Best Quality Hands Free Male Masturbator For Straight And Gay Guys

Masturbation has always been an interesting topic, and especially among men. There’s not an adult person on Earth who can say that they have never masturbated in their life. While there is so much debate going on about how often men should masturbate, one thing is for sure. They definitely should do it, and a lot, because it’s not only pleasing and enjoyable, but also healthy. When it comes to the question of how often, it appears that science has something to say about that, as you can see here.

The question of how often is quickly being replaced by another and much more important question. Should men use male masturbator toys, or should they stick with their hands? Some of the best quality hands free male masturbators on the market can be used by both straight and gay guys, and there is no doubt that these products exist and that they are well known and very much used.

There is no way that men aren’t tempted by the idea of playing with themselves while not using hands. That reminds them of the real deal and that’s definitely better than closing your eyes and pretending that your own hand is somebody else’s body. Some people, however, are still unsure of whether these products are right for them and how it is actually that they can benefit from a hands free male masturbator.

If you are a guy and the idea of jerking off without ever touching your junk with your hands appeals to you, then you should definitely hear what people have to say about these products. I will give you a list of a couple of benefits that you can expect from the best male masturbators, so that I can help you finally decide whether those are the products for you. I really can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t try them out immediately, but, hey, if you are indecisive, feel free to do some reading before buying these.

They Feel Like The Real Thing

Since you are taking time to do some reading, if you hop to, you will quickly be able to see why these products are so popular. Unlike your hand and your own skin, they feel more like the real thing. The materials these are made of will determine just how much the product you get will feel like the real thing, and it is up to you to find the best one.

Just imagine it for one second. You are in your room, alone and horny. You take the toy out, close your eyes and start playing with it. Putting your hands on your junk and stroking it is unnecessary, which is in itself enough to allow you to really get into it and feel as if you were playing with another person, rather than a toy.

The feeling you get when you stick your penis into the toy will definitely add to the sensation of reality, which will ultimately lead to a more powerful orgasm. Your hand can only do so much and, let’s face it. No matter how much you get into it, it is still your hand and that idea always lingers somewhere in the back of your head. That’s definitely not the case when you use a masturbator.

They Can Be Warmed Up

Can you think of one important difference between your hand and, say, a pussy? Okay, okay, I know you’ll say that these two can never be compared, but I want you to still try and think of that one significant difference. When I tell you what it is, you will see just how logical that is and it will be clear why a pussy is more enjoyable.

I’m talking about the temperature. A pussy is a lot warmer than a hand, which is another reason why men should use sex toys if they want to please themselves the right way. Most of the best hands free male masturbators can be warmed up by simply being put into warm water a little bit. The warmth and the moist makes the toy feel even more realistic, which is the whole point.

They Don’t Reduce Your Sensitivity

Have you ever heard of the “death grip” phenomenon in masturbation? This is when a guy gets too excited and then squeezes his own penis a little bit too much in the process. While they might not feel that there is anything wrong with a hard grip like that because they might actually be enjoying it, this can reduce their sensitivity over time, which will make it more difficult to orgasm when doing it with an actual person.

Male masturbator toys are perfect because they won’t squeeze you at all. They will provide the gentle and highly arousing touch that you need. That means that these toys won’t reduce your sensitivity at all, which is rather important in the long run. Just like you don’t like the idea of premature ejaculation, you also don’t want to have an extremely difficult time achieving an orgasm with your partner. Jerking off regularly with the help of your hand can very well lead to that.

They Reduce The Risk Of Fraction

This benefit is closely connected to the above one. When you get into it and start stroking your penis too hard and too quickly, there is definitely a risk of fraction, especially if your hand is not moist. That can even be painful at certain times, and no guy likes to feel pain down there.

While there are a lot of benefits to masturbation (go here), there are also a few risks if you aren’t doing it the right way. In order to avoid those risks, you should get yourself a male masturbator toy and lube it up properly. Lube is definitely a must here.

When you get the toy, lube it up and do everything the right way, you will definitely only get pleasure from the masturbator. There will be no risk of getting hurt. There will only be the amazing sensation of achieving a powerful orgasm.

Black People Dating Online – How To Stay Safe

If I could name one thing that has tremendously evolved over the years, I would name the dating scene. Blind dates were for a long time possibly the most “unusual” type of getting together with someone, but now we have something else. Now we have dating websites and apps which allow us to connect with a lot of different people, and that comes with certain benefits, as you can see here.

Everyone has their own preferences, likes and dislikes, which is probably why the online dating scene has been taken a step further. I’m talking about the fact that there are now websites specializing in connecting different groups of people together. Someone first thought of separating preferences into categories, and now those categories have been made into whole new websites.

For some people, this might seem like unfair business, but others are really happy about it. If you take black people as an example, and especially black women, you will see that these sites have made things a bit easier for them. It gives them the chance to avoid biased and prejudiced people and find someone with whom they will form a meaningful connection.

Just like anyone else, black people need to be careful when entering the online dating scene. Some would say that, due to the prejudiced individuals that I have mentioned, they need to be extra careful in order to protect themselves. Let me share a few useful tips with you on how to actually stay safe when using the Internet to find a sexual, or a more serious, partner.

