The Resurgence of the Porn DVD

While many say that the internet is all about porn, the most reasonable estimate is that about 10% of all sites are porn. That’s still a lot. In a month, more unique visitors spread across every porn site makes for more visits than Twitter, Amazon and Netflix combined. Or a little over half the number of hits on YouTube.


So with this proliferation of online porn, easily found for free, and easy to search for something specific, be it a porn star or a particular kink or mood, then why are porn movies still being released on DVD, BluRay and 4K?

Well, for a bunch of reasons actually. For starters, that with internet porn, there’s the fact that you can be limited to the size of your computer (or phone) screen, or your internet bandwidth, or you’re sick of all those pop-up ads about ‘1 weird trick to make your penis grow’ or other such crap.

But besides watching a porn in full HD on your huge TV with your bottle of lube and your Fleshlight (or vibrator), the biggest advantage to watching porn on a DVD comes down to time.

Seriously, think back to how much time you’ve spent endlessly scouring through porn clips online, desperately searching for that ‘perfect video’ that you’re going to finish to. Some clip that you’ll start watching, then skip forward to the middle for a bit, before jumping ahead to the last minute or so for the ‘resolution’.

With a DVD, you just get to insert the disc, sit back, and let the show play out. Of course you can still jump through the scenes if you so want, but at the end of the day, you’re not wasting all your time searching for that one great clip. You’ve got a movie full of great clips. Crisp HD, on DVD or Blu-Ray, and now even emerging in 4k. Beat that, shitty low-res internet porn!

And when you go online or instore like at the adult lifestyle sex toy stores to buy your DVDs, you’ll find a lot of familiar names of production companies that you’ve already discovered online, as well as the classics. Naughty America, Barely Legal, Digital Playground, Abby Winters, Evil Angel, Hustler, Penthouse, Mofos and so many more.

But what does a brand matter? Take Evil Angel for example. They are home to the most popular pornstars in their most extreme and hardcore porn scenes to date, with almost 30 years of rough sex videos and hardcore anal porn like you’ve never seen before. Abby Winters on the other hand, offers videos of real, girl-next-door types, typically in solo or lesbian scenes, but more recently in hetero porn videos where the girls sleep with their real-life boyfriends on film. These two companies are almost polar opposites to each other, but you’ll find the same type of content within each brand, once you’ve found the one you like.

Oftentimes, once you find a brand you love (hello Dane Jones), it makes looking for your next DVd even easier. You know the style, the content, the quality, now all you gotta decide on is which hot scenario or stars are you going to clamour to next.

You can start to build a collection even, of your favourite brands, or the various series many of them release: Aziani’s Aziani Iron, Evil Angel’s Raw, Naughty America’s My Friend’s Hot Girl, Girlfriend Films’ Women Seeking Women or Kink’s Sex and Submission. So many choices!

If having a collection isn’t quite your thing, you’ll find a lot of adult shops that exchange DVDs, provided they’re not old and in good condition. This is a great way to renew and refresh a handful of DVDs, keeping the number small enough to hide (if need be) or take away for a dirty weekend (when you just know there won’t be internet reception in that cozy log cabin).

Among all the classic porn genres out there, an all new genre has recently come into the spotlight: Feminist porn. What is feminist porn? Well according to Tristan Taormino, sex educator and feminist pornographer in this Cosmo interview:

“Feminist porn is ethically produced porn, which means that performers are paid a fair wage and they are treated with care and respect; their consent, safety, and well-being are critical, and what they bring to the production is valued. Feminist porn explores ideas about desire, beauty, pleasure, and power through alternative representations, aesthetics, and filmmaking styles. Feminist porn seeks to empower the performers who make it and the people who watch it.”

Girlfriend Films and Filly Films have been making feminist pornography for some time now, and the Vivid Educational series is also a great showcase of feminist porn, obviously as they are made by aforementioned autuer Tristan Taormino.

So whatever it is you like in your porn, be it romantic, hardcore, fetish, lesbian, gay, feminist or any of the 100s of specific categories, know that there is a range of porm DVDs out there for you to enjoy, time and time again, on your big TV, in glorious high Definition.

