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Strap Some Boyz 5

Horny women — from girly sweethearts to imposing dommes — harness their lust, buckle on big, menacing dildos and take charge of submissive men in kinky director Joey Silvera’s “Strap Some Boyz #5.” Busty, Amazonian blonde Savana Styles compares dongs with muscular Robert Axel: His meat is big; her tool is huge! The limber slut with the stunning butt can suck his dick as she pork’s his asshole. He sucks strap-on ass-to-mouth. Blushing blonde Trillium puts a leg lock on ripped stud Kurt Lockwood’s neck. She tongues his bunghole with dirty dedication, and he beats off as she plows his rear. He loves impaling himself on her stick as she calls him “a dirty little slut.” Bratty, exotically tattooed Katrina Jade demands foot worship, ass worship and cock sucking supplication from wimpy Chad Diamond. With her fat dildo buried in his rectum, she strokes his semen onto her belly and makes him lap it up. Skinny, young Tysen Rich (wearing a tiara!) explains that her creepy stepdad is always perving on her. They seem to perv on each other as the dirty-talking girl sodomizes his asshole, calling him nasty names. They share sperm-soaked kisses. Trillium returns for a POV BJ/foot job scene with Joey. Practicing her deep-throat skills, she gags, eyes watering, and she licks cum from her flexing toes.

Starring Savana Styles, Trillium, Katrina Jade, Tysen Rich, Robert Axel, Kurt Lockwood, Chad Diamond, Joey Silvera.

Strap Some Boyz 5 Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Strap Some Boyz 5

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Why We Love Evil Angel

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I have always loved Evil Angel movies and they are something which interested me since it is one of my favourite production companies. The company was founded and owned by John Stagliano and he is the considered the inventor of the “Gonzo Pornography”which is basically a pornography that is filmed in such a way that attempts to bring the viewer directly into the scene, via it’s angles and close ups which is different to earlier porn which was just from a standing point away instead of up close and in the action, the name “Gonzo Pornography” is a take on Gonzo Journalism which is when a reporter is directly in the action for instance a reporter standing in a war field reporting on the ongoing war in that vicinity.

Evil Angel since it’s early days has dominated the hardcore pornographic film industry in western countries specifically USA and is considered one of the most profitable porn companies.  John’s career began (who had next to no experience in the film industry) shot his first film in 1983 titled: Bouncing Buns.  Up until 1988 he was shooting and distributing for other companies until he shot the first film for Evil Angel which was titled
“Dance Fire” a year later in 89 he started using the camera while receiving and giving sexual encounters and that now is known as PoV (Point of View) porn, unlike many other traditional pornography of it’s time he didn’t really have a story line either which i think is great and has obviously been imitated since then.
Peeping Nacho Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Peeping Nacho
He has had many directors over the years shooting porn most notably, Rocco and Belladonna which are household porn names.  He came up with the name “Evil Angel” in quiet a odd way, he was working as a stripper and his nickname was Evil John and his girlfriend of the time was Dirty Angel and he put them both together and made Evil Angel years later.
As of this time Evil Angel is one of the most notable and dominating porn companies in the world and has won 100’s of awards including Best Scene and Best Studio which are highly sought after awards for any adult company.
I hope to see more and more of Evil Angel as the years go on, considering they’ve been out over 25 years now (longer than I’ve been alive) i hope they outlive me!  I’d highly recommend watching ANY video from this studio due to it’s professionalism, awesome stars and amazing scenes.
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The Success of Evil Angel

In 1989 John Stagliano began Evil Angel (Evil Empire) to offer his own particular Evil Angel movies. The starting point of the organization’s name does a reversal to when Stagliano was acting as a stripper:

“There was another fellow in one of my shows named John. So this MC began calling me Evil John to separate us. This was the point at which I was doing Dracula and chains. In the meantime I had a sweetheart who called herself Angel when she did strip shows. She was an extremely awful young lady and I proposed that she call herself Evil Angel. She didn’t, however I loved the name and twisted it up to use it for my porn company.”

