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Wet Strokers Slide & Glide
Wet Strokers Slide & Glide
Wet Strokers Slide & Glide
Wet Strokers Slide & Glide
  • Wet Strokers Slide & Glide

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Dive into the Pleasure Pool with Wet Strokers Slide & Glide!
Welcome to the slippery side of satisfaction with the PDX Extreme Glide & Glide Wet Stroker. Say goodbye to the hassle of lubes and hello to a self-lubricating wonder that turns every solo session into a glide-filled joyride.
Picture this: no more fumbling around for that elusive bottle of lube. Just add a splash of water, and voilà, you're ready to embark on a wet and wild adventure. This ain't your average stroker; it's a sleek, sexy, and self-lubricating dream come true.
What makes it better than the real thing? The secret lies in its realistic material and a pleasure tunnel that'll make your fantasies jealous. It's so easy to squeeze, you'll wonder if it's a workout or a pleasure cruise – we say, why not both?
But hey, enough daydreaming – it's time to make those fantasies a reality. This wet stroker isn't just about lubing up; it's about sliding and gliding into a climax-filled pleasure zone that's as real as it gets.
  1. Realistic Material: Easy to squeeze, just like you after a long day.
  2. Interior Pleasure Tunnel: A twist and turns that'll leave you breathless.
  3. No Lubricant Needed EVER: Save those extra bucks for something else; this stroker runs on water.
And the best part? Cleanup is a breeze. Just warm water and a dab of antibacterial cleanser, and you're good to go. No need for a manual on how to clean up this pleasure powerhouse – it practically cleans itself.
Measuring at a tantalizing 5" in length and 2.75" in width, it's the perfect size for a discreet rendezvous or a not-so-discreet declaration of pleasure. Before you store it away, just give it a pat dry and let it air dry completely. Now that's what we call low-maintenance satisfaction.
Why wait for pleasure when you can glide right into it? Wet Strokers Slide & Glide – the only shower buddy you'll ever need.
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