Juli Ashton Erotic Seduction SEx Tips!

Juli Ashton explores proven techniques of seduction with informative and highly arousing demonstrations by sexy real life couples. Six sexually explicit scenes illustrate the creativity and excitement that leads from erotic seduction to new sexual heights. Juli teaches and shows how to strip for your lover. Discover new ideas from Juli Ashton’s Erotic Seduction for spontaneous sex both indoors and outdoors as well as new ways to seduce and be seduced.

Tempting and Teasing For Great Sex.

You’ll discover new ideas for spontaneous sex both indoors and outdoors, as well as new ways to seduce and be seduced.

*Lingerie shopping turns erotic
*Surprise seductions
*Food and sex
*Spontaneous sex outdoors
*Learn to strip with Juli

90 minutes of very explicit material hosted by Juli Ashton with Dr. Patti Britton. Learn from the experts..

Juli Ashton has the reputation of being a nice girl in a not-always-so-nice business. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Spanish and History, working as a nightclub waitress to put herself through college. She taught Spanish in a junior high school for a year, but her striking looks and spectacular figure weren’t meant to be cooped up in a classroom, and in 1990 she began appearing in adult films. She has also had smaller roles in “mainstream” films, most notably in the Trey Parker/Matt Stone comedy Orgazmo (1997), in which she played Steffi. In addition to her film work, she has appeared as a model in many magazines and toured as an exotic dancer. Despite the pressures of the business she has been in, she still manages to radiate a girl-next-door personality (she has, with some justification, been compared personality-wise to actress Lisa Kudrow), and is an avid camper and a devotee of Mexican cuisine. Currently she is involved with a management group called Risqué Business.

A Pioneer Sexologist with a Passion

With over 35 years of experience and pedigreed credentials as a Clinical Sexologist and Sexuality Educator, Dr. Patti Britton has built a reputation as a pioneer of sex coaching. Her methodologies for helping individuals and couples achieve their desired sexual potential are well known among professionals in her industry. As co-founder of SexCoachU, she has trained hundreds of sex coaches throughout the world, spreading her groundbreaking approach to sexual healing. Dr. Patti’s work has been featured on national TV programs, such as The Montel ShowHard CopyCNBC, and CBS News. She raised the bar in her field when she published the first book on Sex Coaching, entitled ‘The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice’.

While her methods and unique approach have developed into training other sex coaches, Dr. Patti’s true passion lies in working with individuals and couples to achieve their sexual goals. Whether it’s a desire to heal sexual dysfunction, overcome shame, or deepen an intimate connection, Dr. Patti is at right at home with finding the solution.

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The King OF Rock N’ Roll Porn Parody!

The King of Rock N’ Roll may be dead but he would be rolling in his grave with joy with the Elvis Porn Parody. Priscilla will remember what she was missing when watching ‘the devil in disguise’ going hell for leather in this XXX .

Read this Elvis porn parody review –

Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody is another downright brilliant parody from Axel Braun. I’m amazed at the care that Axel Braun put into this movie, and it’s all top notch. The documentary style with interviews featuring people around The King are very well done and nicely amusing. The music, which is all sexual parodies of Elvis songs, is fantastic, and plays well to both Elvis as well as porn. J. Jay is good as young Elvis, especially for being as fresh as he is to the industry, but Dale DaBone completely owns the role as old Elvis. Not only does he have the mannerisms and speech down pat, but he’s hilarious playing him up. The supporting roles are also extremely well done, with Alec Knight really standing out to be as Elvis’ driver Billy Boy. As for the sex, that also works extremely well. Lexi Belle is as consistent and cute as ever, and Jessi Palmer does a very nice job with her first on-camera anal. Andy San Dimas turned out a great fuck with J. Jay, and I was really impressed with how well they kept her ink hidden to keep with the styles of the times. I’m not sure how Tyler Knight was able to last as long as he did with Asa and Jessica, and their cumswapping finale really set the scene off right. Finally there’s Codi, who nicely works her way between Dale and Alec to wrap things up. From start to finish Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody shows why it’s easily one of the best parodies ever.

