5 Stereotypes Which Prevent Women from Getting Orgasm

According to US national surveys on sexual health and behavior, 91% of men and only 64% of women had an orgasm during the last sexual intercourse. According to the theory of a professor of philosophy and psychology, the reason lies not only in the structure of the body but also in the stereotypes, adopted in the society. Decades of research have shown that women need the stimulation of the clitoris, and even vaginal orgasm depends on it. However, the myths that a woman can easily get such an orgasm, having relaxed enough, are still widespread in society, and there are several reasons for that. This article is prepared by Russian women for marriage.

  1. Culture depicts women who get an orgasm through penetration.

If you analyze popular movies with erotic scenes or even porn, it’s easy to see that the main characters get an orgasm after several aggressive frictions with penetration, and other techniques are ignored. It seems that the main thing is to find the right position to help a woman catch the wave. In fact, it does not matter in which position a woman is and how big your penis is. There are not so many nerve endings in a vagina, unlike a clitoris. The image of the female orgasm in the media simply increases the insecurity of women who cannot reach an orgasm through penetration.

  1. The number of women who reach an orgasm through penetration is overestimated.

There is often quoted statistics, according to which the only one in four women gets an orgasm through penetration. However, the statistics do not take into account that in reality, the respondents also received stimulation of the clitoris. According to the survey, only 4% of women can reach an orgasm through penetration, 43% need stimulation during penetration, 34% consider the stimulation of the clitoris to be the best way to cum, and 17% cannot reach an orgasm with a partner at all. Nonetheless, even these statistics may be overestimated. People involved in such studies are usually sexually open, which means they are more likely to get an orgasm thanks to their emancipation.

  1. Female genitals are just a vagina.

During puberty, and in the process of studying, people come to the conclusion that the male and female genitalia differ only in name. So, men have a penis and testicles, women have a vagina which is usually mentioned without any details and differences. This is the same as telling a child that the nose is for eating and breathing. After all, the nose and mouth are both on the face, so what’s the difference? For some reason, men call all of the female genitalia in a word and do not even notice the absurdity of the situation. Since the clitoris has no effect on male pleasure, some men prefer not to pay any attention to it during sex.

  1. Sex is only about penetration.

During the same period of puberty, people master the word “sex.” It is defined as the penetration of the penis into the vagina. Any other technique is considered “not real” or only a prelude to real sex. This happens due to the fact that for a long time, the key moment in sex was considered a male orgasm because only it leads to reproduction.

  1. The male orgasm is more important.

Society still appreciates man’s sexual pleasure more than woman’s. In 2016, the Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality published a report, according to which 63% of men and only 44% of women had oral sex during the last sexual intercourse. In another study, it was found that adolescents consider oral sex more important than sex with penetration, but only if a woman does it. Obviously, the lack of attention to the clitoris is associated not only with a misunderstanding of anatomy, many men still don’t think that it is so important.

Frigid Women
Female Stereotypes

The only way to eradicate those stereotypes and thus improve the quality of sex is to learn more about how women’s bodies work. Many men are ignorant of female orgasm, and they automatically become poor lovers. When it comes to sexual intercourse, the main task of a man is to satisfy his woman, let her experience that heavenly pleasure of orgasm (otherwise she’ll be looking for someone who is able to get her to orgasm). For this, he should know her desires and her secret spots. Foreplay is extremely important, because to get a real pleasure from a sexual act, a woman needs to be “tuned”, and foreplay is meant for turning on her libido. In women, psychology usually comes first and physiology – second. Her emotional state will define her sexual desire.

Your foreplay should include touches, stroking, caresses, kisses, and sweet words whispered in her ear. Sometimes, all this can already bring her to orgasm. Foreplay is needed to activate one important physiological process in her, that of natural lubrication. This will mean that she is ready for penetration, and frictions will not hurt her.

Before penetration, stimulate her clitoris either with fingers or a tongue. You can combine penetration with clitoris stimulation. As you already know, that small part of the vulva is responsible for every orgasm irrespective of position and the type of sex.

