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Drunk On Cum Collection - Boxed Set (4 DISCS)

Drunk On Cum Gay DVD, Multi region, Gay, Oral, Cum shots, 4 disc set, Watch as these men enjoy all the cum they can get, Adult DVD.

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Drunk On Cum -Collection - 4 DISC SET
For years, Paul Morris has documented his passion for men who suck cocks and the beautiful cocks they suck in the landmark swallow series, DRUNK ON CUM (DOC). Now, by popular demand and for your pleasure, we've collected Volumes 1 through 5 in a single box set.

Some men are born to suck cock. Their mouths open wide, their sperm-slimed gullets craving load after load. For these men it's more than sex. It's cock worship, their purpose in life. In scene after scene after spooge-guzzling scene, the DRUNK ON CUM series brings together the most talented and gluttonous oral slaves around and surrounded them with rooms full of seed-oozing cocks in need of servicing.

DRUNK ON CUM is an encyclopedic celebration of man's mouth as a primary sex organ. From group oral-orgies to man-to-man cock-worship sessions, from gullet-stretching deep throating to ball sac tongue-baths, from total oral cumwhores sucking off any and every cock dangled in front of them to newbie cum-swallowers slurpin' a fresh hot load down their gullets—these are the floor-lickin' semen-addicts who get high sucking dick and get drunk filling their bellies with sperm.

This mouth-wide-open, cum-eating, swallow-that-load-down spoogeapalooza is guaranteed to top anything you've seen!
This mouth-wide-open, cum-eating, swallow-that-load-down adventure is guaranteed to top anything you've seen so far in Volumes 1 through 5 !

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Drunk On Cum Collection - Boxed Set (4 DISCS)
Drunk On Cum Collection - Boxed Set (4 DISCS)