The Sex Competition

Jack needed money and he had no idea how to get some. He needed to buy some things for himself and he had no one to turn to. He hated asking or begging people for anything because he didn’t want to be indebted to them. He could have asked his very rich dad for some money but he had had a massive argument with his dad two months before and there was no way his dad would give h anything unless he apologized for the things he had done.

He didn’t want to ask his mom either because she would have just told him to apologize too. His uncles, aunts, and older sisters would say the same thing. The only plan he had was to look for a job, the kind of job that would not disturb his college studies because he took those seriously.

He pulled out his laptop from his bag and placed it on his table. He was about to open it and search for job adverts when he heard a knock on his apartment door.

“Jack! Open this door, man,” a voice said from outside. It was his best friend, Ray. Ray was the son of a rich man like he was. Their dads were best friends too. Ray knew about Jack’s problems and he had offered to help several times but Jack had rejected the help.

Jack walked over to the door and opened it. He went back to the table to continue what he was doing. Ray followed him in. The living room was a bit large and it had everything to make a college student comfortable.

“Do, what are you doing?” Ray asked.

“I am about to apply for jobs. I need money,” Jack replied.

“Jack, I told you I can help. If you don’t want me to give you, I could lend you.”

“As I said, Ray, I don’t want it but thanks.”

Ray sighed. “Anyway, I have found a way for you to make that money you need so badly.”

Jack was interested. ” A job?”

“Nope. A competition.”

“Not interested.”

“Wait. You didn’t even hear what the competition is all about. You are going to love it,” Ray said.

“No, thank you.”

“Trust me, even if you don’t win, you are going to enjoy a lot of pleasure that you will never forget for years.”

Jack looked at his friend, wondering what he was talking about. He read his face to see if he was joking. Ray looked serious. “What is it?”


“What?” Jack said, looking confused.

“The competition is all about sex,” Ray said.


“You, along with four other guys are going to fuck some hot ladies, and the last guy to release or cum is the winner,” Ray said.

Incredulous, Jack asked. “You are joking, right?”

“No, I am certainly not. I used my influence to get you into the competition. Please don’t tell me you are not interested.”

“Of course, I am but why aren’t you contending?” Jack asked.

“I don’t need the money, you do,” Ray replied.

“How much are we talking about?”

“Twenty thousand dollars.”

Jack was shocked. “Twenty…what? What kind of competition is that and who is funding it?”

“Just some very rich guys who sell sex products and see the competition as a way of having fun.”

“You mean they are going to be watching us fuck? Is it going to be a public show?”

“Something like that. It’s a building but you are going to put on masks,” Ray said.

“Well, that should be easy. I last as long as ten to twenty minutes with all the ladies I have had sex with. That’s why they keep coming back,” Jack said.

Ray laughed. “I am sorry buddy but in this case, you are going to need more practice. The ladies you will be having sex with are experts and they are going to make you cum in seconds.”

“That’s not possible,” Jack said.

“Believe me, it is. You need to prepare very well to win.”

Jack smiled. “Then I have gotten the solution.”

“What? Visit prostitutes or sleep with more willing girls?”

“Nope. I am going to buy a sex doll and practice with it. When is the competition holding?”

“In two weeks. But sex dolls are a bit expensive. How are you going to get one?”

“I guess I am going to borrow money from you and then pay you back,” Jack said.

“You don’t have to pay me back, Jack. Remember the times you have come through for me.”

“No, Ray, I am paying you back.”


The two friends went online and looked for the best sex dolls for practice. Jack purchased a sex doll that he liked and then waited for the shipment to arrive.

The doll arrived in four days from sodolls. He began to practice different sex styles with the sex doll. When it was just two days before the real competition, Jack had learned how to last till one hour with the help of adult dvd king. He didn’t think he could last more than that.

On the day of the competition, Ray drove him to the place. It was a building where you wouldn’t have known that something like that was going on. The competition began and Jack put on a mask as he and the other four contestants walk into a stage where the five sexiest ladies Jack had ever seen were waiting.

