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Here’s a scenario you’re oh so familiar with. You’re sitting at home getting busy with your private parts watching your favorite porn stars doing porn star things when suddenly you think to yourself, “gee whiz, I wish porn was just a little more interactive.” Watching people fuck never gets old, but variety is the spice of life; the same holds true when it comes to porn mediums.

But we’re far off from being able to use an app to order a self-driving sexy cyborg that will come and do the nastiest thing we can imagine, and sex holograms aren’t exactly a thing yet. Virtual reality porn does exist, but if comfort is your thing, wearing an oversized headset isn’t exactly going to cut it. For interactive porn that gives you something different, go with the original interactive medium.

Porn games

Some of you are probably scoffing, but here’s a little secret: not all porn games no longer suck! In the same way that porn films have increased in production value, starlet quality, genres, and more, so too have porn games. These are not your grandfather’s embarrassingly terrible DOS games any longer: games have a purpose, they’re sexy, and most importantly, they will get you off!

And for those that are regular porn viewers, you shouldn’t be surprised! How many times have you browsed PornHub, only to randomly come across cosplay porn starring a character from Overwatch? Or perhaps you’ve scoured the digital alleyways of cam sites like Chaturbate and have seen beauties dressed as a Resident Evil character using their dildos in the holiest of holiest. Hell, maybe you’ve controlled one of their lovesense devices despite never having played the fucking game!

The point is that gaming culture isn’t confined to the smart guys that would link up their Game Boys during grade school and have Pokemon battles the entire recess. Gaming culture is everywhere. For fuck sake, your mother and grandmother are probably playing Candy Crush as you read this!

Gaming is everywhere

It truly is. Seeing an overweight 50something wearing a Super Mario shirt is as every day as a vegan with bad facial hair. Gaming is everywhere, from the fat kid that won’t stop doing the Fortnite dances in alphabetical order to seeing a video game player’s guide in the checkout of your local supermarket. There’s a ton of money to be made in the gaming industry, too. Production values have skyrocketed over the years, so why wouldn’t every genre of gaming – no matter how niche it may be – follow suit?

It has, it is, and it’s transforming every genre in a significant way. That includes porn games. Gone are the days of laughable porn games that would make you cringe more than ejaculate. No longer will porn games make you question your existence and if you need to change something drastic in your life. But that leads to a different problem…

There are still lousy porn games out there

Scratch that: there are too many lousy porn games out there. For all the great porn games that are worth playing, an abundance of terrible porn games still exists. It’s just like anything else. But because finding out the best porn games to play isn’t as easy as going to a mainstream game review site and reading about what gets the reviewer off and what doesn’t, it’s all a crapshoot.

That’s where ThePornDude comes in

ThePornDude is world-renowned for providing the down low on the best porn sites on the planet, but that’s not the thing he shares. He also provides insights into the best cam sites, sex chat sites, and so much more. That includes the best porn games. When you need direction and insight into the porn games that are worth playing, ThePornDude is your guide to the very best.

ThePornDude doesn’t just provide links to the best of the best without any context, though! Constantly scouring the Web in hopes of finding the next best porn game to share with visitors, ThePornDude finds them, plays them, ejaculates all over his keyboard, wipes up the mess with a moist towelette, and reviews it in an honest, no-bullshit manner.


Always-up-to-date reviews

Don’t think that when you visit the porn games section on ThePornDude that you are reading reviews that are months, even years out of date. Browse with confidence, my horny brethren! ThePornDude always keeps his reviews up-to-the-moment, so when you read a review, you can be assured that it’s fresh and now. That’s because ThePornDude is continually revising the reviews to ensure they’re accurate and reflective of today, not yesterday.

The world is always changing. The top reviewed porn game of last year may not even be in ThePornDude’s top five a mere six months from now. Thus, it’s vital that ThePornDude is always playing, always searching, and constantly updating, revising, and adding to the growing list of fine porn games that ThePornDude shares with you.