Look For Those Specialized Websites

As I have already mentioned, there are sites and apps connecting specifically black people together. If this is your preference, then you should find a place like that online. When it comes to dating for sexy black people, these specialized sites might very well be the safest. There are a lot of black men and women looking to connect with other black people and that’s exactly what these sites are offering.

Research The Website

When you find a particular website that seems interesting to you, don’t jump on board immediately. Instead, you should do some more research in order to check the authenticity and reliability of those places. You can do this by finding and reading reviews about a particular online dating community. If you cannot find enough info that the place is authentic, you should avoid it, since safety definitely comes first.

Research The Person

The next thing you need to do is research the person you connect with through the Internet. As I have already said, even though it is the 21st century, there are still a lot of prejudiced people and you want to make sure that you are not arranging for a meeting with someone like that. Usually, you will be able to find enough info online about a specific person in order to form an opinion about them and ensure that they are who they say they are.

If you find that the person has shared his or her negative opinions on black people anywhere on the Internet, that is a big red flag and your cue to avoid the person. Of course, this is less likely to happen when you register with those specialized websites, but you should still be careful. Instead of just assuming that you are connecting with a genuine and sincere person, do your research.

People of color really do seem to have it a bit more difficult when it comes to online dating, but there are also good sides, and you can find more about that here:

Be Open About Yourself

Probably the most important thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to be truthful and open about yourself. I’m talking about not hiding who you are, what you like and what you dislike. That will give you the opportunity to watch how the person on the other end reacts to you and your preferences, which will give you a good idea of who you are dealing with. In addition to that, it leaves no room for unpleasant surprises when you finally meet that person.

Technology: Living the ‘New Normal’ With a Computer and a Webcam

The pandemic that we are experiencing today has actually created a tremendous impact in our lives. And this happened with just a span of 2 months. Almost everybody in the world is greatly affected emotionally and financially. And this is truly devastating. It alters our way of living that we now call this our “new normal.”


With this, we find scenarios like working from home,hiring employees online, and teaching and learning virtually. It takes too much toll to most of us, yet we are striving to do our responsibilities. We all should be thankful to technology. This makes everything possible.


So, how does it make our living and work possible? Technology is teaching us to be more dependent to it. For many reasons, it became usefulto us despite under quarantine. Our laptops, computers and mobile phones have been saving us since first day. In this article, let us discuss how webcam contribute to our daily living now.


But, first, what is a webcam?


It is a digital camera. It is installed or attached into one’s computer or laptop. It captures images and records videos. People for many reasons use it.


Now that we know what a webcam is, let us go to its function.


Whatis its function?


Its main function is to take pictures and record videos. Moreover, it plays a great role when communicating with other people. This device makes person-to-person online interaction possible like conversations to people across countries.



Benefits of Webcam


  • In Education


Some colleges and universities in other countries have been using webcam for their teaching and learning online. Online tutoring isalso part of it. The Department of Education, as well as the educators, is thinking of modifying the education system for the upcoming school year. They are looking at the possibility of using the internet for education as a tool in learning. Read here for more information about it.


  • At Work


Employers or business owners have considered using internet already because of the current situation we are in. And using webcam video conferencing, interviews, presentations, and meetings are getting common. It does not hinder anyone from being productive and committed to one’s work and mission. It makes working remotely less hassle.


  • On Family Needs


We cannot visit our loves ones, relatives, and friends. Our situation has hindered us from socializing, but not with the use of webcam. We can easily do a video call to let them know we are doing okay. Our communication with them has never been better.


  • On Entertainment


It could also be used for another reason like entertainment using games or adult websites. Some games require the use of webcam to play. However, adults use this to keep them entertained too. There are adult cam site reviews that will help you get the best and recommended adult site.


Now that we know the function and benefits of using it, let us discuss how you can use it safely.


Safety Reminders in Using a Webcam:

You are probably getting hooked in using applications in your laptop that include using a webcam. Here, you should learn how to protect yourself by knowing how to use it safely.



  1. Purchase your computer from licensed and legitimate sellers. Make sure that the parts are demonstrated to you properly. If just in case you think there is a malware in it, do not hesitate to return it or consult a computer expert to help you out. Visit this link know the reason why.


  1. Install an anti-virus software or security software to prevent others from hacking your webcam. They might have accessed your documents such as pictures and videos taken from it. Make sure that you are protected. Protect your privacy.


  1. Be conscious when the red light of your computer lights up. This only means that it is being used. If you are not using it, turn it off. Check why it turned on so suddenly. There might be a malware in the computer.


Technology has long been part of our lives, yet it still continues to save us from our everyday activities and tasks. Although we benefit a lot from it, always remember the responsibility that goes with is.



Keeping a long-distance relationship strong with VR porn

The world is getting smaller and smaller. We can video chat with people 10,000 miles away with the click of a button on our phones and plane tickets are getting so cheap that it’s often more economical to fly to another country than take the train to a different town. 