The principal Evil Angel film was Dance Fire, shot in 1988 by Stagliano, featuring himself, Trinity Loren, Brandy Alexandre and others. It would just be out on DVD 20 years later. Influenced by fresh faced erotic entertainment. In 1989 Stagliano hit on the thought of performing in a film whilst likewise working the cam, so that the viewer encounters the film through the eyes of his character. The main individual viewpoint was impacted by the 1960s film Blowup. At the time this was as opposed to the greater part of porn, which tended not to make viewers mindful of the camera. This strategy is today known as POV porn (Point of View). He framed his Buttman persona, and shot Adventures of Buttman. The early Buttman movies were composed, delivered, coordinated, altered, shot and made by and by Stagliano. The initial two Buttman movies had protracted scripts, however the arrangement soon advanced into an ad libbed, unconstrained organization. Rather than his prior work and the standard porn of the time, Stagliano did not interface every scene together to shape a routine story. Now and again the camerawork was shaky. Partly because of his absence of film sets, he didn’t utilize involved sets or areas. At the time porn movies had a conventional story line, with simulated intercourse’s scattered with dialog by entertainers with small acting capacity. Rather than that configuration, Stagliano decided to film “one sexual moment which has a starting, a center and closes at a peak. Attempting to make all that identify with a greater story is extremely troublesome and makes a wide range of issues that hinder making the best scene possible.” The unmistakable style of the early Evil Angel movies would be broadly imitated, and would come to be known as Gonzo pornography.

Evil Angel
Evil Angel is Porn Story Success

In the 1990s Stagliano turned into a standout among the best figures in the American explicit film industry. In 1990 Patrick Collins and Stagliano established the Elegant Angel name as a backup of Evil Angel. In 1991 Stagliano made a creation auxiliary in São Paulo, Brazil. By 1993 the organization was delivering another videotape like clockwork, and was netting more than $1 million a year; in 1996 it sold roughly a large portion of a million videos. In the mid-’90s the organization began utilizing the expression “The Evil Empire” on its container spreads, in reference to its developing stable of directors. In 1996 Collins secured Elegant Angel as a completely separate organization, and in 1998 it finished all collaboration with Evil Angel. His flight from Evil Angel has been called “not exactly neighborly”, and he and Stagliano are obviously not friends anymore. At the time Collins said that Stagliano wouldn’t make a success of the business. According to Stagliano. Patricks was not doing his job properly and they should have parted ways years before.

A 1997 U.S. News and World Report examination distinguished Evil Angel as the most productive explicit studio in the USA. In 2007 the studio got 127 AVN Award selections in 60 classifications, making it the fourth year consecutively in which it got more than 100 nominations. In 2008 EA won 18 AVN recompenses. Stagliano won the ‘Best Director – Video’ honor for Fashionistas Safado: Berlin.

Evil Angel, or “The Evil Empire,” is an organization that is sorted out in a totally diverse manner than whatever other video porno companies. John Stagliano offers his own particular videos, furthermore the videos of a few different directors. Evil Angel is distinctive in that they don’t have ownership of the videos of these different movie makers, they just offer their videos and keep a rate of the gross deals as an expense for their administrations. This plan began because of of John Stagliano’s experience distributing porn movies across the world.

The Evil Angel business made a circumstance where the producers could be remunerated for the diligent and creative work they put into making their films. Here the directors profit if their videos offer more, are innovative and the consumer likes them. This is an incredible motivating force for them to discover new and better approaches to make videos. All evidences are that this framework lives up to expectations exceptionally well. The DVDs they make are the top rated in the business. Every one of our directors is one of a kind in style and substance, yet comparable in their dedication to make the best films conceivable.

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Over the years, Evil Angel has won numerous awards. Here is a list of the main ones, including “Best Studio” :