A lot of people made up the audience who watched with rapt attention. The moderator took charge of the competition. The ladies were made to bend over with their buttocks facing the competitors while the upper part of their bodies went through a hole.

The competition started. Each guy was to fuck his lady in the doggy style. The last man to cum was the winner. They used condoms even though they had all been tested for diseases. Each guy walked up to his lady and slipped his dick in.

The guys began to fuck the ladies while the audience cheered them on. A guy came fast and he was dismissed. Another guy did also and he too was dismissed. Jack used all his practice with the sex doll to keep fucking the sweet pussy without cumming. Soon, the other two guys came too but Jack kept on pounding. He could not stop until he was declared the winner of the competition.


How to Shake the Social Stigma of Local Escorts and Sex Work

While sex work and local escorts may not be criminalized, they are still stigmatized. Find out what you need to know to rise above.

Throughout Australia, and arguably the rest of the world, sex work is often considered a pretty contentious subject. Whether it is legal, illegal, or exists in an (all too common) legal grey area, local escorts are rarely afforded the same fundamental rights and representation as other groups. This is largely because, despite sex work being one of the oldest and most enduring occupations, puritanical belief and governmental systems still get in the way of sex workers achieving fundamental rights.


“It’s a frustrating and disappointing thing to see” says a representative from Naughty Ads, a review and directory that works closely with local escorts. “The men and women that we work with are wonderful people, providing a necessary service.” The services suggest that particularly since lockdown measures have made many feels disconnected from both their communities and loved ones, sex workers have been there to help quell the bitter loneliness. But even during more normal times, local escorts are still a valuable asset. Particularly when accepted by their local communities.

Know the Law

In Australia specifically, different states have different laws and regulations regarding the practice of sex workers. This is not an uncommon practice, as countries within the EU take their own regional stances of prostitution, as does the UK and US. So as a local escort, it’s important to familiarize yourself with any laws or restrictions that may be applicable to you. Regularly, it is seen that many sex workers are often harassed by law enforcement officials, even when they are following the guidelines that are given to them.


Should this happen to you, remember to comply with the commands being given to you within the best of your ability, but ensure that you are well aware of the legal rights you do have. Keep a low profile and find a legal representative as quickly as possible. For some local escorts, it is easier and much safer to affiliate themselves with a directory or a licensed brothel. Ensure that whatever affiliations you do have, are done so within the restrictions of law. These can vary greatly depending on your geographical area of work.

Find Resources

There are a number of beneficial resources that are available to local escorts and sex workers across the globe. It’s important that any local escort familiarize themselves with these organizations quickly- whether they are legal representation networks, licensing boards, support groups, or a local GP or clinic. The health of an escort is absolutely paramount to their viable function. Escorts need to keep a close eye on their physical health, but also pay close attention to their emotional health as well. Oftentimes, escorting can be a lonely business, one in which having a strong support system can be a massive help.


Don’t be afraid to reach out to network affiliates if you feel you’re in need. Despite the social stigma, there are still many wonderful people that are happy to lend a helping hand or friendly ear should you need it. There are also many counseling services that specialize in working with sex workers. These can serve as an invaluable resource should things feel a bit overwhelming. Physical health should never be overlooked. All sex workers should be tested regularly, and encourage their clients to do the same. This ensures a longer and more lucrative career.

Take Care of Yourself First

The importance of personal health in securing a long lasting and safe occupation as a local escort can’t be overstated. As an escort, one of your primary jobs is to provide empathetic and considerate companionship to your clients. This can be extremely difficult to do if you have a less than happy home life. Stay fit and healthy is another important part of escorting. Often because the higher quality the escort is- both mentally and physically- the more money he or she stands to make. A big part of taking care of yourself and your career is learning how to be a bit tech savvy.


Joining an escort directory can be a huge help here, as oftentimes these sites don’t require a personal webpage, however, it’s always useful to know how to best promote your services online- should it be legal to do so. There are a number of spectacular online resources that can help guide you through the process of creating a simple and tasteful website. Keep a strict schedule and pricing guide. Find a way to create some sort of “check-in” system, so that an associate or friend knows where you are at during your working hours. This can help to keep you safe and help keep you calm should anything go wrong.

