dreamed it could be. It’s a whole new beginning!
Starring a cast of top superstars in the industry, this is the movie everyone is talking about - the first hardcore feature from the legendary AMG in their 60-year history, with more man-on-man action than you can ever remember.
AMG Resurrection is the first hardcore production to feature Jason Adonis in a full starring role. He plays a 1950s beefcake physique model who is worshipped by two different guys in two different decades. Says Jason, "I am really happy with the way this movie has turned out. My body is the best it has ever been in, I am in competition shape. My role as a 1950s physique model is the perfect vehicle to let AMG show off my hard work. And the crew was great to work with, these guys captured all three of my cumshots like no other studio has."
The movie spans two generations and moves in time between the 1950s, 1980s, and modern day. But it isn't all history. The sex is hotter than anything ever released by AMG! The story spans two generations of family that have the hots for the same physique model, played by Jason. Chad Leigh plays the modern day grandson who discovers his grandfather's secret stash, including erotic materials hidden 50 years ago. Chad Leigh watches the original AMG 1950s film "Aztec Sacrifice" on a projector, then falls asleep and enters the film in a dream, becoming the object of sacrifice by Aztec chief Filippo Romano and slave Ben Steffani.
Another scene focuses on Mizer's 1980s video series called Anal Erotic (A&E), where the guys spread their cheeks and make their assholes talk. "In our version, we go alot farther than Mizer ever dared," says Dennis Bell, AMG's President and Executive Producer, referring to the wide array of butt play toys used in that scene

Cast: Jason Adonis , Ben Steffani , Caleb Carter , Chad Leigh , Chris Crawford , Filippo Romano , Ross Stuart , Timmy Thomas

Product Subname: DVD , Multi region , Gay , Muscle Studs , Muscle Gods