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Specs Appeal

This is an all star sexual release for Wicked Pictures, director Axel Braun explores another classic porn fetish; girls with glasses.  And by “explore”, I mean Axel Braun’s Specs Appeal presents four ultra-hot ladies getting their holes stuffed with sex in every manner imaginable.  At least that’s what I gather from the video up top, anyway.

It’s also worth noting that Axel Braun’s Specs Appeal should not be confused with the Specs Appeal series of movies that were released by Kick Ass Films back in the first part of the 2000’s.  Those movies have nothing to do with this movie.  Moving on.

Axel Braun’s Specs Appeal doesn’t offer much in the way of a plot, but it doesn’t have to considering the lineup of ladies featured here.  Riley Steele is clearly the best known starlet of the bunch and serves as the covergirl for the adult movie.  On a side note, Ms. Steele, who has arguably the most amazing body of any woman currently working in smut, should really be on every DVD cover, even if she’s not actually in the movie.  I don’t think anyone would complain.

Luna Star Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Luna Star

The rest of the cast is also pretty great.  Keira Nicole is one of the hottest new talents in the industry, thanks in large part to her killer take on Wendy in Axel Braun’s Peter Pan porn parody.  You may also recall that Die-Screaming recently ranked Ms. Nicole as the #2 Best New Female Pornstar of 2015.

Luna Star, who’s been performing in smut for a few years now, is also extremely accomplished.  She’s so far appeared in nearly 100 hardcore movies and has been nominated for several of the industry’s top awards.  Edyn Blair began her porn career in 2014 and has made a name for herself as someone who is willing and able to perform in some of the most hardcore films released in the past few years.

September Reign, however, is maybe someone who you aren’t familiar with.  She made her debut last year and has so far performed in less than five XXX movies.  So for those of you who are always on the lookout for fresh, new talent…here ya’ go.

They are beautiful, beguiling, and…bespectacled! Legendary director Axel Braun explores the fascinating eyeglass fetish with the help of superstar Riley Steele and her eyewear-friendly, cock-craving girlfriends. Make sure to update your prescription… you don’t wanna risk missing a frame!
Directed by: Axel Braun
Produced by: Wicked Pictures
Starring: Riley Steele, Keira Nicole, Luna Star, September Reign, Edyn Blair, Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, Eric John, Alec Knight and Jay Crew






Heated Part One

Beams of sunlight beat down and sweat pours off these hot, horned up gay adult movie studs. They’re ‘Heated’ and there’s only one way for them to escape their burning desires: uninhibited steamy sex. In ‘Heated, Part One’, director Nick Foxx delivers nine sexy hunks in a Falcon pool and play movie, where the action is just as scorching as the hot summer sun. First, Sebastian Kross waits erect for Brazilian stud Bruno Bernal to finish his swim so he can fuck his succulent hole. Handsome Jacob Peterson, long, lean and furry, jacks off watching smooth JJ Knight in the pool. JJ sees him and invites him to take it to the next level. Killian James’ hard-on, protruding over the waistband of his trunks, is a lure to catch Addison Graham. Addison’s smile and hot body land Killian in his bed for a scorching oral tryst that ends when Killian sticks a finger in Addison’s hole and gets a mouthful of creamy jizz. Chris Bines calls on Bruno to put his flexibility to work for a standing fuck that puts every hard muscle into play. Gabriel is willing to put his towel aside and break a sexual sweat over Dorian’s ass, which he invades with his tongue and cock, steaming the mirrors. Celebrate every drip of sweat and cum with these ‘Heated’ hunks who guarantee every encounter is will leave you hot and drained.

Chris Bines Fucks Bruno Bernal

After a quick cool-off in the pool, Chris Bines and Bruno Bernal are too ‘Heated’ to make it to the bedroom, so they ditch their clothes in the hall and make out on the spot. Wandering hands find lengthy cocks and nipples to tease. Bruno dedicates his lips and tongue to Chris’ cock and nuts, eliciting groans, but he saves one hand to attend his own ferociously throbbing rod. Chris pulls Bruno to his feet and becomes the one to get on his knees. Grabbing Chris’ head, Bruno face fucks him hard. Chris buries his face in Bruno’s bubble-butt and jabs wetly with his tongue. Standing behind him, Chris hoists Bruno’s leg high in and plunges his cock in. Bruno jacks his dick and squeezes Chris’ pecs with each crippling thrust. Switching positions, pre-cum from Chris’ swinging cock spatters Bruno’s torso. Separating, they lie on the floor head-to-toe and jack out thick loads.

Bruno Bernal Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Bruno Bernal

Killian James Fucks Addison Graham

Straight out of the pool, Killian James has a throbbing erection sticking out several inches over the waistband of his trunks. It catches the attention of Addison Graham, who’s watching from the window. When they make eye contact, Killian give his cock a few squeezes to make sure Addison knows the attraction is mutual. Smooth and tan muscle-hunk Addison bats his blue eyes, smiles, reveals a glimpse of his own hard-on and reels Killian in. They connect first at the lips, and Addison reaches for Killian’s exposed cock, freeing it from the confines of its swimsuit, and sucks it. They kiss and cuddle on the bed, panting, taking turns sucking each other’s hefty endowments. Killian fingers Addison’s willing hole and sucks until he gets a mouthful of hot cum, which he lets drip down his chin and lips. Addison chomps on one of Killian’s nipples while Killian jacks out his own thick release.