Uniquely interactive

Porn games aren’t just about nude Tetris or bizarre full-motion video games that make the acting in porn movies look Oscar-caliber. Today’s porn video games involve hooking up with others in online sex clubs reminiscent of chatrooms from the 1990s. Others are in-depth dating sims that are challenging and good. And of course, if you love hentai, there’s plenty of Japanese puzzle games and…well, let’s say there’s plenty of one-of-a-kind hentai games out there that will give you a gameplay experience unlike any other.

Get off to gameplay – visit ThePornDude today!

Can you really ejaculate while playing a video game? It would have been a laughable thought not too long ago, but it’s accurate to say that today’s porn games do a fantastic job at getting you aroused, in the mood, and ready to masturbate. Whatever type of game you enjoy playing, head on over to ThePornDude and find something worth playing today. Who knows? Playing porn games may become your preferred method of playing!

Pure Passion’s Broken Vows 6

It was the cover to Pure Passion’s Broken Vows 6 that drew me in. Ava Addams graces the cover holding her huge bra, wearing a lace thong and a waist corset. Her long straight dark hair, gorgeous smile and a smattering of tattoos (these are a few of my favourite things) somehow took second place to her gigantic exposed tits.

Soon as I saw this cover, I couldn’t wait to dive headlong in and see what fun she gets up to. Broken Vows 6 features a few scenes, starting with Alexa Toma followed by Brandi Love and Kalina Ryu before finishing off with Ava Addams. I readied myself for the 2+ hour runtime, two bottles of lube and a toy resting patiently nearby.

Alexa Tomas is one hot Spaniard, and her story starts with her as a private yoga instructor. She definitely has the body for it, that belly is perfectly superb. After two minutes watching her flirt with the guy, I skipped to the next chapter. They were still clothed and flirting. But worst of all, the most ill-fitting music ever put to porn continued to assault my ears. It was more like elevator music. Not sexy, not romantic, it was just there. With no other sounds. Just the music. For ten minutes!

When Alexa finally gets down to business, I feel some relief. Not because her perfect tits are now on display, but I feel better about myself upon seeing the guy isn’t really big erection. I thought big dicks was a given for male porn stars, but maybe not. Then I wondered if Alexa was just a tall porn actress, but Google results tell me she’s around 5’7, certainly not enough to shift the perspective.

Thankfully Alexa is not only gorgeous, but amazing at what she does and while I do find myself skipping through the chapters, I enjoy the snippets I see. I’m still wanting to get to Ava Addams’ scene.

Brandi Love is up next, and while she is a near perfect milf, I can’t not be distracted by possibly the worst fake tits I’ve ever seen. I skip through these chapters a lot faster. As I do with Kalina Ryu’s scene.

In reality, it’s not so much the women or their scenes, but how unengaging the whole production is. There are never any close ups, and the whole thing feels quite static. Even quickly skipping through everyone’s ten minutes of shit music doesn’t help pick things up.

Ava Addams scene finally begins, again with the damn music, as she receives an oil massage where we are introduced to possibly the only close ups in the whole two hours, of her breasts and nipples being lathered up. It’s hot, kind of. I skip through to the good parts but again, the camera seems so far from the action that it feels almost pointless watching it on my big HD TV screen. I can get far better engagement from more intimate porn on my phone.

I feel let down by Ava’s scene as it abruptly comes to an end (pun intended) and I return to Alexa’s meatier moments. After going through the other scenes, this one is probably the hottest and the most dynamic. But that doesn’t mean it’s great. It’s just better, by contrast.

This DVD gets a 3/10. Wicked Picture’s educational movies are for hotter and more intimate than this. In fact, I think the cover of this DVD is probably the hottest part about the whole thing. Maybe I’ll just get it made into a poster and be happy with that.

How to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship


Being in an intimate relationship with someone means having the freedom and comfort of expressing your wishes without the fear of being judged. However, regardless of the length of the relationship, many people are hesitant of sexual experimenting, such as introducing sex toys, worried about their partner’s reaction to the idea.

Nowadays unlike the past, there’s a wide range of e-stores, such as Anastasia Sex Toys, selling all kinds of sex equipment. In case you wish to introduce this idea into your relationship, the following tips will help you do it smoothly.

