Masturbation and its positive impact

masturbation techniques

What is masturbating? You are masturbating if you are rubbing or pressing sexual parts of your body like penis, clitoris or vagina. Many myths are surrounding this exercise. Some people think this is a disastrous thing and so devoid themselves of one of the most exotic feelings in life.

In this article, we will talk about all the positive impact of masturbation. Masturbating or not is your personal choice. However, you should not live with all the myths surrounding it.

Most negative effects of masturbation are related to how we feel about yourself after the process. It does not have much negative impact on your body. And all these negative feelings are generated by society.

So now that you know what does masturbating mean, it’s time to jump-start the positive impacts of masturbation.

1. Good for your brain

Masturbating and other sexual plays releases chemicals in your brain that makes you feel happy and delighted. These chemicals are related to the pleasure-reward centre of the brain. Some of the chemicals released during this process are:

  • Dopamine: This is a very important chemical. The most important work of this chemical is that it makes you feel good and the need to want more.
  • Oxytocin: This chemical improves sexual health and your sex life. It has many behavioural and physiological effects on your body. It helps in healing your body.
  • Serotonin: This chemical helps build optimism, satisfaction and happiness in your brain. You learn to appreciate the things you have in your life.
  • Endorphins: This is a “feel-good” chemical. It helps in alleviating your mood.
  • Others chemicals released during masturbation include prolactin, endocannabinoids, noradrenaline, and adrenaline.

2. Reduces stress and anxiety

One of the most important benefits of masturbation is that it reduces stress and anxiety. This is one of the main reasons why people masturbate. All the chemicals released in your brain during this exercise make you feel alleviated.

3. Improve sleep

Masturbation makes you feel good. At the same, time it reduces your stress and stabilizes your blood pressure. All of these things help improve your sleep quality.

Many people have the habit of going to sleep after masturbating. This is because they get better sleep after this exercise. Masturbation reduces the time it takes to fall asleep.

4. Reduced pain

Most of the chemicals released during masturbation help reduce pain. These are the natural painkillers of your body. So you would love to masturbate after a stressful day. A study conducted in 2013 found that sexual activity can reduce headaches and other body aches.

5. Improved immunity

At these times of COVID-19, you would want to improve your immunity. Good immunity helps to fight foreign substance in your body. Your body will be better equipped to fight all the foreign bodies that may creep in.

Masturbation boosts your hormones and the chemicals released during this exercise helps improve your immunity.

6. Improves mood

The chemicals released during masturbation are natural painkillers of the body. Chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, and others help improve your mood. If you have watched porn, you would know that masturbation has a good impact on your mood. It decreases sexual tension and makes you more sexually active. It can also stabilize your heart rate.

If you want to know how to make masturbation more pleasurable, you should use good masturbating videos and devices. These devices are available for both men and women. They are used to make masturbating better.

7. Better focus and concentration

If your mood is good, you have good chemicals flowing through your brain, your heart rate is under control, all these things help to make better focus and concentration. You will be able to complete your tasks faster and better after masturbation.

Solo play and solo sex is one of the best ways to improve your commitment towards completing a task. It motivates you to complete all your unfinished work. This way you get more done in less time.

8. Improved self-esteem

Another benefit of masturbation is that it helps improve self-esteem. If you feel good about yourself, you will be able to see the work in a better light. More self-esteem implies that you will have better confidence and will be able to deal with your colleague in a better manner.

Greater self-esteem can help you overcome difficulties. It can help you fight obstacle and clears your path for prosperity.

9. Improved cognition

We all are surrounded by a stressful life. There are so many things to be done in so less time. you have to complete all your tasks before the deadline. Research has established that stress leads to poor cognition.

Masturbation helps relieve stress, so it can also help you in building better cognition. An article published in 2013 has already established this belief. Chemicals released during this exercise helps you in improving your cognitive powers.

10. Better sexual function

Masturbation means having solo sex. In this, you don’t need a partner to fulfill you. You can enjoy this thing yourself. You can use a lot of sexual devices; only be careful about sexually transmitted infection. During these solo sessions, you make yourself better in the actual sex. These sexual devices may be water-based.

How many calories does masturbating burn?

Have you ever thought about how many calories do you burn masturbating? On average, 800 calories are burnt while you are masturbating.


If you destroy the myths associated with masturbation, you find that masturbating is essentially good for your body. It helps you in a lot of ways. It can release stress, improve mood, make you sexually more active, relieves pain and much more. Why not watch some hot mature women pictures or masturbation videos!