Trailer: Extras –
The behind the scenes featurette lasts a little under a half hour. Jessi starts out talking about her first on-camera anal scene and showing off her great booty before working with James Deen before their scene. She also talks about what’s going on with her and her butt before moving to Dale having some fun in the makeup chair. Jessi returns for a quick talk with Ron Jeremy in the bathroom before Alec and Dale work on their lines back in the makeup chair. There’s also a bit of Dale channeling Elvis walking down the hallway before Andy San Dimas and J. Jay chatting about her AVN nomination and his great timing. They also have a few little fun chatting before Codi chats about the last time she was on set and Dale Elvis gives Jay Elvis a few tips. Lexi chats about the zoo at her place, some of what she has to do in the movie, and why marching band rocks. There’s also a bit of fun with J. Jay, Lexi, and Dale dancing with Dale coming off as a complete class act helping them out. Asa and Jessica talk about their limited Elvis knowledge before Tyler works it as Ali with Dale. This is a very nice featurette. You get plenty of personality from the cast as well as a very nice feeling of how much effort went into making this one work. Dale shows just how much he was into this role, as well as the overall movie, and really solidified my thoughts on him earning his AVN award the year it was released.

Running Time: 116 min.

Production Date: 11 / 15, 16, 21 / 2010

Director: Axel Braun

Cast: Andy San Dimas, Asa Akira, Codi Carmichael, Jessi Palmer, Jessica Bangkok, Lexi Belle, Alec Knight, Dale DaBone, J. Jay, James Deen, and Tyler Knight in sexual roles with Amber Cherry, James Bartholet, Lee Garland, Ron Jeremy, and more in non-sex roles

AMK EMPIRE – award winning adult studio

AMK Empire is an award winning studio part of ATKINGDOM that is an entertainment company founded in 1996 for adults. Providing niche content for the purveyor of porn their titles include pregnant girls, hairy women, fat fuckers, anal creampies, MILFs for your pleasure and more. For the past 20 years, ATKingdom and AMKingdom offer high quality content for those that like their sex just a little off centre  They are the leaders in the market and pioneers for POV Amateur, Hairy, Natural, Mature, and other Fetish categories.

See xvideo australia’s amazing range of AMK Empire adult dvds with hundreds of titles available ready to ship. 

Read what a reviewer wrote about the Anal Violation of Bonnie Gray –

This feature, “starring” Bonnie Grey is from AMK Empire/Exile, and features a girl with a mediocre body, dry-damaged bleached hair, small hanging tits and an ok face. — Steve Nelson Reviewer Rated: STOP! Don’t even bother! This one isn’t worth watching!

Anal Violation of Bonnie Grey was submitted to AVN for Best Anal Series. If there weren’t other better movies in this series to submit, then this is a terrible series. This feature, “starring” Bonnie Grey is from AMK Empire/Exile, and features a girl with a mediocre body, dry-damaged bleached hair, small hanging tits and an ok face. At least she has a bit of hair on her pussy, but that appears to be the only attractive thing about her. She’s not very photogenic and the best wood in this movie was her wooden acting.

For scene one there’s a POV suck in a tub, and fuck on bed. She has a pretty pussy but it’s shot with shaky camera all over the place. If they wanted her to look good they should have had someone do her hair and makeup. The camera frequently blurs out, and there’s bad lighting, as the scene progresses to anal with some shots of her tiny, flabby tits. She jacks him and sucks up some squirts and swallows.

Scene two: Her hair looks better here. Not as much blonde frizzed straw like the first scene. She strips out of lingerie after being chastised for wearing no clothes to work and has to put on a show for the boss. It’s a solo scene. It would be easier to masturbate to a bowl of fruit. Fast forward.

In scene three she comes into the room and says she’s “a friend of Sophia – maybe we can have some fun.” Then smokes a cigarette, she talks, he doesn’t. Now her pussy is not trimmed. The hairs are short and all over around her pussy and legs. She should have trimmed that thing up. He fingers her, then she blows him, then she jacks him off on to her foot. I would be pissed at Sophia for sending her over.