Discuss about it

Introducing sex toys into your relationship is a step which is supposed to be discussed before being taken, due to the awkwardness it can cause. If you’re appealed by the idea of spicing your sexual intercourse up in this way, it’s better to mention this idea to your partner prior to paying a visit to the sex-shop. There’s nothing more awkward and embarrassing than presenting the sex toys you bought to your partner while in bed, without receiving the expected reaction.

In order not to end up surprised by your boyfriend/girlfriend’s reaction, discover their opinion on the topic before taking any action. Perhaps they would find this idea extremely arousing or completely unappealing, as many people consider sex toys as offense to their capabilities and as an unnecessary requisite during lovemaking.

As much as you believe that you know your partner’s reaction, it wouldn’t do any harm to see its thoughts on this topic. You’ll either spice things up or avoid an extreme awkwardness. It’s better to know in advance.

Be entirely open

When it comes to sexual intercourse, both sides have to be entirely honest about their needs and fantasies. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that you want to make your sexual life more diverse by introducing toys. Explain your reasons carefully, without risking to hurt your boyfriend/girlfriend’s feelings.


Say that it has nothing to do with the intimacy level you currently have and that your idea is to reinforce it. In addition, tell him/her that it’s not a sign of them being monotonous or lacking certain skills, but it’s time to be more adventurous together and further explore your deepest wishes.

Don’t put pressure

In case your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t fancy the idea as much as you do, there’s no reason for being persuasive and constantly bringing the topic up. You’ll just create greater chances of them never accepting the suggestion. In fact, you should pretend that you’ve never mentioned anything and leave enough time for them to adjust to the idea.

In the meantime, you can gradually set the stage for the day when it will really happen by giving your other half exotic massages, performing role plays or dressing up in provocative outfits. Your partner will eventually grow attached to sex experimenting and suggest the same idea on his/her own after a while.

You’ll just need to have enough patience for your wish to come true or if it never does, you have to accept the fact that the other half is never going to be comfortable and find another way to have fun together. Visit this page for some tips in situations when partners have different sexual drive.


Get some knowledge

People are most commonly reluctant of trying new things when they lack the basic knowledge about them. Thus, your other half may be reluctant to use sex toys as he/she might not know anything on this topic.

Consequently, since it’s your idea, it’s also your job to do research on the toys you wish to introduce and present them to your partner. In this way, you’ll make a selection and find the ones which fit your needs the best.

Try sex toys shopping together

After discussing the idea and finding a common ground, you can suggest doing the toys’ shopping together in order to purchase the ones you both find appealing. Instead of going to a specialized store, you can simply visit an e-store and do the shopping in the anonymity of your home, without being worried of someone recognizing you in the store or whether the shop assistant is using her/his angry look to tell you that you’ve taken too long in making a decision.

Therefore, by vising an e-store, you can choose models as long as you want, without worrying that someone finds it annoying. It’s an excellent way to increase the sexual tension as you’re making the choice together. You can also send each other photos of your favorite models as a way of sending dirty messages.

Wait for the right time

As much as you are keen on experimenting in the bedroom, it’s not a good idea to do it in the first few months of your relationship, as your boyfriend/girlfriend might get a wrong impression about you. Wait until you’ve become entirely emotionally and physically intimate, so that you won’t feel any awkwardness in bringing the topic up.

Furthermore, sex toys are particularly useful in relationship which last for a very long time and really need to take things up a notch. Visit the following link:, to learn some other ways of spicing up your love life.


If you wish to bring some fun into your sex-life, don’t hesitate to tell your other half.

Have an open discussion to discover your wildest fantasies!

What To Know If You Are Single and Nutty by Nature

The world is consisted of singles and couples. Being single can be quite fun and self-fulfilling. You don’t always have to have a partner to feel happy. Maybe you’ve just got out of a serious relationship, and don’t want to deal with all the romantic stuff for a while. It’s quite reasonable. However, if you still want to hook up, then that’s reasonable too. All of us have needs that need to be fulfilled.