The problem is that even in this 21st century many people are trapped in the social game. Don’t know why but society looks at masturbation a

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The Sex Competition

Jack needed money and he had no idea how to get some. He needed to buy some things for himself and he had no one to turn to. He hated asking or begging people for anything because he didn’t want to be indebted to them. He could have asked his very rich dad for some money but he had had a massive argument with his dad two months before and there was no way his dad would give h anything unless he apologized for the things he had done.

He didn’t want to ask his mom either because she would have just told him to apologize too. His uncles, aunts, and older sisters would say the same thing. The only plan he had was to look for a job, the kind of job that would not disturb his college studies because he took those seriously.

He pulled out his laptop from his bag and placed it on his table. He was about to open it and search for job adverts when he heard a knock on his apartment door.

“Jack! Open this door, man,” a voice said from outside. It was his best friend, Ray. Ray was the son of a rich man like he was. Their dads were best friends too. Ray knew about Jack’s problems and he had offered to help several times but Jack had rejected the help.

Jack walked over to the door and opened it. He went back to the table to continue what he was doing. Ray followed him in. The living room was a bit large and it had everything to make a college student comfortable.

“Do, what are you doing?” Ray asked.

“I am about to apply for jobs. I need money,” Jack replied.

“Jack, I told you I can help. If you don’t want me to give you, I could lend you.”

“As I said, Ray, I don’t want it but thanks.”

Ray sighed. “Anyway, I have found a way for you to make that money you need so badly.”

Jack was interested. ” A job?”

“Nope. A competition.”

“Not interested.”

“Wait. You didn’t even hear what the competition is all about. You are going to love it,” Ray said.

“No, thank you.”

“Trust me, even if you don’t win, you are going to enjoy a lot of pleasure that you will never forget for years.”

Jack looked at his friend, wondering what he was talking about. He read his face to see if he was joking. Ray looked serious. “What is it?”


“What?” Jack said, looking confused.

“The competition is all about sex,” Ray said.


“You, along with four other guys are going to fuck some hot ladies, and the last guy to release or cum is the winner,” Ray said.

Incredulous, Jack asked. “You are joking, right?”

“No, I am certainly not. I used my influence to get you into the competition. Please don’t tell me you are not interested.”

“Of course, I am but why aren’t you contending?” Jack asked.

“I don’t need the money, you do,” Ray replied.

“How much are we talking about?”

“Twenty thousand dollars.”

Jack was shocked. “Twenty…what? What kind of competition is that and who is funding it?”

“Just some very rich guys who sell sex products and see the competition as a way of having fun.”

“You mean they are going to be watching us fuck? Is it going to be a public show?”

“Something like that. It’s a building but you are going to put on masks,” Ray said.

“Well, that should be easy. I last as long as ten to twenty minutes with all the ladies I have had sex with. That’s why they keep coming back,” Jack said.

Ray laughed. “I am sorry buddy but in this case, you are going to need more practice. The ladies you will be having sex with are experts and they are going to make you cum in seconds.”

“That’s not possible,” Jack said.

“Believe me, it is. You need to prepare very well to win.”

Jack smiled. “Then I have gotten the solution.”

“What? Visit prostitutes or sleep with more willing girls?”

“Nope. I am going to buy a sex doll and practice with it. When is the competition holding?”

“In two weeks. But sex dolls are a bit expensive. How are you going to get one?”

“I guess I am going to borrow money from you and then pay you back,” Jack said.

“You don’t have to pay me back, Jack. Remember the times you have come through for me.”

“No, Ray, I am paying you back.”


The two friends went online and looked for the best sex dolls for practice. Jack purchased a sex doll that he liked and then waited for the shipment to arrive.

The doll arrived in four days from sodolls. He began to practice different sex styles with the sex doll. When it was just two days before the real competition, Jack had learned how to last till one hour with the help of adult dvd king. He didn’t think he could last more than that.

On the day of the competition, Ray drove him to the place. It was a building where you wouldn’t have known that something like that was going on. The competition began and Jack put on a mask as he and the other four contestants walk into a stage where the five sexiest ladies Jack had ever seen were waiting.

A lot of people made up the audience who watched with rapt attention. The moderator took charge of the competition. The ladies were made to bend over with their buttocks facing the competitors while the upper part of their bodies went through a hole.

The competition started. Each guy was to fuck his lady in the doggy style. The last man to cum was the winner. They used condoms even though they had all been tested for diseases. Each guy walked up to his lady and slipped his dick in.

