Where VR Porn Fails, AR Porn Succeeds – And Where It Fails Too

Whether you like it or not, the VR porn market is big, like, closing in on billion-dollar big. So, it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that with the growing augmented reality industry, AR porn is starting to become a thing.


The rise of VR porn has proven that there is a very welcoming place for headset based adult film. Being up close and personal with the models of your dreams, so close and so real you could almost reach out and touch them. It was like an entirely new dimension of adult entertainment just appeared overnight and many of us couldn’t wait to log in to our Amazon accounts, order a VR headset and dive head-first into an immersive virtual reality porn video.


There’s no doubt about it, VR porn is serious business, and the statistics show that it’s something that isn’t going to go away any time soon. But the technology isn’t perfect, far from it. In fact, it’s riddled with faults that eliminate the possibility of viewers enjoying truly immersive experiences.


The Advantages of AR porn


The thing that catches my attention with AR porn, particularly the 3-dimensional kind, is you can enjoy the show from the perspective of your choosing. Unlike virtual reality where you’re grounded to a specific spot and at the mercy of the camera angle, augmented reality offers maximum freedom and the ability to move unrestricted in your very own erotic entertainment.


With AR, there is no camera angle. Your line of sight is effectively the camera which opens the doors to an unparalleled number of realistic experiences. The experience isn’t defined by a flat pre-recorded video, but rather a 3D model running in real-time.


This means you can stand up, walk around the model and see her from any angle you wish while she gives you your very own private performance behind the closed doors of your bedrooms. You don’t have to get into the position of the male actor in the video, whether that be sitting on a chair, laying on a bed or whatever else. You can comfortably watch the show without that nagging feeling that you’re not mimicking the actors positioning to a tee, feeling more and more as time goes on that you’re wired up to the electric chair awaiting your execution.


Motion Sickness


Ah, the dreaded motion sickness. You know what I’m talking about. You’re halfway through a virtual reality porn scene, steadily closing in on the climax when suddenly you can feel your dinner re-emerging from the pit of your stomach. It’s not exactly the part of the experience you look forward to the most. And something you’d probably prefer doing without.


Fortunately, AR porns format means this doesn’t need to be an issue. This is because you’re not looking at a visual representation of yourself while moving in a digital environment. Rather, the digital aspect is moving within your real-world environment and there is no visual representation of yourself.


Remember, In AR, your body is your own which means your brain isn’t receiving conflicting sensory signals which can lead to motion sickness. The whole time you’re not being bombarded with feelings of dizziness and nausea means you’ve got more time to enjoy the show without feeling like you’re one move away from blindly vomiting on your lap.


My Experience With AR Porn, And Realising That it Too Isn’t Perfect


I recently discovered an augmented reality app via AR Porn Tube. The app, named Holograms, has been developed by popular VR porn studio Naughty America. You can choose between a modest selection of around 13 digitally created 3D virtual avatars which  are created using volumetric data, capturing the bodies, movements, and voices of the selected adult stars.


The models are positioned in your physical environment and each puts on a short erotic performance. There are animations involving swinging around a stripper pole, there are scenes where the models are down on all fours shaking their breasts, plus various other kinky animations.


After messing around with a handful of models in the app, it became apparent that AR porn isn’t without its own set of problems. I mean, the model was performing in my physical environment, but, it was clear that she wasn’t actually ‘there’.


The lighting and shading of the model didn’t match with that of my real-world environment. It’s not like VR or even traditional porn where the entire scene is filmed on a studio set. Only the model is recorded under the lighting of the studio at the time of recording. When this is taken and put into your physical environment, you’re trying to match two entirely different settings together which is seemingly a near-impossible task.


And in terms of graphics, we’re not exactly taking a stroll down the uncanny valley. If anything, it was more like looking at an early version of a Playstation 2 game coming to life. Like entering a Grand Theft Auto Vice City strip club, only in 3D, in my bedroom and without the guns, violence, and threat of gang members.


Another thing I realized is that viewing the model with my half-open closet and evening news playing in the background hardly enlightens a state of fanaticism, more like hiring a cheap, end of the month hooker for a 15-minute quicky.