Indian Porn is Changing the Way the Internet Looks at Sexuality

In a world filled with confused pizza delivery boys and bored housewives, India aims to reembrace the seriousness of sensuality.

India, long known as the historical authority on sexuality in art, education, and literature, spent a few centuries curbing their voracious appetite for carnal knowledge. Following colonial rule, the nation spent years attempting to balance the newfound Victorian oppression with a history that revered the intensive intimate bond of sex. While the country is still knee deep in a sexual revolution, they are bringing back that ancient wisdom in a big way: largely, with some of the best amateur Indian porn available.


Porndoe, a website that offers pretty much any free online porn you’re into, is a huge purveyor of the newly favored genre. “India isn’t just a burgeoning pornography consumer. The country has one of the largest internet user bases in the world. Which makes them monsters of digital industry- as well as what you might think of as porn connoisseurs.” The website says that not only a large percentage of their viewership is owed to India, but also a sizable amount of their content. And that number is growing.

Rise of the Amateur Niche

Amateur porn has been a fan favorite since the rise of online streaming pornography services. Even prior to their foray into the production side of the market, Indians have long been dedicated viewers of online porn. Driving a more sex positive culture further as more citizens become comfortable exploring their own individual sexual appetites. However, this adoration of steamy cinema began well before sites like Porndoe took center stage. With the scintillating and often dramatic undertones of Bollywood productions, Indians have long been appreciated for their interpretations of what makes physical love so incredibly beautiful.


While non-explicit, Bollywood productions have often correlated well to on screen carnality. In fact, one of India’s most searched for porn stars has retired to become a Bollywood actress. But it’s not just their apparent love of on scene romance that is helping India make waves in the amateur porn industry. But the way that Indian porn is produced, even at an amateur level. Indian porn seems to have a certain quality that makes it inviting- both for men and women alike. With wide angled scenes showing well oiled and muscular bodies lovingly caressing one another while bathing in warm colors and ornate backdrops.


Giving that feeling of warm luxury that’s reflected in the Arabian Nights sequence harem fantasy that isn’t just attractive, but wildly comforting. The genre doesn’t seem to be centered around intensive taboos, or fetishy wiles- but instead something more intimate. Something more mature and sexier. Largely devoid of the college dorm room feel of some MILF getting hammered over the kitchen table.

Indian Porn Influence

The Kamasutra– India’s famous authority on having spiritually satisfying sexual congress, is a huge theme in most Indian porn. Offering a much-needed reprieve to most types of mainstream and amateur porn genres. Which can be easily correlated to the fact that nearly a quarter of online pornography consumed in India is done so by women. A statistic that is well beyond the participation stats of other countries.


The Kamasutra is more than just the diluted pop-up book we’ve all seen at some point in our lives, but instead an epic tome dedicated to unravelling the mysteries of sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfilment. Topics that are not normally front and center when it comes to what most consider mainstream porn. The ancient Sanskrit book does indeed come with some pretty explicit guides on positions and good old-fashioned sex- but it also explores the act as a correlate to a life well lived and filled with beauty. Largely, the book is a compilation of poetry, sexuality, commitment, and yes- even religion.


Perhaps because of this depth of influence, Indian porn seems to bring something to the table that is incredibly novel in its ancient reverence. A suggestion that porn isn’t just about money shots, wooden O faces, and poorly fed lines. But a genuine catalyst to our sensual imaginations. A fantasy workshop in how to worship, and be worshipped, by our partners. Which sounds fairly immersive for a six-minute clip of streaming free porn, but somehow India figures out how to make it work. In the most illuminating and sensual way possible.


The genre continues to gain footing in the myriad of online archives, brimming with any deviant dalliance imaginable. And from a certain perspective, it’s easy to see why. Because as the online porn industry continues to explore some of humanity’s deepest, darkest, and most intense sexual fantasies, Indian porn seems to open up a window. Bringing with it a breath of fresh, cool air, and beautiful eroticism.