You shouldn’t ask your woman whether she had an orgasm right after you finish. It will spoil the atmosphere of intimacy in your bedroom. However, you should talk about sex, about each other’s preferences and fantasies, about likes and dislikes in bed. Partners should be frank in this regard. It’s a direct way to quality sex and mutual satisfaction.

Women Watch Porn Too!

The rise of feminism has given impetus to a lot of women and as a result of this more women are asserting themselves in the workplace, society, and even in the bedroom. Women are making a statement of their sexual preference and sexuality.  While some are exploring their sexuality without inhibitions, others are still hiding their sexuality. Today, there is a growing trend of women looking to pornography for insights, for learning, for new tricks and for some, a view to some unfulfilled fantasies.

Many believe that the rise in the number of women watching pornography is born out of women wanting to explore, to gain insights and that for some it is an avenue to reach deep into their soul, escape from reality to find what truly excites them, what governs their sexuality, and to catch a glimpse of those fantasies that may have no place in their reality.

Do you think that only men watch porn?  If you do, then you are way further from the truth than you can even imagine.  According to recently published user data by one of the leading internet providers of pornography; Pornhub.com, the percentage of women who watch porn is about 24% of women in America watch pornography, while the number sits at 21% for Britain, the world average is 23% and for some areas like Brazil, the figure gets as high as 29%.  So overall it’s about a quarter of women watch porn which makes it a massive market.  Men watch far greater amounts of porn, but many women still watch porn.

Porn For Women
Female Friendly Porn

It’s fair to say that when you access your typical porn sites they are designed for men so I believe that there will be a massive market out there for female orientated porn.  So it begs the question, what pornography do women like to watch?

The top category for women who watch pornography is lesbian porn. The user data shows that more women search for lesbian related acts such as “tribbing” and “scissoring”. In fact, these are two of the most searched sub terms for women.  A lot of lesbian porn involves vibrators and dildos and passionate exploration which I think resonates with most women.  A growing trend is also the category called “for women” which presents very sensual HD clips involving a lot of touching, kissing and sexual massages ending in sex rather than hardcore penetrative sex alone. The data shows that outside of the most watched category, women are also drawn to search the following: Milf, threesomes, BDSM and solo masturbation using vibrators and dildos.

In further trying to understand the reason behind the choice of lesbian sex pornography by most women, I did some research.  According to a study conducted by the OMGYES Pleasure report and published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, covered over 1000 women aged between 18 and 68, on their sexual preference and how they like to be touched, aroused and brought to orgasm, it was observed that over 75% of the respondents agreed to stimulation of the clitoris and genitals by hand or tongue, application of pressure to pleasure points or other means in conjunction with penetrative sex. Only 18% agreed that vaginal penetrative sex alone was enough for a satisfying orgasm.

So if only 18% believed that vaginal penetrative sex alone was enough for an orgasm, that means that 82% believed it wasn’t enough which means that they’re looking for more than just penetrative sex to be satisfied.  I bet if you were to ask men 100% would say that penetrative sex is enough for them.  So we can see there’s a bit of a disconnect between what satisfies women and what satisfies men.

This is not to say all women like to be touched the same way but the important thing here is that looking deeply, you will find out that lesbian sex which is the most viewed pornography category by women mirrors the expectations of most women to obtaining a satisfying orgasm.  More women are taking a stand for what they desire and are looking to ways to fulfil their fantasies of maximum pleasure through pornography.

In my opinion and from the above findings, I am led to think that the image of stimulating sensual touch at play in lesbian sex evokes and settles a longing rooted deep inside of most women. With the world fast changing and cultures evolving, former barriers to sexual explorations for women are being brought down, the feminist movement is greatly influencing a lot of young girls and the result is evident even in their sexual and pornographic preferences.

Even though many of us knew intuitively that this was the case, the irony is that we needed the porn watching habits of women to show us what we intuitively knew.  I’m not the first female to say this and I won’t be the last, but foreplay is important.  Foreplay isn’t always wanted or needed though, sometimes we just want a wham bam thank you ma’am type scenario as well.

The Vibrator Vixen.

A Night In The Taiwan Villa!

