British Underwear Party #02
British Underwear Party #02
British Underwear Party #02
  • British Underwear Party #02

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Another round of twink underwear fun in British Underwear Party 2. Sean goes to the toilet to pee but instead of whipping his cock out to unload he simply drops his trousers and pisses through his grey boxers. Wiping himself down, he dons a clean pair and goes out to join Kyle and Lex. Sitting on the sofa, they play with each others cocks through their pants before Kyle is bent over the sofa and tagged, with each guy going deep! All change and Lex fucks Sean whilst Kyle shoves his cock into his mouth. The scene ends with the three lads letting loose their pent up sperm and licking it from each others' lean bodies.
Kris Denver takes a trip to the loo and pisses a golden stream into the bowl. Rejoining Damian, the two wank before Damian leans over and sucks Kris's cock through his blue pants, making them wet with saliva before freeing the hard cock and sucking on it. The two lads then 69 before Damian, with pants still on, fucks Kris up his tight back door in a variety of positions. Both lads cum on Damian's pants and Damian very slowly wipes Kris's face with the sticky pants and pushes them into Kris's mouth.
Kyle opens the next scene with him unleashing a torrent of piss into the toilet. Finding the soiled pants of Damian, he inhales deeply and starts to wank. In the meantime, Jake Smith takes a leak in the toilet, but on his way back he spots Kyle. The two 69 and then, with underpants discarded, Jake positions himself behind Kyle and fucks him before straddling Kyle's chest and wanking into his face. Jake licks it up and the two kiss and swap cum. Kyle then jacks off onto his stomach and Jake feeds Kyle his own cum.
A twink duet of Scott and Andy sees them kissing on the sofa and discarding their trousers so they can wank each other through white briefs. Andy moves down to lick Scott's cock through his pants, running his tongue up and down the shaft, before releasing Scott's boner through the fly and sucking deeply on it. Andy pulls Scott's pants down and parts his tight butt cheeks with his rigid cock before the two swaps and Scott fucks Andy. Scott straddles Andy's chest and wanks until he shoots into his face.
Lex sits in front of Nico's crotch and rubs his cock through his Calvin's. Nico sucks on Lex whilst wanking then Lex kneels on the coffee table and Nico sticks his tongue up Lex's crack - licking him from his balls to the tip of his cock. They swap places and Lex fucks Nico. Nico wanks into Lex's face and licks it off, which prompts Lex to do exactly the same to his fuck buddy.

Cast: Andy O'Neill , Damian Duke , Jake Smith , Kris Denver , Kyle Martin , Lex Blond , Nico James , Scott Davies , Sean Deacon

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