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Waterproof Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump
Waterproof Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump
Waterproof Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump
Waterproof Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump
  • Waterproof Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump

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Welcome to the revolution in aquatic pleasure – the Waterproof Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump by Pipedream Products. If you've ever wished for a shower companion that's not just a rinse-and-repeat scenario, your dreams have come true. Say goodbye to lackluster showers and hello to an experience that will redefine your bathroom escapades.
The Suction-Cup Marvel: Let's start with the star of the show – the suction-cup base. This isn't your average suction situation; this is a powerhouse that sticks to nearly any flat, non-porous surface. Tiles? Check. Floors? Absolutely. Tabletops or even glass? It conquers them all, turning your shower into the ultimate aquatic playground. Stick it anywhere, anytime, and let the suction sensation begin.
Size Matters – Pump It Up: Now, let's talk about the main event – the medical-style pump ball. Squeeze, pump, and watch the magic unfold. Your pleasure rod is about to experience a transformation of epic proportions. With each squeeze, it grows bigger, thicker, and swells with a power that defies the laws of bathroom physics. No more disappointments midway through – this pump is here to ensure your performance lasts and lasts.
Visual Spectacle with Clear Tube: As you embark on this aquatic journey, the clear vacuum tube becomes your personal theater. Witness the growth, the throbbing, rock-hard erections, and all the sensations that make this experience a visual spectacle. It's like having a front-row seat to your very own manhood magic show.
Vibrations for Added Pleasure: But we're not done yet – the vibrations. Twist the dial on the base and activate a whole new layer of pleasure. Now, not only are you growing and throbbing, but you're doing it with a rhythmic hum of vibrations. Your shower just evolved from a mundane routine to a vibrating pleasure chamber.
Ejaculation Prolonged – The Enhancement Ring: As you edge closer to the grand finale, enhance the experience further. Slide the included enhancement ring over your shaft. Snug, secure, and ready to prolong the pleasure, it ensures your erection stays mighty, and the fun lasts longer than ever before. Consider it your VIP pass to an extended aquatic pleasure paradise.
Quick-Release Valve – Easy Exit: All good things come to an end, but this pump ensures it's a smooth exit. The quick-release valve is your escape hatch. A simple push of the button, and the pressure is relieved. Your exit from the pleasure chamber is as easy and comfortable as your entrance.
Clean and Ready for Round Two: Post-fun cleanup? Fear not. Detach the cylinder from the vacuum hose, and your post-shower routine is as simple as using Pump Worx Toy Cleaner and warm water. It's like hitting the reset button, ready for the next round of banger vibes.
In conclusion, the Waterproof Wall Bangers Vibrating Pump is not just a sex toy; it's a game-changer for your shower routine. Stick, pump, vibe, and prolong – this pump is here to redefine your aquatic pleasure experience. Dive in and discover a new level of shower satisfaction. Your bathroom will never be the same again.
Pipedream Products are one of the biggest toy companies in the world. They are based in America and have turned their decades of experience into bringing out some of the most popular toy ranges that have ever swept across the globe. They have amassed an impressive collection of brands and products under their belts, and their sex positive approach means that they only use body safe ingredients for all their products. With brands such as Jimmy Jane, Pumpworx, and Fetish Fantasy under their bets you can rest assured that you’re in caring hands