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Vacuum Pump Maxi Ergonomic Handle
Vacuum Pump Maxi Ergonomic Handle
Vacuum Pump Maxi Ergonomic Handle
Vacuum Pump Maxi Ergonomic Handle
Vacuum Pump Maxi Ergonomic Handle
  • Vacuum Pump Maxi Ergonomic Handle

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Looking to take things to the next level? Look no further than the Vacuum Pump Maxi Ergonomic Handle from BDStyle. This isn't your ordinary vacuum pump—it's a powerhouse of pleasure and performance, designed to make you stand tall (literally).
Premium Quality, Seriously Stylish
First off, let's talk about looks. This vacuum pump is the James Bond of male enhancement tools. The brass cylinder and cylinder head scream luxury, while the ergonomic nylon housing feels like it was custom-made for your grip. It's like holding the keys to your own pleasure palace.
Safety First, Fun Always
We get it—safety matters. That's why this pump comes with a nifty safety release purge valve. It's there to ensure you're never venturing into risky vacuum territory. Stay safe, stay smart, and stay ready for action.
Interchangeable Magic
One of the coolest features? It's compatible with other LeLuv pump series, cylinders, and accessories. Mix and match to your heart's content, because variety is the spice of (sex) life.
Size Does Matter
We're talking about the size of the pump, of course! This bad boy measures a sleek 15.2 x 14 cm (or 6 x 5.5 inches), weighing in at just 340 grams. It's compact, discreet, and ready to go wherever the mood strikes.
Silent but Deadly (in a Good Way)
Don't worry about waking up the neighbors. This pump is as silent as a ninja. Pump away to your heart's content without a peep (except, perhaps, your own).
So, What Are You Waiting For?
Toss aside those doubts and dive into the world of male enhancement with the Vacuum Pump Maxi Ergonomic Handle. Your confidence, pleasure, and partner will thank you.
Function: Male Vacuum Penis Enlargement Device
Color: Black/Rose
Size: 15.2 * 14 cm/6  * 5.5 inch
Net Weight: 340 g/0.75 lb/12 oz
Power: No
Material: Nylon/Brass
Package: OPP Bag
Further: Clitoral, Hypoallergenic, Phthalate Free, Silent
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