Heaven To Hell

Feature, Plot Based, African American, Anal Sex, Bodybuilder, Double Oral Penetration, Fetish, Group sex/orgies, Interracial, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Rimming, Falcon

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Heaven To Hell
Heaven To Hell is the epic story of good versus evil; of paradise lost and pleasure found.

Dean Monroe stars as the Devil, who, along with help from his instigator, minions of soldiers and dog boys, tempts the angel, played by Brad Patton. It's the first-ever movie in Falcon history featuring a cast comprised completely of Falcon Exclusives.

Heaven To Hell also features Brad Patton's first ever on-screen experience as a bottom.

An arrow pierces Brad Patton's shimmering vision of purity. Brought to the underworld by soldier Josh Weston, the Devil sits in judgment, his dogboys at his feet. When Dean announces "Prepare him!," the white angel's transformation begins. The legendary big-dicked top finally bottoms for the first time for both Josh and Joe Sport. "Fuck the good right out of him!," Josh scowls.

Meanwhile the Devil takes on his dogboys, deep-throating them all, then submitting to a brutal ass-pounding from each. Deep in the catacombs of the underworld, the two of the Devil's most powerful soldiers, Erik Rhodes and Matthew Rush, face each other for the first time. These two muscled studs go at each other with explosive force.

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Heaven To Hell
Heaven To Hell