Advantages of Using Adult Sex Toys

An important part of the life of most adults is having sex. This is an activity done most of the time with other adults usually of the opposite gender but various forms of sex are available and everyone has their choice when it comes to this.

A common way adults enjoy sex that has grown in popularity in recent years is the use of adult sex toys. These are devices or objects that are designed and used in facilitating sexual pleasure. They are usually designed in a way that resembles natural human sex organs and may be vibrating or non-vibrating. They may also refer to apparatuses used in BDSM or furniture for sexual intercourse such as a spanking bench. Other examples include dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, strap-ons, swings, anal beads, pleasure sleeves, etc.

You can see many other examples here.

Many people use adult sex toys for several reasons. Depending on your choice and the device, you may choose to use it with your partner or by yourself. If you are wondering why you need to use one when you could have intercourse with a real human, below are great reasons to do so.

Reasons Why You Should Use Sex Toys

When You are Alone

For some reason, you might find yourself alone and may not be able to find a sexual partner may be due to some constraints or you are either shy or not in any relationship. It may be that you are taking a break from your relationship or your partner has gone on a trip and is not around and you do not want to cheat on them. This should not stop you from enjoying yourself as sex toys help you achieve satisfaction even without a human present.

They Take Pressure of You and Your Partner

Women need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. While this can be done without the use of these toys, they can serve as an option. No matter how much your partner tries, sometimes getting an orgasm is hard and this can leave you with a feeling of dissatisfaction which may lead you to being bitter and frustrated with your partner. These objects are designed to get you stimulated and will always result in you reaching orgasm. This will take the pressure off you and your partner and ensure that both of you are satisfied without too much stress.

It will Help You and Your Partner Bond Better

You may be having problems in your relationship which might be a result of your sex life. Maybe you are not enjoying it but you like each other enough not to let go of the relationship. Adult toys can help bridge this gap. You can both decide which one will be a good fit for you and this will help improve your sex life which will in turn strengthen your bond and relationship.

You Get Multiple Organisms

Humans get tired and can only last for so long. This is not so for machines. They never get weary and as long as you are up for it, you can get as many orgasms as many times and any time you want it. You will not naturally achieve this with a human but sex toys are guaranteed to keep you sexually satisfied always.

They Hit the Right Spots

One reason these devices are so good is that they are designed to hit specific points of pleasure. They help to stimulate the mind and body at the same time which may be hard to do by yourself.

They are Fun

Although these devices are meant to stimulate and give a feeling of sexual intercourse, they can be used in different ways to have fun with your partner. They are useful during foreplay or while having intercourse with your partners. They can give you this tingly feeling that sends awesome sensations all through your body making them fun to use.

If you want to get some, you can find a number of top quality sex toys here: as well as instructions on how to use them to achieve more pleasure.


It is recommended and advisable to discuss with your partner when you intend or decide to use adult toys when having intercourse with them. This is because not everyone is comfortable using them. You may need to explain the advantages of using them to your partner before introducing it. Also, keep in mind that these devices are not only for a particular gender. Everyone can use them.

Top Adult Toys for Men In 2019

Okay. Let’s be real here. We all have our own secret little kinks that we like to fiddle around with sometimes. It’s something adults naturally do to “decompress” or “release” all the negative energy. Men, especially, are fond of these decompressing activities. Even if they aren’t, they are still likely to be associated with such things. After all, the world has this biased view of men when it comes to matters of the flesh – I’m not placing judgements though.

Anyway, it’s totally fine to let off some steam every once in a while. We live in such a hectic world and it seems that we’re always rushing all over the place. It feels good to have some time for yourself; to sit back, relax, and maybe service yourself a little bit. It doesn’t take too much to make a man happy. In fact, even he can make himself completely happy – with the help of some lotion, of course!