Killian James Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Killian James

Bruno Bernal Fucks Sebastian Kross

Emerging from the swimming pool, Bruno Bernal finds himself nose-to-crotch with inked and ripped Sebastian Kross. The bulge in Sebastian’s trunks suggests sexual intentions. They make out at the edge of the pool, with the sunlight glinting off their bright tatts. Bruno whets his appetite by licking the perspiration off of Sebastian’s hard body, then he takes charge of Sebastian’s thick cock like he owns it. Lots of spit helps him to swallow the entire huge shaft and Bruno uses his tongue to make Sebastian’s balls jump in their sac. Kneeling on the pool deck, Bruno offers his smooth, delicious ass. Sebastian adds his saliva to the droplets of sweat and pool water dripping down the crack, then he gets leverage to spear Bruno’s hole. They switch to a sit-fuck, which puts Bruno in charge. He runs the palm of his hand across Sebastian’s hard pecs and ridged abs as he bounces. Sebastian picks up the pace, resulting in a shower of cum that douses Bruno’s face and neck. He rubs it in like suntan lotion, jacking out his load onto Sebastian’s spent body.

Sebastian Kross Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Sebastian Kross

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

There are so many sites out there selling porn DVDs it is not funny.  And to find a good one that has plenty of choice is also difficult. But at Xmas I stumbled across Xvideo Australia and was wowed by the choice.  They have over 14,000 DVD titles to choose from and I must admit to being an old foggie and preferring to watch movies on HD DVD format rather than online.  To my surprise Australian XVideo was cheap to.  There were thousands of adult DVD titles for $10 or under and best of all – when you buy more than $150 it is free post.

What a perfect Xmas present for me to find a new adult video site that has a great selection at an even better price.  Some of the studios I love are MOFO’s, Brazzers, Girlfriends and even Evil Angel and they had them in spades but it was the more obscure but great studios that they have as well.  Like the Strap-On Kings Ducati Productions or the Force Cuckold Series from Venus Productions.  It was great to get some of my favorites to add to my collection.  So I got my X Present at Xvideo and could not be happier.

Cuckold Diaries #05 Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Cuckold Diaries #05

Ordered on the 24th of December and guess what a discrete package arrived at my door this morning on the 29th.  That is certainly not bad considering that the 25th and 26th were public holidays and 27th and 28th were the weekend.  So fast discrete shipping is also one of their calling cards.  The billing also was discrete and it came up on my statement as RMV Management which is pretty non-descriptive and certainly nothing my accountant or wife would question.  So if you get a chance check them out as they have some unbelievable bargains and you also can you “I Got My X Present and XVideo”.

If you do not believe me then check out some of the other reviewers online. Australia’s XVideo has gotten some great reviews that shows me it is a site that is safe and you can trust.  I reckon they must be a distributor or something as well as the Porn DVD pricing is really nice – in fact it is much cheaper than many of my other favorite suppliers in the US and I don’t have to worry about customs checking my packages or seizing my DVDs.  Good one XVideo you have a loyal customer here.


Becoming a Romantic Gay

Are you a gay man or even if you don’t identify as gay but enjoy male on male sex? If you are, then be ready to enjoy sensual gay sex with your partner! We will let you know how to prepare for the most relaxing and rewarding gay sex but be ready to get a naughty experience you and your lover will remember.  It is true that more often than not a  gay man is very sensitive to his surroundings and emotions but this being so when all the bells and whistles are put our it will creates the perfect sense of romance and occasion. Some people know very well how to satisfy their partners – and even if you are, you should be able to grab some handy refresher tips from this article. If you are a gay man and have not experienced gay sex then this article is for you. It will help you to come closer to your partner. So get ready to follow these simple steps of romance to enjoy gay sex!

Arrange A Wonderful Dinner Party Only With Your Partner

If you want to spend the whole night with your gay lover then first you have to give a touch of romance to him. You can arrange a wonderful candle lit dinner for the both of you. Give him your nicest smile. Hold his hand tightly. Talk romantically and be interested in what your date has to say. When both of you finish your dinner, take some time to understand each other. Try to come closer to one another and learn about each other! Ask open ended questions and try not to talk about yourself too much.

Gay Romance Photo
Photo: Gay Romance

Arrange A Romantic Place To Become Intimate

You do not want to have fast sex with your gay partner, lets take our time and make it more romantic. Arrange a beautifully decorated bedroom for both of you. You can decorate your bedroom with candles, burn some incense, have some mood music and place petals on your bed. It will create a romantic environment and make both of you more comfortable and at ease. Spend time and don’t rush it. Your lover will automatically be hopeful and excited about you if he is genuinely interested. He will start to care for you and want to make love to you!

Do Not Be Wild, Enjoy The Softer Side of Sex!

Even though you will be both excited settle down and take it slow especially if it is the first time. Do not try to be wild, slowly touch each other, try to enjoy each others body and touch. Hopefully there will be plenty of other times to enjoy the wilder side of sex, but this time try and make it sensual This will make your sex more satisfying.  You can take as much time as you need – you have all night. If you want to enjoy the whole night then give your gay partner some time to relax and become acquainted with you. Both of you can take a rest and then both of you will gain more anticipation and excitement when you start to enjoy the body of each other. Gay sex is a little bit different from normal sex as both are of the same gender! But do not worry it is all about sameness – kiss your partner make him more excited which will make him love you more powerfully! Spend some time with foreplay and take your time in exploring each others bodies

A gay man can be the perfect gentleman and when they fall in love they love with their all. If your partner a real gay man, then there is no confusion that both of you will be able to enjoy perfect gay sex if you follow my romantic steps. It will give you real pleasures of man to man sex. So get ready to give your partner a romantic evening  and enjoy gay sex!