Scene four shows her again with the frazzled blonde hair that looks like a bleach job to the point of dry brittle hay. She looks stoned. Her pussy now trimmed, looks a lot better. The camera follows her in where she fills the tub. She has a flap of skin on her taint when she spreads her ass for the camera. You can’t see it very well on the boxcover because her ass looks dirty. She has another cigarette while the tub fills, then takes a bath. Yawn.

Scene five: He wake her with a caress and her hair looks better now than it did in the last scene. It’s now straight and not as fried-looking. She performs a good-morning BJ, a foot jack, and reverse cowgirl. Cowgirl looks ok. Then some POV spoon. Poor lighting here. If this scene didn’t blur out it would have been good in spite of the poor lighting. It was out of focus. Then anal and he cums on her face. Bad camerawork on this.

Unfortunately, an experience with Bonnie Grey may have colored my opinion of this DVD, as much as I’ve tried to be objective. When I saw her on the cover of this DVD I wanted to review it myself to see if she came across as a big of a cunt as she was to me when I drove her to her scenes before I put her on my no-list. 

Bonnie Grey Porn Star

Evil Angel’s Most Beautiful X-Rated Delights

AJ Applegate Porn Actress Photo

In a world where you can have only the latest and greatest adult lifestyle products,  why not choose something which will stimulate the deepest parts of your body. Evil Angel’s newest releases will bring you a world of erotic pleasure with titles like Choked and Soaked 2, The Player, Trans Vison 8, Anal Pros 2 and Young Tight Sluts 4.

Choked and Soaked 2

Fetish fiend Aiden Riley presents submissive, young starlets and dominant studs in a spectacle of squirting pussies, intense sodomy and messy, ass-to-mouth cocksucking: Choked And Soaked 2. Gorgeous, ass-blessed blonde AJ Applegate gushes girl cum into a cup and invites Rico Strong to drink her delicious concoction. AJ ejaculates orgasmic squirts through an aggressive, interracial ass reaming. Veteran fucker Mr. Pete ruthlessly butt-fucks Kat Dior. The exotic, busty babe spouts cunt juice; Pete chokes her and decorates her face in streams of sperm. Raven-haired Veruca James gets caught stealing from John Strong’s warehouse. After exposing her, the sadistic perv blindfolds her and stuffs his stick in her asshole. Amid a savage butt battering, Veruca splashes liquid lust like a geyser, rims man-ass and flaunts her wrecked, gaping sphincter. Filthy cutie Chloe Couture shows hung stud Mark Wood her naked yoga moves. The bright-eyed beauty salivates through hard mouth fucking and takes Mark’s stiff shaft in every hole. A creamy facial semen splattering climaxes their lewd showdown.

Starring:  AJ Applegate, Chloe Couture, John Strong, Kat Dior, Mark Wood, Mr. Pete, Rico,Strong

AJ Applegate Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: AJ Applegate

The Player

Porn powerhouse Nacho Vidal presents The Player, a moody, sexually intense XXX feature starring the super-hung Spanish madman in the title role. Combining cinematic production values (locations, wardrobe and drama) with graphic gonzo sexual performances, this twisted erotica looks prestigious and feels freaky. Needing a new challenge, Nacho contracts top madam Yasmin Scott to assign wicked adventures – he’s game to try anything. In a stylish strip club, Nacho shares a public “girlfriend experience” with stunning Alexa Tomas, as club patrons jack off. Thickly built Soraya Wells fucks a baseball bat; Nacho works her to torrential ejaculations and slurps puddles of girl squirt from the lighted stage floor! In a gay club, leather men watch and masturbate as Nacho fucks cute, tiny Ena Sweet on a sex swing. Latex-clad Silvia Rubi restrains our hero in bondage stocks; he doesn’t know whether to love or hate strap-on pegging. Nacho frees racy Susy Gala from a cage for a cunt-squirting fuck. Madam Yasmin wants to enslave naked, vulnerable Nacho. They share intense lovemaking and bunghole-tonguing rim jobs in 69 position. By the time she squirts girl juice, it’s not clear who is a slave to whom.