Anyway, let’s drop the formalities and talk about real stuff today. I know that you’re getting really hot for adult play and I won’t keep you for too long. Today, I have some really interesting toys to introduce you to (that is, if you haven’t met them already). But first, let’s get some beginner stuff out of the way. Before we get to the main entrée, first we have to spike up the appetite right? 

Men & Masturbation

Now, here’s a stupid question:

Is it normal for men to masturbate?

My friend, asking this question is like asking whether we breathe air with our lungs. Yes, it is so normal for men to masturbate that meeting a guy who has never tried to jerk off even once in his life is considered abnormal. This goes for women and married men as well (read more). Humans as we are, we are sexual creatures. And as we grow older, these sensual needs become more apparent and demanding. It usually hits off during the puberty years.

Like it or not, your attraction to the opposite sex (or same sex, for that matter) is something that naturally grows as you mature. When your body reaches a certain age, it begins to produce more sex hormones and having these blood-pumping, heart-pounding, and hand-sweating hormones in your system can drive you nuts. This is why you are compelled to look for an outlet to release all this pent up energy. But when you’re young, you can’t just call someone up on Tinder and satisfy your sexual urges soon after – you live in your parents’ house for Pete’s sake! So the best thing you can do is to be creative.

This is where masturbation starts. This is when you begin to experiment.

Through years of learning how to sexually satisfy themselves, men become better at it. If lucky, they also start dating real women which then gives them the opportunity to try out the real thing. Of course, it feels ecstatic. I mean, if you recall your first-ever sexual experience, you must remember feeling very elated right? However, things turn for the worse when you suddenly break up with your first girl. Months after separation, you will feel your manly urges spike up again and this time, it seems like your lone hand isn’t enough to calm its relentless thirst.

So, what do men do at this point? Actually, what would you do?

Well, for one, I know a lot of people who get into hook-up sites to meet random women who are just as sex-starved as they are. I personally oppose the idea of engaging in such things. First of all, it’s dangerous. These are hook-up websites we are talking about. This means that people who linger around these websites have probably slept with more people than you can count and I don’t think it’s a good idea to put yourself up on their list – especially with the skyrocketing STD cases we reportedly have nowadays. Check this article out if you want to know more:

Anyway, if you want to experience good fun without having to sacrifice your health, I have a better idea:

Just get into adult play.

What Is Adult Play?

Adult play is the answer to your sex-deprivation problems. I know that some nights can be unbearably lonely but that doesn’t mean you have to gamble your health out there just for cheap sex. You can find pleasure in other things. In this case, you can find them in sex toys.

If it isn’t obvious enough, sex toys are devices or apparatuses specifically designed to illicit sexual pleasure and arousal. They can be used by a single person, a couple, or for those who like it extreme, these would be pretty exciting orgy toys as well. Anyway, I have a few toys at the top of my list today that I want to share with all my bros out there. Trust me; these things are sweeter than a jar of honey! 


This toy is a classic. How would you like to jerk off to something that actually looks like a vagina? Or, how would you like to have anal sex without having to ask participation from a random stranger? Well, with fleshlights, all of your wet dreams can come true. This toy closely resembles an actual flashlight (thus the name play) but instead of a bulb, it has a vagina or an anus for its head. Some toys look so surreal and go so deep, you’ll forget it’s made of plastic! If you want to check out more, you should see the Top 10 best rated male sex toys in 2019!   

Sex Dolls

Haven’t you ever dreamed of banging Marilyn Monroe? Well, maybe you can. That is, if you buy a sex doll that looks exactly like her! Sex dolls are (usually) life-size dolls that have elaborate lady parts that you can definitely mess around with in your own time. Instead of picking up some random girl, why not order one from the net? Best part is that they won’t ever leave you! 

Hands-free Masturbators

Masturbating feels good alright but it’s also terribly exhausting – especially on the wrist. What if I told you there was a toy that can let you jerk off hands-free? Exciting, isn’t it? With today’s technology, it is very much possible. Why don’t you check out some models yourself?

I’m Guilty Of Using Sex Toys – Am I In Trouble?