It’s no surprise then that long-distance relationships are no longer something that unusual like it was some 10-20 years ago. Back then, relationships were more likely to start off in one place, and there could have been an aspect of distance if someone had to go away to the army or for work, but nowadays it’s completely possible to actually fall in love without even living in the same country from the start.


Also, some couples actually prefer to stay apart by choice without any intention of ever living together. The reasons for this could be financial, cultural or simply because they like their own space and this lifestyle works for both of them.


Whatever your circumstances, long-distance relationships come with a fair amount of challenges. Besides the obvious fact that you probably miss each other every day, there can also be a lot of uncertainty that builds up, worries about being cheated on, miscommunications, and last but not least – sexual frustration, which is the topic that we want to focus on in this article. 


Keeping the sexual spark alive


Maintaining a healthy sexual connection with your partner is an essential part of any relationship, but when you’re not physically together, there are a few things that can help you keep the spark alive. If you’re busy and can’t hop on a call, you can try sexting throughout the day to get yourselves in the mood and then continue the conversation later in the evening on camera. You could also send each other cheeky gifts and fly over to surprise them whenever you can. 


We’re sure you’ve heard all of these before though, but what you perhaps hadn’t considered before are the benefits that VR porn can have on your long-distance relationship. Surprised? Don’t be, porn with a VR twist is the next best thing to the real deal, and it can help make you feel close to your partner in a very unique way. 


How is VR porn different to regular porn?


We’re sure that you’re quite familiar with regular 2D porn, but not everyone has even heard of VR porn, so if this is something new for you, here’s a quick intro. There are many websites that currently provide VR porn but you will need a special pair of goggles to actually watch it.  These vary greatly in price and quality, from the rather expensive Oculus Rift to the cheap as peanuts Google Cardboard. Of course, you get what you pay for and the quality of your experience will be determined by the tech you invest in. 


Once you’ve got your tech, you then just need to find the VR porn movie you like, download it to your phone, attach the phone to your head-mounted display, get your favourite sex toys out and that’s pretty much it, simple right?


How can you use virtual reality to strengthen your relationship?


Virtual reality is incredibly realistic, if you’ve ever played any games in VR then you probably know how easy it is to trick your brain into believing that what’s on your screen is actually happening. 


Since you probably aren’t seeing each other very much, virtual reality porn may just be your next best thing when it comes to physical intimacy! Just think about it, you could find a video with someone who looks similar to your partner and you can even have them on the phone to you as you’re watching it to make it even more realistic. Or you could go the fantasy route and pretend you’re in a threesome with someone new or try out fantasies that your partner is not comfortable with in real life.


It’s not just about sex though, VR porn can also help people who are simply feeling lonely and miss the intimacy of being hugged, kissed or to have someone whisper softly into their ear. That’s definitely not something you would normally find in regular porn, and with the added benefit of virtual reality feeling so real, it can be a great comfort when you’re really missing your significant other. Virtual reality could be a safe and fun way to fill that missing element of many long-distance relationships.

6 Tips for Choosing an Open Mouth Gag

Sex toys are fun, and it brings an elevated level of pleasure, especially with foreplay. If you’re thinking about expanding your BDSM collection with a mouth gag, here are six tips to help you look for the right one (especially if this is your first time buying one!).


  • Your gag flavors

There’s the bit gag, ball gaga, and spider gag. There are many types of gags, and choosing the right type is by far the most important aspect, and all these different types have distinctive features, providing various kinds of pleasure. The gag you want is based on your preference. Do you prefer one that keeps your mouth wide open? Then perhaps a spider gag would be good, or do you prefer something closing your mouth? That would be the ball gaga. Keep in mind that when using a spider gag, don’t perform oral sex or insert anything into the mouth. While it’s an enticing visual, it can become a choking hazard. Safe sex is more than just wearing a condom.


  • Choose the size.

If this is your first mouth gag and you prefer a ball gag, choose one with a small diameter, whether for you or your partner. Having a smaller sized ball gag is better than a large one as it may end up hurting the wearer’s jaw, causing uneasiness and reducing pleasure. Plus, it will end up not being used as often as you’d like. A gag around 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter is a good range if this is your first gag.


  • Choose your material.

Like the size of the gag, you’ll find that it comes in many different materials. You want something with good material, especially since you’d be sticking it in or to your mouth. For sex toys, silicone is the choice you want to go for as it’s safe to use and makes cleaning easier. Plastic is the next best option, along with TPR.


  • Special features

Some open mouth gags and closed mouth gags come with built-in breathing holes, and while they don’t lessen the breathing issues, they do make it easier for the wearer to breathe. As always, the gag must be thoroughly cleaned before you store it or use it again. Before purchasing the gag, get a feel of the surface to make sure you don’t get any rough edge or pointy bits.


  • Choose your color.

The common colors you’d find mouth gags in are black, red, blue, and purple. You can’t really find them in an assortment of colors except for the colors mentioned here, so pick the best thing that suits your fancy.


Bottom Line

The most important aspects of choosing an open mouth gag are the material, size, as well as the type. Keep in mind safety precautions when using open mouth gags. Once you’re done using it, make sure to sterilize and clean the toys, so there are no bacteria present the next time you use it.