Starring: Alexa Tomas, Ena Sweet, Nacho Vidal, Philip Zyos, Silvia Rubi, Soraya Wells, Susy,Gala

Alexa Tomas Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Alexa Tomas

Trans Vison 8

In Trans-Visions 9, director Joey Silvera – the father of TS porn – presents femme American, Brazilian and Thai T-girls in diverse action: Two trans-girls take on studs; two T-darlings play with horny biological girls; two seductive TS beauties reveal secrets in solo sessions. Blonde, black, seductively smiling Kendall Dreams trades deep-throat blow jobs with Latin stud Gabriel. Chanel Santini’s lacy panties can’t conceal her bonus. She fucks genetic female Sophia Grace’s bald twat; Sophia treats Chanel to a deep rim job and a toy up the ass. Muscular TS Nina Lawless’ huge cock leaks pre-cum as she eats Alina Long’s cunt. Nina nails Alina doggie-style and pumps heavy cream. Hugely buxom, radically tattooed Britney Boykins looks super racy with her long, blonde hair and frilly lingerie. She jerks out a load of creamy spunk and confesses the nasty fantasy that inspired it: “A bunch of white, fucked up redneck inbreds running a fucking train on me.” Brazilian TS Tatoo Trans’ dark dick strains to escape her tiny panties and grows massively as she strokes off. Thick cum erupts, flooding her foreskin. Thai T-girl Fany and hung, muscular stud Youlian share tasty 69, pork each other’s asshole and trade cum facials – Fany spunks Youlian’s beard!

Starring: Alina Long, Britney Boykins, Chanel Santini, Fany, Gabriel D’Alessandro, Kendall Dreams, Nina Lawless

Chanel Santini Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Chanel Santini

Anal Pros 2

A legendary porn stud with one of the world’s most impressive cocks, Nacho Vidal has his pick of female companions. In Nacho’s Threesomes, the pornographer grabs more than his share, enjoying passionate, intimate adult lifestyle with absolutely gorgeous Spanish models, two at a time! Busty Susy Gala and her exquisite, furry-bushed girlfriend, Julia Roca, turn a nude photo shoot into a dick-riding, face-sitting three-way. Raven-haired doll Claudia Bavel and pale, pink-haired Lilyan Red, both fishnet-clad beauties, love getting fucked, licking pussy and sucking on the Spanish madman’s giant, throbbing dick. Young model Penelope Cum and curvy vixen Medusa seduce Nacho. Climaxing a ferocious menage-a-trois, he cums in Penelope’s sweet mouth. Two tattooed lesbians – thick, big-booty doll Lulu Pretel and slender, blue-haired stunner Onix Babe – take turns slurping and bouncing on the director’s pole, licking juicy pussy and asshole. Silvia Rubi helps Nacho test the slutty skills of fresh, young cutie Yuno Love in a pussy-pounding three-way.BAM Visions superstud Mick Blue

Starring: Lily Labeau, Mick Blue, Mona Wales, Roxy Raye, Samantha Rone

Mona Wales Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Mona Wales

Young Tight Sluts 4

A one-man adult movie industry, director Mike Adriano is always eager to corrupt fresh-faced girls with his unique array of perversions. In Young Tight Sluts #4, the well-hung fucker welcomes four delightfully horny babes (all with shaved-bald twats) into his home studio playhouse for sloppy blow jobs, worshipful bunghole tonguing and relentless pussy pounding. Adorable, 20-year-old Avery Adair loves bobbing her head on a giant cock, gagging and slobbering. After ramming her gash, Mike lets the minx suck his meat clean. Adorable brunette Jill Kassidy spreads her thighs for a lewd rim job. She enthusiastically salivates all over Mike’s big, hard prick; he stuffs her oiled-up cunt and splatters Jill’s pretty face with cum. Super-friendly, little Lily Adams is petite yet busty posing in ass-revealing Daisy Dukes. She takes Mike’s spit-slathered dick deep inside her juicy slit. Beautiful, young rookie Marina Woods wraps her sweet mouth around the director’s gigantic boner. She rides the thick shaft and licks her sweet juices from his throbbing hard-on.

Starring: Avery Adair, Jill Kassidy, Lily Adams, Marina Woods

Avery Adair Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Avery Adair