Being in a long term relationship is nice. In fact, it is the dream of many. As the internet says, it would be the ultimate #couplegoals. You will always have someone to eat with, sleep with, travel with, and ultimately, you’ll always have someone to call “your home.” Instead of bringing on wine or vodka after a long day of work, you’re excited to run by the grocery and buy ingredients for dinner. Instead of partying during weekends, you’d rather stay in and have a cuddle session while watching Netflix, complete with a bag of chips and a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s. Being in a long term relationship is heavenly. It’s as if you’ve finally found someone to spend your happy days with.

But, why in the world do couples breakup? Why in the world do some people still cheat?

For one, there could already be existing problems in the relationship. It could be a conflict on perspective or maybe there are certain things (that are individually important) the couple just can’t seem to agree on. These factors may lead to a potential breakup but never should it lead to infidelity. That’s an entirely different story. One other factor that couples commonly mention when asked about their breakup is the “loss of passion.” Sparks don’t just fly anymore. You have been so used to always being together and everything you do feels redundant. It has become an everyday routine.

Then again, how do you think your grandparents’ made it to seventy years of marriage? Or even eighty? You see, relationships work because couples make it work. It’s a choice to stay together. It’s not something you feel with someone; it’s a decision you make with someone. There will be fights. There will be times when things look dreary but it is holding on and making things work that will test how deep your love is for that person. And you know, even if fiery passions start to cool down, there is still something you can do.

You can try experimenting. You can try out new kinks to try and break the routine. If you don’t know how this works yet, then you can learn more about it here: Adults have toys too, if you know what I mean. They’re meant to add a little sizzle into your sex life; try to make things more “interesting” again. You may be worried about people judging you if they find out. Do not mind them. For all you know, they’re only jealous that you have someone to use those toys with (or on, lol). You can start with simple little trinkets – you don’t really have to go full-blown BDSM. If that’s not your thing, then don’t force it. You can go for the less extreme ones; the humble toys for beginners. You shouldn’t feel guilty about using them too because I tell you, millions of others are using them as we speak (but don’t picture it, okay?)

Sometimes, all it takes to make a relationship work is to put a little effort in. It’s very flattering to know that your partner is doing something to keep the love alive and burning. If it doesn’t work out, then hey, charge it all to experience. At least somehow, you’ve rebooted your relationship and you can laugh about your funny “sexcapades” later on. If it works for both of you, then it’s a good thing. You now found something you can both enjoy in each other’s company.

Don’t let the love die that easily. Just like burning coal, the sparks will slowly fade and the only way to light it up again is to add more coal. If you keep choosing each other and won’t settle for any other, that’s when love grows.

Women, buy yourself new lingerie; surprise your man. Show them that you still have more things going for you than what they’re already used to. Men, bring a nice gift for the lady. Roses and chocolates are nice. But how about something you can both enjoy? Go home and go wild. Shower each other with blazing passion and deep love. If you can’t make one relationship work, you won’t be able to make several others work either. It’s just going to be an endless cycle of heartaches and heartbreaks.

Choose each other everyday. 

Buying an Automatic Male Masturbator

“Try beforeyou buy” is not really something you want to see on a website that you are buying hands free masturbating devices from! Sloppy seconds is simply not a selling point, not when you don’t know who could have gone there before you. However, you also don’t want to have to buy every device on the market just to find the option that feels best on your dick, providing the most satisfying orgasm.

Just as the manufacturers of automatic male masturbator devices saw a need and worked to create products that fulfilled that need, so some clever people realized that there was a need to be able to get unbiased information about the range of devices on the market without actually having to try each one yourself and created review sites like this website that can give you an overview of what to look for, what to avoid and what the best blow-job machine provides the best bang for your buck.