All in all, there are benefits and disadvantages to both AR porn and VR porn. Virtual reality porn is unique in that it offers the ability to be transported into foreign and luxurious locations that we very likely wouldn’t have seen otherwise. This is something that will always make VR porn interesting and separate it from any other form of adult film. But AR porn offers something different entirely which VR simply can not provide.


For now, it’s just a waiting game until AR porn explodes, and that time will eventually come once the augmented or mixed reality headset market picks up. But until then, I’ll be in my room, with my VR headset…

Using the Best Transsexual Dating Site and Tips on Managing Trannys

For most people, dating a tranny can turn out to be exciting and adventurous. They will never know what to expect. Most dates will have thrills and turns. There are cisgenders – those people that are not trans – who decide to date a transsexual person because they are more fun, and they can get the best of both worlds.

If this is your first time dating a lesbian or a ladyboy, you might want tips that can navigate you through the day. Know that you can find your potential trans partner on the best transsexual dating sites on the internet. To make an unforgettable date for both of you, these are the things that you should know about when you are on a date with a tranny.

Tips when Dating a Tranny

  1. Pick a Comfortable Place

If you have met your trans friend on free TS dating sites, you should at least see each other once. You can both decide to meet in a public coffee shop or anywhere else where you can get comfortable with each other. Dating in a public place can be a good idea especially if it is your first-time meeting. You can choose a quiet bar or a restaurant where an all-gender restroom is available.

You might want to hang out on a previous place where you both frequently spend your Friday nights. As long as the location is familiar and the people around it won’t give you sour looks because two males are holding hands in public, then everything can turn out to be good. As bad as it sounds, there are still places where people frown upon LGBTQ+ dating. If possible, avoid those locations and choose somewhere more comfortable.

  1. Observe Cisgender Dating

Treat your trans date like you will treat a cisgender date. Everything will depend on your characteristics and your previous experience. If you are a guy who likes to treat women on expensive restaurants, then there’s no reason why you won’t treat your transsexual date into an expensive premium steak and wine dinner. Offering them red roses and praising their efforts will go a very long way.

When you treat your trans date as if they are the most beautiful woman in the world, expect that they will never forget you. Even if you don’t end up with each other, they will treat you as a treasured friend and you can gain a positive reputation in the LGBTQ+ community. Read more about LGBTQ+ here.

  1. Know Them on a Deeper Level

Many people admit that trans dating is some kind of fetish for them. But don’t let your date know that you have sexual fantasies about them. Instead, they will appreciate it if your conversations during the night are about your hobbies, jobs, families, and dreams that will enable you to get to know them as a person.

A bonus is when you can find something in common. Both of you may want to get into politics to promote the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in your state. You might have dreams of getting married which your partner also supports a hundred percent. Looking beyond your date’s looks and bodies will make you both develop a bond that can be unbreakable as time passes.

  1. Be Sensitive about their Gender

One tip in managing your date with a tranny is to know the proper etiquettes. If they don’t want to talk about their transition, then look for other topics that they find comfortable. You might not want to randomly compliment them on how well they pass as a female when they are between male to female transformations. An off-hand compliment will make them feel that you are looking and focusing a lot on their gender identities.

Don’t compliment their makeup as you might sound too condescending. Do not compliment their looks and styles by comparing them to other people. Never make the mistake of saying that they look more manly than your ex. Instead, you can say things such as they look amazing with their jacket or they have a good fashion sense.

  1. Never Discuss their Transition Phase

Unless they bring it up, do not mention or talk about their current transition phase. Most of them experience mood swings. Some of them are having second thoughts and want to go back to their previous selves. You will sound as if you are only interested in your date because they have transitioned. You might even trigger some painful memories and experiences that they have undergone during their change.

It is rude if you ask about their original name. Deadnaming them by calling them with their natal name can be shameful and it can hurt them. If you can, talk about things that are not about genders. You don’t have to reassure them that you are cool with them being a trans. These things are a no-no on the first date. Respect them by talking about other interesting things and do not come off as a condescending person.

Transsexuals Love Hard

As a final word, when your first date turns out to be a great experience, you can schedule another one and get to know each other on a deeper level. If your friendship develops into a real relationship or a commitment, you will see that you have made a great choice. Transsexual people love hard and they are very protective of their partners. Read more about transsexuals here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transsexual. They will love you hard once they realize that your intentions are true.