Moreover, some people have trouble finding someone for a casual hookup in the real world. It is either because of shyness, or they lack the confidence to walk up to a person and start talking. If things are not going your way in the real world, maybe try the virtual one? Check out the link for more details about the subject

There are a lot of websites that target single individuals that want to have a hookup and nothing else. Just one night of fun with no strings attached afterwards. You can try casual hookups with several people, not just one. Either way, if you are single then you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Just be careful and avoid online scams, because there are a lot of them too.


The first thing you should do is search through several dating sites that offer a casual hookup. Fling is one of them. The name says it all. It targets people that are just looking for a fling. However, this doesn’t mean that a casual hookup won’t lead to something more serious.

It all depends on the person you are with. But, for the time being, make sure to create a profile and start browsing through different profiles. You can even trade a couple of nude pictures with your potential hookup.


You should definitely check out this one, as well. There are many dating sites out there, but several of them are legit and reliable. Instabang will help you find a non-romantic hookup. Just you wait. You can use the website as often as you want. After all, if you are single and nutty by nature, then you can have all the casual hookups you want.

Just make sure to create a profile and upload some of your best pictures. First impressions are based on the users’ pictures. You can also be instantly attracted to someone that looks appealing to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, good-looking pictures can really speed up your progress.


You probably get the idea of what this website is about. You have the option to send sexy snaps! A lot of singles will find is attractive. It’s so easier to talk to people online. However, make sure that the person you are talking with or sending snaps lives closer to where you are.

The point is to meet each other and have sex. How would you be able to do that if you are not from the same country? Find out as much as you can about the person and then ask them out. On the other hand, some people don’t mind cybersex as well. You can try this option as well. Who knows? You might end up having a lot of fun.

Avoid scams

Lots of people get easily tricked online and they end up sending money to potential scammers. They don’t know this at the time. Make sure that you don enough research before you decide to create an account on any website out there. Usually, sites that have so many unnecessary ads on them are the sketchiest.  You can also ask for a recommendation from someone that wants to have fun as well.Read more on this page.

Many people want a casual hookup or relationship, but not everyone is so open about it. That’s why a dating site can help you to get to the point. If you have an account on a casual hookup website, then all the users know why you are here for. As long as you stay away from scams, you are good to go. Have all the magical one-night-stands you want. There will be no shortage of them.

Jessica Drake – Woman To Woman

I was unsure of what to expect heading in watching Wicked Picture’s jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Woman to Woman. I was pretty comfortable with assuming the scenes were going to be hot, but I wasn’t too sure about exactly what jessica drake and her six stars would talk about outside of this.

Needless to say, this was not an issue for them. jessica drake gives an intro into the world and what can be expected from the DVD. It then leads into interviews with the six stars; Allie Haze, Jelena Jensen, Chastity Lynn, Sovereign Syre, Sinn Sage and Elexis Monroe. Each one appears on their own, except for Sinn Sage and Elexis Monroe, who come across as a real-life couple. Though given the time of shooting and Sinn’s attachment to husband Drake Man-O-War, perhaps their familiarity is simply from performing often together.

They each discuss their first inklings towards a lesbian desire, typically while quite young and not even aware of terms such as lesbian or bisexual, it was just something they felt towards another girl, not even necessarily sexually, more of an admiration, or realising how happy they felt being around that friend.

The interviews continued, now answering discussions about their first proper lesbian experiences, and why they love being with a woman so much. One of the most recurrent reasons was the scent of a woman (hello Al Pacino). They talked about how much more arousing it was being with a woman rather than a man, how much more sensual and intimate.

A lot of this is put down to having a better understanding of what a woman wants, and an easier way to signal your partner what it is you like, by trying it on them first. The women love making out with other women, caressing and exploring each others bodies.

Not sure if this all sounds kinda dull to listen to, but I quite enjoyed most of these first interviews, mostly because I think I could watch Jelena Jensen read a phone book (do they even still exist?) for hours on end. Chastity Lynn was a bit flat in her responses, not entirely sure why.