My wife and I have been through tough times lately. You know, seeing the same face right next to you for almost ten years makes a relationship a bit boring. No wonder why our intimate life was almost dead. Both of us are always busy at work back in Detroit. My Susan always comes home early and has to wait for me until late at night. In those days when I managed to get home earlier, I was so tired that I could barely stand on my feet. So I was in no mood for sex.

Luckily, Susan and I aren’t the cheating type, but I began to notice my wife’s disappointment in our intimate relationship, and that was devastating me, as I was the only one responsible for this. I never caught her having fun with herself, but that’s probably because I wasn’t around most of the time. Gladly, she never caught me chatting with girls on cheap dating sites, like Nataly dating on the web.

Anyways, when I told her that we’re going to Taiwan, she was so excited that I could see little sparks in her eyes. I didn’t want to spoil the fun, so I decided not to mention that our trip was related to my work. I bet she had a lot of plans for it, so I wasn’t surprised when she got upset after I told her that our ‘thrilling adventure’ was actually a seminar. Probably the most appropriate phrase to describe her reaction was ‘furiously mad.’ But as we came there, I quickly finished the official part of the trip took Susan to a party that came after the seminar.

My boss threw the party at his huge villa. The place was really great, but it got even better when I finally realized that I was thousands of miles away from home. I actually wondered why the boss is paying me so little if he has a ton of money. But as much as I was impressed with the villa, I was totally disappointed with the party. And I could tell that Susan wasn’t much happy to be there, too. I don’t know what I was thinking about at that moment, but I grabbed her hand and told that I wanted to show her something awesome.

And I don’t know who was surprised more – me or Susan. Leaving the party too early wasn’t the best idea, but I got sick of the faces I see every single day at the office. Fortunately, no one noticed us disappearing, and, which was even better, no one saw me taking my wife through the long corridor we weren’t supposed to go to and pulling her into one of the rooms.

Taiwan Erotic Encounter
Taiwan Fornication

If someone caught us in this part of the villa, I’d have a lot of troubles. All my thoughts were occupied with one fantasy me and Sue have always had. I couldn’t believe that I was about to turn it into reality. We’ve never had sex outside our bedroom, and I thought I’d never have the guts to do it, especially in my boss’s house.

Well, looks like I still don’t know myself well enough…

Leaving doubts behind, I opened a door and checked if there was nobody in the room. I was almost sure that what we were about to do was madness, but I picked Sue up and threw her on the couch. She finally realized what I wanted to show her.

My voice changed, and I said viciously ‘I’m gonna make you remember this day forever.’

Oh yeah, I was about to get rid of all that sexual energy I needed to relieve a long time ago. I lowered myself onto her, kissing her with rude passion. I wasn’t going to stop. I wouldn’t even if someone entered the room.

In a couple of seconds, Sue had nothing but her bra on, and I was eating her out. It was so satisfying to feel her once again. Apparently, I was pretty good with my tongue, as I’ve never heard Sue moaning so loud. I felt that she was about to explode, so I stopped.

I pulled my pants off and shoved my solid dick straight down her throat. I wanted this little whore to feel every inch of it. I was shoving my dick as far as it could go, hearing her choking. At this moment, I wasn’t thinking about my wife. I was enjoying every moment.  It was so damn good to feel my balls hitting Sue’s lips again and again. A few seconds after, I put my hands on her cheeks and shouted ‘Swallow it all!’ And she did. I was feeling like she wasn’t my wife. I was so rude and passionate as if I was fucking someone else.

Once she swallowed everything to the last drop, I picked her up and threw this bitch down on her stomach. She wasn’t saying anything, but I already knew that she wanted me inside her. She was still shocked after what I did to her.

I thrust my dick into her wet ass. Actually, we’ve never had anal before, and all this was unbelievable. I don’t know for sure if she felt any pain, but judging by her face and tears, she did. I didn’t care, though… When I was done doing her from behind, I flipped her again and pushed her against the couch.

This time, I decided to find out what she thinks and whispered ‘Are you up for more?’ She couldn’t speak, so she just nodded. And I began fucking her really hard. I felt like I was a wild animal.

A few more minutes after, I cummed and let her go. I can imagine the pain she was experiencing, as even my hands and legs were killing me. Sue laid on the couch, trying to catch her breath. Looks like this trip wasn’t that bad after all.