What To Look For
The whole point of investing in a pleasure device isn’tjust so that you have hands free to eat Cheetos without getting an orange dick, it’s to give you an amazing sensation that feels like a pussy or mouth. You don’t want something that feels like you’ve put your dick in a plastic tube. So, the first thing to look for are reviews that talk about the sensation. Some things that you want to know before putting your credit card into the shopping cart might be:

  • What is the device made of?
  • Is the sensation realistic?
  • Does it accommodate small dicks?
  • Does it accommodate large dicks?
  • Does it rub against your balls in a way that’s pleasant or does it irritate?
  • Is it battery operated, mains power or rechargeable (USB)?

The majority of blow-job machines have a silicone inner that is soft and smooth against your dick, adding lube for a juicy pussy feeling or cream for increased sensation Just as no two penises are the same, a one size fits all machine isn’t going to work for the majority of people.

Is It Adaptable?

We’ve all had hand jobs where they squeezed just a bit too hard, too slow, too soft or too fast – or worse caught your poor Willy with a sharp nail. How programmable is your device? Can you change the speed as you go – particularly for a device that is simulating a blow job, the right amount of suction really help. What about tongue action, is there any? Or does the inner roll in waves and ripples? Or have you found a model that has the occasional sensation of gentle teeth (this would be where you REALLY want to make sure that the device is size adjustable).

Look for ablow-job machine that makes it easy for you to make adjustments quickly, hopefully with just a slide of a dial rather than having to open an app. You want to ensure that you’re not forced into having a substandard orgasm just because you couldn’t get your fake pussy to fuck you a little faster.

Of course, sometimes the fun is from leaving your dick someone else’s hands (or mouth or pussy), so a completely hands-free option where you just take what you’re given until you’ve been fucked senseless might also be just the ticket. Either way, you want to know what you’re getting. Yes – there are devices that you use fully automated and devices which are completely manual and devices that are the best of both worlds. Read a few reviews and work out which ones have the best features for you.

Going Solo or Group Play

Some devices are really only good if you are intending to use it on yourself, by yourself. Whereas other devices are designed to allow others to be in control, which opens up a whole range of fun games that can be played. But if you are after one or the other check that this is an option.

If you’re going for a solo option you might also want to look at the size of the device – some are pretty large, others are more sheath like and can be carried, and used, discreetly.

The Internet Of Things

Another thing to ask is if your device is internet capable. You may think this a strange thing to be on the look-out for, but sex simulators can be connected to databases that will give you an amazing array of stimulating simulated experiences. If you have a favorite porn star they may have created a virtual environment that can be connected to your masturbating machine. Yes, you really can put on virtual reality glasses, put your dick in a sex-machine, and be transported to a world where your sexual fantasy’s will all come true. Have a good toy cleaner handy, and maybe some water.


Most articles and reviews about sex dolls are written for a straight male audience because they tend to be the primary buyers and users of sex dolls. While they are the most common market, this doesn’t mean these are the only people who buy sex dolls. Gay men buy and can benefit from these dolls both in terms of pleasure and making peace with their lives. 

It’s true that coming out and being yourself is easier in today’s society, but it’s still very hard for many men. This is especially true for older men with more traditional values or those who have wives but aren’t happy living a lie. We will discuss here how gay men can benefit from sex dolls. 

Difficulties With Coming Out 

While society as a whole is becoming more relaxed about the idea of homosexuality, it’s still a scary time for men to come out as gay. Perhaps, the first fear is whether that knowledge will change things within their social group. Friends might treat you differently after coming out. Some of them might even reject you. Even work can become difficult. While homosexuality is protected under the law, that doesn’t mean all your coworkers have to be nice. 

Then there’s the fear of how your family will react. Many families are fine with the idea, but some truly do reject those who come out of the closet. The fear of this rejection is so painful that some don’t even broach the subject. 

Coming out as bisexual can be just as difficult. In some ways, it’s even harder. Gay men can usually find support, but many bisexual men feel that they are split between homosexual and heterosexual values and viewpoints, rarely fitting either. 