  • 1992 AVN Award – ‘Best Film’ for Wild Goose Chase
  • 1993 AVN Award – ‘Best Film’ for Face Dance, Parts I & II
  • 1997 AVN Award – ‘Best Gonzo Series’ for Butt Row
  • 1997 AVN Award – ‘Best Continuing Video Series’ for The Voyeur
  • 1998 AVN Award – ‘Best Continuing Video Series’ for Fresh Meat
  • 1999 AVN Award – ‘Best Transsexual Release’ for The Big-Ass She-Male Adventure
  • 2000 AVN Award – ‘Best Continuing Video Series’ for The Voyeur
  • 2000 AVN Award – ‘Best Anal-Themed Series’ for Rocco’s True Anal Stories
  • 2000 AVN Award – ‘Best Transsexual Release’ for Rogue Adventures 3: Big-Ass She-Male Adventure
  • 2001 AVN Award – ‘Best Gonzo Series’ for Please!
  • 2001 AVN Award – ‘Best Anal-Themed Series’ for Rocco’s True Anal Stories
  • 2001 AVN Award – ‘Best Transsexual Release’ for Rogue Adventures 3: Big-Ass She-Male Adventure 7
  • 2002 AVN Award – ‘Best Anal-Themed Series’ for Rocco’s True Anal Stories
  • 2002 AVN Award – ‘Best Transsexual Release’ for Rogue Adventures 13
  • 2002 AVN Award – ‘Best Gonzo Series’ for Buttman
  • 2002 AVN Award – ‘Best Continuing Video Series’ for Animal Trainer
  • 2003 AVN Award – ‘Best Anal-Themed Series’ for Ass Worship
  • 2003 AVN Award – ‘Best Video Feature’ for The Ass Collector
  • 2003 AVN Award – ‘Best Film’ for The Fashionistas
  • 2004 AVN Award – ‘Best DVD’ for The Fashionistas
  • 2003 AVN Award – ‘Best Gonzo Series’ for The Voyeur
  • 2003 AVN Award – ‘Best Transsexual Release’ for Rogue Adventures 15
  • 2004 AVN Award – ‘Best Oral-Themed Feature’ for Feeding Frenzy 2
  • 2004 AVN Award – ‘Best Anal-Themed Series’ for Ass Worship
  • 2004 AVN Award – ‘Best Gonzo Series’ for Service Animals
  • 2004 AVN Award – ‘Top Renting Release of the Year’ for The Fashionistas
  • 2004 AVN Award – ‘Best Transsexual Release’ for She-Male Domination Nation
  • 2005 AVN Award – ‘Best Vignette Release’ for Tales From the Crack
  • 2005 AVN Award – ‘Best Anal-Themed Series’ for Ass Worship
  • 2006 AVN Award – ‘Best Pro-Am Release’ for Rocco’s Initiations 9
  • 2006 AVN Award – ‘Best Vignette Release’ for Vault of Whores
  • 2006 AVN Award – ‘Best Gonzo Series’ for Service Animals
  • 2006 AVN Award – ‘Best Transsexual Release’ for Rogue Adventures 24
  • 2007 AVN Award – ‘Best Transsexual Release’ for Rogue Adventures 27
  • 2007 AVN Award – ‘Best Specialty Release – Fem-Dom Strap-On’ for Strap Attack 4
  • 2007 AVN Award – ‘Best Specialty Series – Big Bust’ for Boob Bangers
  • 2008 XBIZ Award – ‘Best Studio’
  • 2008 AVN Award – ‘Best Continuing Video Series’ for Belladonna: Manhandled
  • 2008 AVN Award – ‘Best POV Release’ for Fucked on Sight 2
  • 2008 AVN Award – ‘Best POV Series’ for Fucked on Sight
  • 2008 F.A.M.E. Awards – ‘Favorite Studio’
  • 2009 AVN Award – ‘Best Anal-Themed Series’ – tie between Evil Anal and Butthole Whores
  • 2009 AVN Award – ‘Best Foot Fetish Release’ for Belladonna’s Foot Soldiers
  • 2009 AVN Award – ‘Best Gonzo Series’ for Slutty and Sluttier
  • 2009 AVN Award – ‘Best Oral-Themed Release’ for Blow Job Perversion
  • 2009 AVN Award – ‘Best Oral-Themed Series’ for Face Fucking, Inc.
  • 2009 AVN Award – ‘Best Specialty Release – Other Genre’ for Milk Nymphos 2
  • 2011 XBIZ Award – ‘Gonzo Release of the Year – Non-Feature’ for Tori, Tarra and Bobbi Love Rocco
  • 2012 XBIZ Award – ‘Gonzo Release of the Year’ for Phat Bottom Girls
  • 2012 XBIZ Award – ‘Fetish Release of the Year’ for Odd Jobs 5
  • 2012 XBIZ Award – ‘Latin-Themed Release of the Year’ for Made in Xspana 7
  • 2012 XBIZ Award – ‘European Non-Feature Release of the Year’ for Slutty Girls Love Rocco 3
  • 2012 XBIZ Award – ‘Transsexual Release of the Year’ for She-Male Police 2
  • 2013 XBIZ Award – ‘European Non-Feature Release of the Year’ for Slutty Girls Love Rocco 4
  • 2014 XBIZ Award – ‘Studio of the Year’
  • 2014 XBIZ Award – ‘Transsexual Release of the Year’ for American She-Male X 5