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“wish they had more control over their duration in bed”

Furthermore, global studies impact men outside of the bedroom. Of those affected by premature ejaculation have reported:

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Gay Of Thrones Makes All Men Cum

With the release of Game of Thrones season 7 just around the corner and with the sad news today that we won’t get season 8 until 2019 I thought I’d do my review on the Men.com porn parody series “Gay of Thrones”. Now, as a recent newcomer to the HBO series, having only seen it in its entirety only a few months ago, I was quite excited to see how the gay porn studio turns it into an adult movie. I got the DVD from an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre and when I had my first chance alone I popped it on.

The first scene starts off with Toby Dutch as Daenerys Targaryen who stands by a river. We then see Abraham Al Malek as Khal Drogo. The costumes are made extremely well and they have done the characters justice. They went as far as making Daenerys hair white and Al Malek had the same blue tattooing as the character.

Daenerys Targaryen in Gay Of Throne
Image: Daenerys Targaryen

Now in this first scene, they get right to the action. No story set up, no talking between the characters, they just start having sex. I’m not sure if they took this approach to replicate the show, as these two characters have very little dialogue between them, but a little story set-up would have been nice. I can’t even say that the chemistry was great between the actors, but again, I’m not sure if that was to capture the characters or not, but it felt rather disjointed. The fact that it was outside was hot though. It was a fairly basic scene, they change positions a few times and then finish with Daenerys taming Drogo’s dragon.

Khal Drogo in Gay Of Throne
Image: Khal Drogo

The next scene we see Paul Walker, Loras Tyrell and Dato Foland as Renly Baratheon. The set-piece is very representative of the show and I felt they captured that aspect well. There is some dialogue as Tyrell shaves Baratheons chest. Soon after they start to get into the action. There’s more passion between the two actors this time and it feels like they have done the characters justice as they are lovers in the series. After switching positions and roles a few times they have their happy ending. They share a passionate kiss and Tyrell tells Baratheon he thinks he would be a good king. I’m sure he does after the battle they just had.

In the next scene, we see Damien Crosse as Oberyn Martell and Christopher Daniels as Olyvar. It begins with Olyvar offering Oberyn a line-up of beautiful young prostitutes to which he inspects them very closely but dismisses them, only to order Olyvar to stay. He gives himself to Oberyn, to which he has no qualms with whatsoever. He strips and drops to his knees. In this scene, Damien Cross is very dominant and forceful but passionate. I think it is really hot and very true to the character himself. He knows what he wants and he takes it!

Keeping true to the series the set pieces are very believable and add to the Game of Thrones Universe. The actors have great chemistry and work very well together! I’m a big fan of Crosse and love him as the character of Oberyn Martell. The characters change positions and use the entire room, which I think is a good detail. After they have finished their battle, Oberyn orders Olyvar to put his clothes on and get back to the boys.

Renly Baratheon in Gay Of Throne
Image: Renly Baratheon

The final scene shows Colby Keller as Daario Naharis and Toby Dutch return as Daenerys Targaryen. It starts off with a voiceover, which I found odd as none of the other scenes had a little story to begin with. It shows that Naharis had captured Daenerys to take him to his lord. As he is taking Daenerys to be locked up, he takes Daenerys for himself beforehand. He claims there are two things he excels at; War and men. He has already had a war, so now he is taking the man for himself.

This scene takes place in what looks like some old ruins, and I think that’s really hot. The men start to do their battle and not long till their swords are drawn. The men were somewhat passionate but this scene to me wasn’t overly thrilling. They go at it and have an explosive conclusion to their battle.

Overall, I felt like this movie was lacklustre. It would have been so much better with more story and more dialogue added to it. I know its porn but the corny innuendos and cheesy acting would have been fun for this fantasy series. They definitely could have elaborated on the characters and how they got to be where they were. It just needed a little more elaboration to make it more like Game of Thrones. Take away the costuming and the backdrops (all of which I think were great) you wouldn’t have known this was Game of Thrones related at all.

I give this gay adult movie with butt-centric sex 2 battle swords out of 5.

Author: Brett is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres