Sexy Topless Waiters at Your Service

Who can say no to a combination of food and sexiness?

Well, that is what you are going to get when you dine at Sky Strippers. They not only serve you food, but they are the perfect eye candy for desert with their killer abs and arms. These stunning group of young men will serve you and your guests with thirst-quenching cocktails and appetizers and even break the ice with their engaging conversations.

Still clueless about topless waiters and how to hire them. Read this article as we give you the latest on how to have an epic party.

Undressing the Topless Waiter

First, we the sexy maids and now the topless waiters. It seems that the latest trend on parties is no longer restricted to the uniformed waiters. The bowtie remained, though, but not the shirt. These folks are the newest servers in town – the topless waiters.

Want to throw the most epic party for your squad? Then you should hire these bunch of young men who are easy on the eyes and a hot body to boot. They will serve the food and drinks at your party and even join in engaging conversations with your guests if they need to. It is guaranteed a fun night with the girls enjoying the food and the sight.

Topless waiters are hitting the party scene in Australia, and it comes as no surprise. These cheeky waiters are not only chiseled, but they are also fun and flirtatious. With different personalities to entertain the guests, they will definitely spice up any occasion.

Who Needs Topless Waiters

You can hire topless waiters for any occasion you have in mind. Whether it is a classy birthday bash, a Hens Night, or just Girls Night Out, you should include topless waiters to add fun, sexy, and flair. These guys will never go beyond scandalous and instead make sure that they keep the drinks flowing and the conversations going.

The topless waiters from Sky Strippers can come in different outfits depending on the theme of your party. It can be classy or sassy. Classy means the guys will come in black pants and bowties minus the shirts while sassy can come in casual bottoms and ripped abs and arms. Either way, you can have a feast — of food and sexiness.

They don’t only have the body; they also have personalities to entertain your guests. These male waiters can keep your guests entertained by engaging in flirty conversations and overflowing drinks to ensure that everybody is having a blast.

Hire Topless Waiters from Sky Strippers

Many event management companies in Australia offer topless waiters.  For ladies out there who want to add pizzazz to their party and need to hire “decent” topless waiters, we recommend Sky Strippers. They can help you organize an unforgettable event with everybody enjoying the party while you sit back and celebrate.

A quick peek at their site can give you a view of what to expect from your topless waiters. These waiters have the perfect physique and right attitude you are looking for in a fine specimen. The men are mostly attractive and charming personalities. They run the gamut from young looking, boy-next-door, to the tattooed with come hither attitude.

You can also customize the services they provide, depending on the theme of your party. Of course, the leading service will be food delivered to youby the tastefully under-dressed servers. But they can also provide your party with the brawny bartender to pour the drinks for the ladies. The beauty of their business is there will be no hanky-panky services beyond what was agreed upon.

If all the talk about shirtless men makes you hungry for more, information that is, we want to stress that Sky Stripper is not an escort service. The waiters can mingle, be asked to pose for photos, assist in setting up games, greet guests, and collect coats. Nothing is offered beyond these services except to always put a smile on their faces. In short, it is strictly a look but no touch arrangement.

These guys also stick within their schedule and strictly prohibited to consume alcohol while at your service. These topless waiters are all professionals who will respect your guests and will give them have a good time at your party. With such strict work ethics, hiring topless waiters from Sky Strippers ensures that you have a safe and fun event.

When you think about it, hiring topless waiters is a great idea. It combines two things that your guests love: food and sexuality. There is nothing more appetizing than the sight of buff and topless man clad only in that bold black bowtie setting the food for your girls. The topless waiters from Sky Stripper will keep your guests entertained with their good looks, hot body, and charming personalities. What more can you ask for except perhaps a professional make-over at Nicole Hudson’s salon before your big night out?