It became obvious to me that I was enjoying these interviews when the DVD cuts to the first sexual clips, a full 26 minutes minutes into the program! Here, we intersperse between the three couples, Allie Haze with Jelena Jensen, Sovereign Syre with Chastity Lynn, and Sinn and Elexis together. These three clips each feature the women in lingerie kissing, stroking and exploring each other. The clips are hot as fuck, the passion and pleasure is palpable, especially between Sinn and Elexis, which further made me feel like they were a couple, the way they gazed into each other’s eyes, gobbled each other up.

We cut back to jessica drake, talking about how great it is to take your time with your partner, explore each other as much as you like, and that while she is offering these sexual moves and positions in a certain order, they most certainly don’t have to be played out that way, just to go with the flow.

Returning to the three couples, each now begins to dry hump their partner, and all in quite different positions. With a quick intercept with jessica again, we return and the women are now all naked and grinding together, ‘scissoring’ as it’s termed. Both of these sequences are hot as hell, and interesting to see the choices of positions.

jessica then introduces to gentle penetration and fingering, and after visiting the couples for an example, gives as a demonstration of how to find and massage the g-spot. Sovereign seems to love how Chastity works her g-spot, nearly losing her breath as she moans and writhes at the fingers and tongue working her over.

This tongue play leads us into the next segment, cunnilingus. I like jessica’s tips here on how to enjoy being on the receiving end without being concerned if you’re sweaty from a night out dancing or freshly out of the shower. Sinn once again displays some amazing skills in this department, as they all do, but Sinn in particular really shows off her wonderful techniques, Elexis’ orgasm revealing their potency.

We return to the interviews, whereby the women talk about their feelings when bringing toys into partner play. The general consensus seems to be that it’s better without toys, allowing each lover to be more tactile and have a better sense of what they are doing. Toys, as some of them suggest, are more about just ‘getting the job done’ during a solo session. Jelena gives a flash of a scenario using her magic wand on Allie, before we come back to Sinn and Elexis discussing strap ons, and how much Sinn loves to use one, and Elexis admits to enjoying it, but only with someone she truly trusts. Which as the next clip shows us, she definitely trusts Sinn, as she fastens on her harness and begins to fuck Elexis.

That whole sequence is hot as, Sinn seems to love giving as much as Elexis loves receiving. It’s followed by a return back to jessica as she introduces the final part, anal sex. Here, the interviewees are a bit more divided, some love anal, one is still in the midst of self-experimentation while Jelena hasn’t done any anal with women before, but has stopped with the men she stars with in her professional life as they have been getting more increasingly more hung and girthy. A final clip shows Chastity and Sovereign pull butt plugs from each other, sucking them, before returning them and fucking the other’s ass, before final words from jessica, and returning the viewer to the three full scenes.

The first is Jelena and Allie in a bedroom scenario. Very hot and passionate, and I loved the body variaton between the pair: Jelena’s big fake titties perfectly complimenting Allie’s small natural breasts. The whole scene is new material different from the clips set throughout the interviews, as all three scenes are, and the two women make their way through a range of positions to keep anyone interested. They finish off together when Jelena brings her magic wand into play as it sitting between both their clits. To be fair, if not for their facial expressions and moaning, this last scene would be quite boring to watch, as neither moves, as the want sits between them and does all the work.

The second video is Chastity and Sovereign walking up a small flight of stairs, each with a bejeweled butt plug shimmering between their cheeks as they rise up the stairs. As soon as they get to the landing, things get hot and heavy, with more focus on anal play than much else, culminating in Chastity being anal fucked by Sovereign with a vibrator.

Lastly, Sinn and Elexis make a shower scene even steamier, lovingly going to town on one another beneath the hot stream. The intensity between these two is electric, and sometimes even borders on feeling like voyeurism. They finish off as Sinn once again buckles on a strap on and pounds away at Elexis.

Overall, this DVD is fantastic. Shot in crisp and clear HD, the whole thing is interesting to watch, even beyond the achingly erotic clips and scenes.

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