Become their Friend

After the first date, when you have established a good relationship with each other, learn how to become their ally. Learn the pronoun that they wanted others to call them. Correct other people if you are introducing them to your friends. Forget about what other people will say. Do not let judgments affect your relationship with each other.

If you take steps to make the world know that your trans girlfriend has a special place in your heart, then tell others.  Do not shame them or be ashamed of them. Know that loving a trans can be complicated but it will be very worth it in the end.

Womanly Confessions: Is It Wrong For Me To Be In Adult Dating & Sex Sites?

I know that you’re probably on your toes right now. After all, it’s hard to be a woman and openly display your sexuality in public – especially with the whole internet keeping watch of your every move.

Thing is, women are scrutinized for sexual behaviour more often than men. Even in simple matters such as masturbation, women always get the short end of the stick. If men masturbate, it’s okay. They’re men. It’s “natural.” If women masturbate, it’s seen as weird, awkward, perverted, or even disgusting. Everybody else suddenly makes a big deal out of it. Well, guess what? Men, women, gay, transgender, bisexual, non-sexual, or whatever – it doesn’t matter. We are all entitled to our own agencies. It’s our life, our body. We know what’s best for it. Check out what these women have to say about their own masturbation experiences: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/news/a35847/sex-talk-realness-womens-masturbation-habits/.

Anyway, going back to what we were talking about, women always seem to feel out of place whenever matters involve sexuality. Women are stereotyped as level-headed and disciplined than men. They are expected to have better control over sexual pleasures and more resistant to physical temptations. Well, news flash guys. Women are humans too. And as humans, we naturally desire sex.

That’s right. We want sex so much that our usually “reserved” and “feminine” selves are thrown out the window and replaced by savagely hungry sex beasts. It’s the truth. We want sex just as much as any other gender does. So if you see us in adult dating and sex sites, it’s probably because we want to get laid too. That much is obvious. Don’t interpret it as “Oh, maybe she’s too lonely” or “Oh, maybe her boyfriend cheated on her and she wants to get even.” We think of no such things. Well, maybe some of us but not all. Sometimes, we just want to spend a night enjoying casual, passionate, and kinky sex with some random stranger for a change.

What’s so wrong about that? Guys do it all the time – with and without a girlfriend. Why should we act any differently?

So girl, if you’re in an adult dating website, feel no shame in that We are entitled to do whatever we want with our bodies as long as we do it responsibly. We don’t need to answer to anyone or explain ourselves as to why we do it or why we are acting this way. We’re doing it because we want to; nothing more to it. As long as you’re taking good care of your body and you’re not hurting anyone with your actions, then there’s no reason to feel guilty.

It is important to note, however, that online dating can be pretty risky – especially when it involves real life sex. There are many dangers involved, some of which are highly irreversible, so you have to proceed with caution. After all, you always come first. With the hook up culture growing bigger and bigger everyday, risks associated with casual sex are becoming more alarming as well. There’s the possibility of contracting STD’s and other infectious diseases. There’s also the risk of running into a complete psycho. Even if you’re doing this just for fun, it’s important that you keep yourself guarded at all times.

With all that being said, here are a few tips on how you can protect yourself from undesirable situations:

1. Don’t Agree To Meet Up With Anyone for The First Time In An Isolated Place

Some Fun Reasons why BDSM Might Be Just What Your Sex Life Needs

You might have wondered in the past whether or not to try BDSM or at least some aspects of it. However, that certain undeserved stigma that surrounds it might have made you give up too soon on this particular sex practice. But the fact of the matter is, you definitely shouldn’t. There are a lot of different ways of introducing some of the BDSM practices that can vastly benefit both your sex life and your love life. You might even want to considerBDSM dating as a way of meeting someone who is willing to explore this with you a bit further. And just to help you understand why this approach to sex might be good for you, here are some of the main ways BDSM can enrich your sex life.

It Is More about Pleasure than Pain

There is a myth that surrounds this sex practice and it is that it tends to be abusive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. BDSM is not about abuse, it is about trust and communication. There are different aspects of this practice you need to consider and, based on your personal preference, choose which ones to apply. But first and foremost comes a detailed conversation with your partner about the boundaries you both need to set, clearly defining how far you are willing to go.