The guys began to fuck the ladies while the audience cheered them on. A guy came fast and he was dismissed. Another guy did also and he too was dismissed. Jack used all his practice with the sex doll to keep fucking the sweet pussy without cumming. Soon, the other two guys came too but Jack kept on pounding. He could not stop until he was declared the winner of the competition.


The Resurgence of the Porn DVD

While many say that the internet is all about porn, the most reasonable estimate is that about 10% of all sites are porn. That’s still a lot. In a month, more unique visitors spread across every porn site makes for more visits than Twitter, Amazon and Netflix combined. Or a little over half the number of hits on YouTube.


So with this proliferation of online porn, easily found for free, and easy to search for something specific, be it a porn star or a particular kink or mood, then why are porn movies still being released on DVD, BluRay and 4K?

Well, for a bunch of reasons actually. For starters, that with internet porn, there’s the fact that you can be limited to the size of your computer (or phone) screen, or your internet bandwidth, or you’re sick of all those pop-up ads about ‘1 weird trick to make your penis grow’ or other such crap.

But besides watching a porn in full HD on your huge TV with your bottle of lube and your Fleshlight (or vibrator), the biggest advantage to watching porn on a DVD comes down to time.

Seriously, think back to how much time you’ve spent endlessly scouring through porn clips online, desperately searching for that ‘perfect video’ that you’re going to finish to. Some clip that you’ll start watching, then skip forward to the middle for a bit, before jumping ahead to the last minute or so for the ‘resolution’.

With a DVD, you just get to insert the disc, sit back, and let the show play out. Of course you can still jump through the scenes if you so want, but at the end of the day, you’re not wasting all your time searching for that one great clip. You’ve got a movie full of great clips. Crisp HD, on DVD or Blu-Ray, and now even emerging in 4k. Beat that, shitty low-res internet porn!

And when you go online or instore like at the adult lifestyle sex toy stores to buy your DVDs, you’ll find a lot of familiar names of production companies that you’ve already discovered online, as well as the classics. Naughty America, Barely Legal, Digital Playground, Abby Winters, Evil Angel, Hustler, Penthouse, Mofos and so many more.

But what does a brand matter? Take Evil Angel for example. They are home to the most popular pornstars in their most extreme and hardcore porn scenes to date, with almost 30 years of rough sex videos and hardcore anal porn like you’ve never seen before. Abby Winters on the other hand, offers videos of real, girl-next-door types, typically in solo or lesbian scenes, but more recently in hetero porn videos where the girls sleep with their real-life boyfriends on film. These two companies are almost polar opposites to each other, but you’ll find the same type of content within each brand, once you’ve found the one you like.

Oftentimes, once you find a brand you love (hello Dane Jones), it makes looking for your next DVd even easier. You know the style, the content, the quality, now all you gotta decide on is which hot scenario or stars are you going to clamour to next.

You can start to build a collection even, of your favourite brands, or the various series many of them release: Aziani’s Aziani Iron, Evil Angel’s Raw, Naughty America’s My Friend’s Hot Girl, Girlfriend Films’ Women Seeking Women or Kink’s Sex and Submission. So many choices!

If having a collection isn’t quite your thing, you’ll find a lot of adult shops that exchange DVDs, provided they’re not old and in good condition. This is a great way to renew and refresh a handful of DVDs, keeping the number small enough to hide (if need be) or take away for a dirty weekend (when you just know there won’t be internet reception in that cozy log cabin).

Among all the classic porn genres out there, an all new genre has recently come into the spotlight: Feminist porn. What is feminist porn? Well according to Tristan Taormino, sex educator and feminist pornographer in this Cosmo interview:

“Feminist porn is ethically produced porn, which means that performers are paid a fair wage and they are treated with care and respect; their consent, safety, and well-being are critical, and what they bring to the production is valued. Feminist porn explores ideas about desire, beauty, pleasure, and power through alternative representations, aesthetics, and filmmaking styles. Feminist porn seeks to empower the performers who make it and the people who watch it.”

Girlfriend Films and Filly Films have been making feminist pornography for some time now, and the Vivid Educational series is also a great showcase of feminist porn, obviously as they are made by aforementioned autuer Tristan Taormino.

So whatever it is you like in your porn, be it romantic, hardcore, fetish, lesbian, gay, feminist or any of the 100s of specific categories, know that there is a range of porm DVDs out there for you to enjoy, time and time again, on your big TV, in glorious high Definition.

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