Zero Tolerance Blasted 2

Kristina Rose

Get ready to be blasted away with this value for money adult dvd from Australia’s favourite online porn store Xvideo Australia.  Where you get so much bang for your buck each and every day.

Zero Tolerance in Blasted 2 shows a 2-disc set offering provocative young ladies getting impacted with surges of cum. On the off chance that that doesn’t wet your craving, what about Kortney Kane, Andy San Dimas, Andi Anderson, Sara Sloane, Madelyn Marie, Gracie Glam and Lily Labeau? That ought to do it. So pop in the first movie, kick back and have a good time when you watch Blasted 2!

Blasted 2 Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Zero Tolerance Blasted 2
  • Kortney Kane: With Mick Blue from Four Eyed Fuck Fest… Kortney is in a dark bra and undies with coordinating fishnets. She’s lying on the sofa wearing some hot specs and her dazzling dark hair giving off the love seat. She strokes her body and who can accuse her since she has one of the best bodies in porn! She leaves the tights on and rubs one out. Mick takes out his dick and Kortney gazes into the cam while sucking him. She licks his pole and provides for him a wet penis massage. Mick consumes her out from behind and enters her similarly situated. Kortney likewise gets slammed in spoon, doggie and missionary. Mick cums everywhere all over and glasses and Kortney cleans him off.
  • Andy San Dimas: With Tommy Pistol from Stripper Diaries 2… Andy is in a blue swimsuit giving Tommy a lap dance. Andy hauls out his cockerel and stiflers herself on his meat. He fucks her face and she sucks his balls. Andy fingers her pussy and Tommy goes in for a crate lunch. She gets boned in mish, opposite and doggie. He cums everywhere all over and tongue and Andy cleans him off before gulping it.
  • Sienna West: With Mr. Pete from Golden Globes: Big Titty MILF’s 3… Sienna is teasing with her hair kicked back and dark. She looks great, made even more so by the undergarments she’s wearing. She takes off her bra and begins playing with her tits including some great juggling. LOL. Mr. Pete drops by and begins playing with Sienna including getting her out of her underwear. Sienna takes out his cock and begins delicately before bringing his prick down her throat. Pete titty fucks her before penetrating Sienna in the ass, spoon, cowgirl. Pete blows his wad everywhere all over and Sienna cleans him off with her mouth.
  • Aletta Ocean: With Csoky from Shot Glasses 4… Aletta teases us in purple underwear and shows off her superbly etched ass. She loses the bra and plays with her upgraded midsection. Csoky comes into the room and sucks on her jolt ons. Aletta drops down to provide for him head and pops the cock all through her mouth. She begins to cock gag herself on him and works out a few stringers. She gets penetrated in doggie, spoon, missionary, cowgirl and more. Csoky spills his heap everywhere all over and glasses.
  • Victoria White: With Michael Stefano from 18 and Vibrating… Victoria is working out with a bit white top and white goods shorts. She gets settled and begins working out topless before a few toys come into the picture and she gets herself off along these lines. Michael Stefano is over the room hitting the weights and Victoria meanders over and begins sucking his cock. Mike stops the preparation and fucks her in doggie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and missionary before he covers her in cum.
  • Kristina Rose: With Marco Banderas from Ass Cleavage 11… The current title holder as the best ass in the business, Kristina is wearing a bit white top and pink shorts and is gradually shaking her butt. She knows how to utilize her resources for her playing point and she has her popular pouty look working too. Her can applaud is not to be missed likewise and she does it a ton in this tease! She gets bare and joins Marco in the front room. She creeps over to him and permits Marco to cover his head in her ass. He unleashes his cock and Kristina begins providing for him head. She realizes what motion picture she’s in light of the fact that she begins shaking her can as she’s pleasuring him. She gags on his dick and gets it the whole thing down her throat. Marco fucks her in doggie and cowgirl before he taps that ass in converse cowgirl, spoon, opposite spoon and doggie with some choking A2M by Kristina. She asks for his sperm and he drops it in her mouth. She scoops some of it off her face for a decent treat.
  • Andi Anderson: With John Strong and Jerry from Model House… John Strong approaches the model house searching for Andi. Appears she should be on his set an hour back. He seeks the house and discovers her sucking Jerry’s prick. She overlooked her commitment! John inquires as to whether he can simply bounce in and he can film it. John begins in on doggie while Andi is deep throating Jerry and afterward she begins blowing John while Jerry takes her in doggie. Andi gets in all different positions, all with a cock in her pussy and her mouth. Both men then cum in her mouth, however John says they require more loads. Some dark gentleman arrives and drops a load, then (probably) Nate and Andi swallows it all.