You can opt for the SM part which includes spanking, flogging and other techniques that help increase the pleasure levels through heightened sensations. On the other hand, the bondage part is more about control, one partner has all the control while other is helpless. And for this, trust is especially important. You need to be able to relinquish control of your body completely and feel comfortable about it in order for this particular technique to have the desired effect.

You’ll Get To Do Some Acting

Role-playing, in general, can be a fun experience, and when it comes to BDSM it can take a whole new form. Now, you don’t need all the theatrics that are usually associated with this practice. You can simplify the whole process in the beginning and then build upon that when and if your partner and you are both interested. One of the options is to act out a scene you and your partner have both agreed upon. But make sure you are clear about all the aspects of it and that you have talked about it and set the tone.


Don’t forget to discuss the pain levels you are most comfortable with and have a safe word in place so as to make the whole experience purely pleasurable. You need to be open with one another in order to act out the scene, as specific verbal communication plays a particularly important role in BDSM. If you are shy and indecisive, it will definitely dampen the mood and make the whole process ineffective.

The Dating Cop’s Tips on Avoiding Online Dating Scammers

People have different reasons for trying out online dating. Some are busy workers who simply can’t afford to go out on a gazillion dates before they meet their match. Others are single parents who only have time for themselves (or a date) after sending the kids to bed. Still others are just too shy to meet people in person unless something meaningful develops from the encounter.


All this makes browsing online profiles and chatting up people randomly so convenient and logical, right? And it is, if you keep the pitfalls and dangers in mind too. How? Please click here. Because there are scammers out there who are ready and prepared to take advantage of unsuspecting online romance seekers. Let’s take a look at some tips on staying happy and safe in the world of online dating.


Set Up Special Communication Channels


Anybody who has a social media account is aware of the amount of spam in the form of messages and notifications associated with that. If you use your personal e-mail address to register on just one or two singles’ website, that would be enough to create huge clutter in your inbox, and before you know it you would have to manually delete hundreds of e-mails every single day. A more unforeseen circumstance would be having the misfortune of running into somebody who would start stalking or harassing you, and you might end up having to discontinue the use of an otherwise important channel of communication in order to get rid of the unwanted mail.

On the same note, you hardly want to have to change your phone number because you inadvertently gave it to the wrong people. If you start seeing someone you met online and things become awkward, it is crucial that they don’t have your contact information and cannot misuse it, The Dating Cop advice. Set up a Google voice number you could give to dates until you are fairly certain you have met somebody you want to go to the next level with. In case a relationship starts developing, you can always give the person your primary phone number


Watch Out What You Put On Your Profile Page



You’ve already signed up? Great, now let’s fill out your profile. Needless to say, don’t make it look like your CV, you are not applying for a job. The less information you give away about your employer and the neighborhood where you live, the better. You definitely don’t want to know bad dates to know where you work so that you don’t risk somebody asking you for money in order not to go to your boss with intimate details you never want anybody to know about. Believe it or not, you can mention your line of work without giving enough details that a scammer would use against you.


Research the privacy features of any website you consider opening an account with. Do you know that some websites will only reveal your profile details to paying members? While this doesn’t guarantee sending off all scammers on their way, chances are high that will filter out many of them at the very beginning. Another point on privacy – make sure you only upload photos of yourself, not group photos of your family or friends. This way you not only take care not to expose too many personal details but   also avoid the risk of attracting someone who mistook your buddy on the picture for you and agreed on a meetup expecting to see them instead.


How to Spot a Scammer


Having covered the measures you can undertake to stay safe in the area of your personal information, let’s say a few words on how to spot a potential scammer right away by watching out for a few red flags, outlined at https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/spot-avoid-online-dating-scammer/. If you see a profile that’s virtually “empty”, apart from an attractive, professional-looking photo, get out of there immediately. First, if the picture looks like a model head shot, it most probably is. The trouble is you rarely meet a lonely model online. So chances are high the person simply took a random photo from the internet in order to lure the opposite sex intro writing or responding to messages.


If the picture seems fine but you notice too many colloquialisms, broken English and the like, this should raise a big red flag, telling you that the person is either completely ignorant or a scammer. Well, it’s more likely to be the latter, so watch out for that. And last but not least, trust your instincts about people. It’s incredible how often our inner voice is trying to communicate with us in order to guide us in the right direction. We only need to listen