Hottest Real Amateur Arabian Pornstars of 2020

Want to catch the most gifted and seductive Arabian pornstars before they go mainstream? Well, our list is going to help you out with that! Today, we are going to be looking at top-rated verified amateurs.

Obviously, there’s something extremely arousing about watching amateur content since the women just look like real-life people and not obnoxiously fake pornstars, y’know? That appeal is doubled (if not tripled) when we talk about amateur ARABIC women!

Melon Irani

This woman is brave and seductive. There are no words to describe her sex tapes other than “groundbreaking.” There’s something that Melon does/has that cannot be replicated or faked. We are not going to find the right words to describe this Middle-Eastern seductress, so you’re better off just putting one of her videos and watching it in full. Right from the get-go, it should be obvious that you’re seeing something very special.


This Arabic beauty from Europe churns out amazing content on a very frequent basis. She and her boyfriend are fairly open-minded, so you can’t really say that there’s a clear-cut formula when it comes to ComerZZ porn videos. Sometimes we get to see the girl showcasing her big booty from behind. Sometimes we get to see doggy style anal. Sometimes the videos revolve around POV tit-fucking. It’s not exactly they-got-something-for-everyone kinda thing, but it’s close. Real close.


Nerdy beauty of Middle Eastern descent enjoys masturbating and turning her kinky fantasies into reality. Since this amateur doesn’t mind showing her face, there are many XXX videos focusing on sloppy blowjobs – that’s not something you get to see all that often. Aside from all the cock-sucking, this couple prefers truly rough fucking.

Rebeu Beur

French? Arabian? Moroccan? Beurette? It’s hard to put a label on this beauty. The Saint-Étienne native spends her day masturbating, spreading her legs for the boyfriend, getting creampied, and playing with his balls. Despite being stuck in a fairly ordinary monogamous relationship, Rebeu Beur gets to explore her sexuality in some very unexpected ways. Despite people claiming they only want the filthiest and most brutal porn out there, one of the most popular sex tape scenes featuring this gal shows her wearing lingerie while getting plowed on all fours. Go figure!

Arabian Boobie

She’s busty and she’s very proud of her curves. Almost every other video revolves around her either giving titjobs or getting tit-fucked. Despite the content being somewhat repetitive, we still cannot recommend this woman enough. According to the anonymous data collected recently by, Arabian Boobie quickly became one of the most searched-for Arabian pornstars/amateurs of 2020, which is REALLY impressive.


She wears a hijab and lives in Iran. As if that wasn’t enough, she does all this kinky stuff behind her hubby’s back at the risk of getting caught and arrested (or maybe stoned, we’re not sure how barbaric the Iranian people actually are). For the most part, her videos revolve around masturbation with either toys or fingers, but there are quite a few hidden gems to be found amongst the videos. For example, in one of such clips, she actually goes down to her knees to pray to Allah before exposing her greedy cunt and finger-popping it until she reaches a squirting orgasm.

Ginger Ale

When you think about Middle Eastern women, a pasty ginger is not something that immediately springs to mind. That being said, this amateur is a legit Muslim. Believe us, we conducted a very thorough investigation before making ANY claims! Anyways, she loves posing naked in public, flashing her pussy discreetly, peeing, cucking her hubby and making him eat the bull’s cum, etc. If there’s a fetish, the chances are, she already explored it in one of her videos!

Nik Arab

The young beauty right here enjoys anal, public sex, and dirty talking. For the most part, she does not show her face, but you can totally catch a glimpse of what she looks like in a few of the non-premium videos if you’re diligent enough. Anyway, the face is not as important as the body and Nik Arab has one of the sexiest bodies you have ever seen in porn, amateur or professional, it doesn’t really matter.

Which Online Dating Websites Can Help You Find Kinky Women?

Dating websites are taking over the world. There are new apps being developed that simply intrigue more and more people around the globe. Why is that so? Well, nowadays, everything is digitalized. Even finding love is not as difficult as it once was. You can create a profile, put on it basic things like likes and dislikes, and someone will definitely message you.

Plus, dating websites have matchmaking algorithms that work in your favor. They will definitely match you with a person of similar interests.