  • Sara Sloane: With Michael Stefano from Shot Glasses 3… Sara, with her long, streaming blonde locks, resembles a regular in her dark glasses. She’s likewise wearing a yellow bra and undies with coordinating strap sash and dark tights. Extremely pleasant! She plays with her pussy and licks herself in a mirror to get the swarm, or possibly Michael, worked up. She meets expectations some way or another over to him and he’s now stroking his dick. She sits all over and assumes control over the hand move on his unit. She gets serious and profound throats his cock, all the way to his balls… extremely noteworthy! Mike fucks her throat and holds her head the distance down. Sara clearly loves it. She gets fucked in opposite cowgirl, missionary, cowgirl, standing doggie and spoon. Michael sprinkles his sperm everywhere on her specs and Sara scoops a tad bit of the prize into her mouth.
  • Courtney Cummz: With Mick Blue from War On A Rack… Courtney shows off her new titties in a yellow and white swimming outfit. She oils herself up and makes a point to hotshot her butt. She gets a pink toy and fucks her butt with it. She gets Mick’s cock and begins deep throating it. She chokes herself on his weapon and her face gets covered in saliva. She titty fucks him before riding him in cowgirl. She likewise gets fucked in missionary before Mick tests her rear end in doggie, spoon and opposite cowgirl. Mick strokes off on her open mouth with some clean-up by Courtney.
  • Madelyn Marie: With James Deen from Strip Tease Then Fuck 12… Madelyn is a flawless brunette wearing very nearly a school young lady’s outfit. Red creased skirt with coordinating top and red thong undies. She has truly a body on her and loves flaunting her round ass. The way she takes her bra strap and jerks her areola is just about entrancing. I could have viewed that for 60 minutes. She spots James viewing her and slithers over to him to discharge his dick and get a speedy taste. He pulls her to the overnight boardinghouse her pussy while Madelyn is blowing him. He fucks her in mish, doggie, spoon, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and converse spoon before he jacks off all over.
  • Gracie Glam: With Christian XXX from Shot Glasses 3… Gracie strolls into perspective wearing some blue-green underwear with a genuine look all over. She does a whirl and I cherish her thong! She has an extraordinary body and influences her hips to the music. She gets exposed and goes over to Christian XXX. They make out before Gracie liberates his cock from its restrictions. She spits on it and works up a decent beat on it. She is soon profound throating the creature and returning for additional. She gets bored in cowgirl, side seat, spoon, doggie, mish and reverse cowgirl. Pleasant PTM profound throating from Gracie in this one! Christian plants a few ropes over her temple and glasses and Gracie shows off the configuration for the cam before licking the cum off the edge.
  • Rihanna Samuels: With Leny Ewil from Four Eyed Fuck Fest… Brunette Rihanna is moving around in dark undergarments. She gradually gets exposed and looks gigantic in her hot specs. She rubs one out and after that Leny assumes control over the controls. She provides for him head and muffles herself on the dick. She gets consumed out from behind and blasted similarly situated. Leny likewise fucks her in mish, spoon, converse and cowgirl. She takes a heap everywhere all over and cleans him off.
  • Blue Angel: With Erik Everhard from Up Skirts 2… Miles Long is conversing with Erik in the stairwell about the bizarre happenings in LA when Hungarian excellence Blue Angel intrudes on them. She’s wearing a frilly top with a short, short skirt and Erik welcomes her to his condo. She has an incredible ass and Erik looks at it completely. He begins making out with her and soon has his face covered in her can. Blue Angel begins sucking his dick and gets the majority of it in her mouth while keeping up eye contact. He fucks her in a standing mish before pulling her to the love seat for cowgirl, doggie style, mish and reverse cowgirl. He showers his heap everywhere all over and Blue Angel does some decent clean-up.
  • Lily Labeau: With Ian Scott from Shot Glasses 4… The first thing we see of Lily are her stockinged feet. She struts into the room in a dark bra and a couple of undies and shows off the merchandise. She looks extraordinary in her glasses! She strokes her body and spreads her legs, then loses the bra. She rubs her pussy then Ian goes along with her and presents her his dick. Lily overwhelms him and works out a few stringers. She does some ball sucking and gets consumed out from behind. Ian bones her in doggie, opposite, cowgirl and mish. Lily takes his heap everywhere on her specs and cleans him off.