Gay Loneliness

Homosexuality has rocketed to legal acceptance faster than nearly any other group. From being barely recognized to becoming a protected trait and even having the right to marry, homosexuality has made amazing strides in many ways. Now, this has led many to believe that things are perfect on the rainbow side, but they aren’t. 

Despite these victories, gay men still face the harrowing reality of hatred and loneliness. Gay men, unfortunately, are more likely to use hard drugs, suffer from depression and anxiety, and worst of all, commit suicide at a much higher rate than their heterosexual brethren.

Not only are many gay men starved of healthy and consistent contact with other gay men, but they usually have fewer friends and a less cohesive family unit than heterosexual men and even lesbians. Homophobia might be a real fear, but all these factors lead to the real killer: high rates of suicide. 

This article is not an attempt to cast a dark shadow on being gay, but rather an open look at how many of these men live and the realities of their situation. Being gay is not the problem, but it seems that many of these men have a harder time living a fulfilling life. 

Gay Husbands and Straight Wives 

Many gay men go through life and simply do what’s expected of them. They marry, have kids and try to live straight lives. It isn’t until later that this heterosexual charade becomes too overwhelming and they can no longer live pretending to be something that they’re not. Many people demonize these men and say that they should have come out earlier,and now they are hurting their wives and children. But one should take a step back before pointing the finger. 

For a long time, and even today, heterosexual norms are the only ones taught to children. Boys are taught that the only pathway to happiness and fulfillment is getting married to a woman and the only true way to love is by being with a woman. This comes from friends, school, family, media and many other angles.

This can lead to boys being confused about their sexuality. They know that they are attracted to males butare taught that these feelings are either deviant or bad. Many even think it’s only sexual and that it’s a “fetish” they can ignore. Others simply can’t face the reality of coming out as gay and will go through life and follow all the steps to societal happiness. 

For these men, they will wake up in a world where they have a wife, kids,and their whole life is built on a straight personality that is suffocating them. In some of these marriages, men will tell their wives before the marriage or at some point afterward. They may continue to live as straight and feel that they can get through it, but others get a divorce and try to reform their lives in a more truthful manner. 

Men who find themselves in this situation rarely hate their wives and children. In fact, they often love their family and that’s why it’s so hard to live truthfully. It’s just that they don’t love their wives in the same way they would love a boyfriend or husband. 

How Gay Men can Benefit from Sex Dolls 

How could a sex doll possibly help gay men? There are several benefits that you could reap from a gay sex doll based on your preferences and needs. Perhaps the most salient situation is a man who isn’t out of the closet yet. Friends and family still regard the man as straight and they might be too scared to be with a real man for fear of being seen. 

In this case, the man can explore his sexuality and satisfy his physical needs without worrying about people finding out. This gives him a chance to see what he likes and to have fun without changing his life significantly. 

Gay sex dolls can also be beneficial for men who are married and are either thinking of coming out or have recently come out of the closet. Many of these men know that they are attracted to other men but have no experience in that realm. They don’t know what they like, what feels good, whether they are a top, bottom and so on. All they know are their feelings and that they are attracted to men. 

There are also many gay men who live openly gay who could benefit from gay sex dolls. The reality is that gay men face many of the same relationship problems as straight couples. This includes loneliness, sometimes failing to connect to potential partners or being hurt by past partners. In this case, just like with straight sex dolls, these dolls can be beneficial. You can satisfy your needs while forming a connection with your doll. It’s therapeutic and feels good. 

Whether you’re open, unsure or just looking for some male comfort, gay sex dolls are highly beneficial. They help satisfy your physical needs while also giving you a partner that you can form a relationship with. Many people emotionally connect with their dolls and their highly realistic nature ensures they feel just as good as being with a real person. 

Lovedolls Review talks about many of the Internet’s best sex dolls and is your one-stop source for reviews, articles and resources regarding sex dolls. If you’re even a little curious, stop in and you’ll discover why so many people are turning towards dolls to fulfill their needs.