Moreover, not all dating websites target the same interests in people. If you want to find someone specific, you will have to look beyond the most popular ones, like eHarmony or Match. They have millions of users from different countries, cultures, sexual preferences, races, religious beliefs, etc.

But, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to meet someone interesting there as well. Follow the link for additional information about the topic

If you want to find someone as kinky as you, then you should broaden your horizons. You need to focus on particular websites that target single and horny people. Make sure to check out the list of following websites:

Adult Friend Finder

The first option you should check out is this website. On it, you will definitely find millions of active users, all over the age of 25. It doesn’t specifically target kinky people, but there are a lot of kinky users on it. You just have to specific about what you want. You can put that in your bio.

It can be helpful to be straightforward on dating websites because it saves you time. If someone is not interested in anything sexual or romantic with you, you can just move on to the next person. Kinky people are easy to find; you just have to know where to look.

Another benefit of this website is that it has a pretty straightforward, and easy signing process. The whole thing will take up 20 minutes of your time. That’s nothing compared to wondering in clubs daily looking for someone to hook up with. Online dating makes you more approachable because you will be exposed to millions of users every single day. Click on this page for more.

Another website you should check out is this one. What’s a couple of minutes online checking out through different websites? These websites can help you find what you are looking for. Therefore, you should give this one a shot as well. Why is that so?

Well, for starters, it has a lot of users on it looking for kinky stuff. If you want a night of fun with a kinky individual, this is the perfect place to start looking for one. What you should do is create a profile that will only take you 15 minutes and start exploring.

The great thing about online dating is that you can explore different options. You don’t always have to go with the first one. Don’t forget to upload pictures of yourself as well. How would anyone find you attractive if they don’t know how you look?

As you can see, the entire thing is quick and easy. You can literally schedule a date with a person after two or three days. Would you be able to pull that off in a bar? Probably not. As mentioned above, you don’t always know what people are into, but on kinky dating sites like these, you know.


This particular dating website is for people that want to be, well, naughty. You will definitely find plenty of users on it that want something spicy and kinky. Same as the other one, you will have to create a profile and begin browsing through strangers’ different profiles. Before you know it, you’ll be talking with plenty of gorgeous and single users looking for a night of fun.

While you are on it, take your time. No one is rushing you to find someone as soon as possible. Let the whole experience be something you will look back on with a smile on your face. If you think you are the only kinky person out there, you’re wrong. Of course, people don’t have kinky written on their foreheads, but they probably have it written on their bios. Therefore, make sure to go through them. Check out the link for more information

Bondage Pal

This one sounds way kinkier than the other two mentioned above. What to expect from it? Well, you won’t, for sure, find someone there with a love interest in mind. If you want to take a break on the whole romantic scenario, you should try this website. It is literally designed for people with particular kinks and desires.

Looking for single kinky women? Don’t miss this one. However, while you are on it, make sure to stay away from scams. Many profiles on it are potential scams. If a user’s pictures don’t look real, then they are probably a scam. You can quickly tell if something sounds and looks fake.

If this minor issue doesn’t bother you, no one is stopping you from creating a profile on it. It’s always a good idea to check out reviewing websites that provide detailed information about other dating websites. The more you know about what you’re getting into, the better.

You also have to be prepared for spending a couple of bucks on monthly subscriptions if you want additional features. They will make the entire experience better. Read more about it here.

Ashley Madison

Last but not least, this is another excellent choice for single and horny individuals. If you don’t find a person on it, then you should probably give up online dating for good. This particular website targets people who are tired of their boring and vanilla sex lives with their spouses. Sometimes a marriage can do that to you.

If you want to try something spicy and exciting, make sure to check out this website. The list is slightly longer, but that’s the beauty of it. You have several options to go through. The important thing to do here is not to rush your decision. You know what you want, and now you have a chance to get it. Online dating has made lives a lot easier for single people. Even as you read this article, there are probably websites being tested and developed for launching. The Internet offers a lot of options, one of which is to find a kinky partner to spend the night. How cool is that?