About the Movie:

This was a decent movie covering very nearly 6 hours of grown-up viewing. On the off chance that you like young ladies who gain their prizes by taking an expansive facial, you’re going to like this film Blasted 2 From Zero Tolerance. There are some hot stars in this one and you’re certain to discover something that gets you off.

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Evil Angel Multi-Racial DVDs

Evil Angel Porn Stars Photo

These Evil Angel Movies just keep getting better and better. In full HD – no worries about viruses or Trojans getting into your PC – watch without anyone ever knowing you are a lover of the best porn available in the market from Xvideo Australia. Xvideo is Australia’s premier supplier of Evil Angel Adult DVDs with the newest and best releases each and every week. Check out this week naughty porn videos –

Brown Sugar Fuck Dolls

Director Jonni Darkko presents the other side of interracial action! In “Brown Sugar Fuck Dolls,” stunningly lovely and glamorous ebony divas tease and taunt the camera, then enjoy passionate poundings courtesy of Markus Dupree’s huge, white cock. Dressed in a neon fishnet ensemble that shows off her big, natural tits, adorable young Anya Ivy rides the Caucasian stud and worships Markus’ meat until he showers her gorgeous face with cum. Brown sugar goddess Yasmine de Leon spreads oil all over her massive butt cheeks until they glisten; she receives a ruthless ass reaming and takes his throbbing meat down her throat. Havana Ginger models a pink fishnet bodysuit that reveals her huge, round knockers and phat booty. After a ferocious session of sodomy, Havana enjoys a hot mouthful of jizz. Caramel-colored temptress Teanna Trump gives Markus a sloppy blow job until she’s covered in her own slobber; she takes a pussy pounding that leaves her whimpering in pleasure.

Starring Anya Ivy, Yasmine de Leon, Havana Ginger, Teanna Trump, Markus Dupree

Brown Sugar Fuck Dolls Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Brown Sugar Fuck Dolls

Black Snake Oil

Pornographer Aiden Starr’s “Black Snake Oil” combines her passions for interracial sex, anal lewdness and greasy, full-body lubrication. The director’s pervy sass enlivens gonzo scenes starring girls that crave backdoor satisfaction whether or not a camera is running. Smiling, natural-bodied brunette Sarah Shevon begs black stud Mickey Mod to ream her rectum, which belches lube and gapes to show pink flowering intestinal innards. She tastes “my favorite kind of juice” in an ass-to-mouth suck job and eats the jism Mickey pumps up her nose!

Big-assed, naked blonde Layla Price kneels, wolfing down Mickey’s big black cock as he greases her rump. She deep-throats, gagging, slobbering; her queefing pussy creams his dark dick as her fleshy butt cheeks flap, and she winks her fucked bunghole. Compliments make adorable Dahlia Sky blush, but getting fucked in the ass on camera doesn’t! The dirty blonde’s tight twat lips grip Mickey’s prick; sidesaddle sodomy makes her gasp and diddle her clit. Tattooed tart Gabriella Paltrova swaps gooey spit strands with Mickey, who spread-eagles, chokes and rectally porks the delirious slut. Her butthole farts out the grease it’s “swallowed,” and Gabi blows thick cum bubbles.

Featuring: Sarah Shevon, Layla Price, Dahlia Sky, Gabriella Paltrova, Mickey Mod

Black Snake Oil Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Black Snake Oil

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