Beating Some of the Biggest Insecurities

Insecurity is a condition that’s all too prevalent in the modern world. With insecurities that develop during childhood in a lot of cases, even as adults, it can be hard to properly express oneself. This includes, and sometimes is even the most prevalent within, your relationships that get romantic. The trouble is when you’re with someone for a long time, they will eventually see through every mask you put on for society’s benefit. No matter how hard you try and convince the world that you have everything together, your love is going to see you as you truly are.


The fact is a lot of people have insecurities that have little bearing on who they really are. They are afraid of something within themselves, and it comes across as acting in the exact opposite way most of the time. They may seem confident on the outside, but inside, it’s a very delicate house of cards. The good news is insecurities aren’t cast in stone.


The Beginnings of Insecurity


Insecurities usually begin early in life, at least at their most root basis. While something that happened last week is obviously not an ancient history kind of thing, it may play right into a similar experience you had when you were very young. Unless you have the best memory ever, there are parts of your childhood you don’t consciously remember. But then, your brain remembers every bit of it, including parts that hurt and scared you.


The good news is there’s a very good chance that you’ve turned out more or less healthy overall. However, in some ways, almost everyone has a hidden level of pain they don’t share openly. In some cases, it may not even be a conscious thing. If a situation inspires worry in you, that’s generally a sign that there’s insecurity at work under the surface. In some cases, this insecurity can become crippling, if it’s not taken under control and eventually worked through.

Taking Control of Your Adult Life


There’s a lot to insecurity, and working through it starts with honesty. When you can be honest about who you are and where your insecurities come from, this is a significant step in the process of beating your insecurities. This honesty has to start with your most intimate partner, the person who, at least, ostensibly loves you. This love deserves trust, and this trust is going to involve a rather brutal level of personal honesty.


You can begin being honest at omgkinky and start the process of opening up that much more. When your insecurities see the light of day, there’s a good chance they are going to start to fade a little bit. By opening up about who you are, what you fear, and what you really want, you open the door to actually getting more of what you truly want. It may be subtle or not so much, but you have to start somewhere.

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Where VR Porn Fails, AR Porn Succeeds – And Where It Fails Too

Whether you like it or not, the VR porn market is big, like, closing in on billion-dollar big. So, it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that with the growing augmented reality industry, AR porn is starting to become a thing.


The rise of VR porn has proven that there is a very welcoming place for headset based adult film. Being up close and personal with the models of your dreams, so close and so real you could almost reach out and touch them. It was like an entirely new dimension of adult entertainment just appeared overnight and many of us couldn’t wait to log in to our Amazon accounts, order a VR headset and dive head-first into an immersive virtual reality porn video.


There’s no doubt about it, VR porn is serious business, and the statistics show that it’s something that isn’t going to go away any time soon. But the technology isn’t perfect, far from it. In fact, it’s riddled with faults that eliminate the possibility of viewers enjoying truly immersive experiences.


The Advantages of AR porn


The thing that catches my attention with AR porn, particularly the 3-dimensional kind, is you can enjoy the show from the perspective of your choosing. Unlike virtual reality where you’re grounded to a specific spot and at the mercy of the camera angle, augmented reality offers maximum freedom and the ability to move unrestricted in your very own erotic entertainment.


With AR, there is no camera angle. Your line of sight is effectively the camera which opens the doors to an unparalleled number of realistic experiences. The experience isn’t defined by a flat pre-recorded video, but rather a 3D model running in real-time.


This means you can stand up, walk around the model and see her from any angle you wish while she gives you your very own private performance behind the closed doors of your bedrooms. You don’t have to get into the position of the male actor in the video, whether that be sitting on a chair, laying on a bed or whatever else. You can comfortably watch the show without that nagging feeling that you’re not mimicking the actors positioning to a tee, feeling more and more as time goes on that you’re wired up to the electric chair awaiting your execution.


Motion Sickness


Ah, the dreaded motion sickness. You know what I’m talking about. You’re halfway through a virtual reality porn scene, steadily closing in on the climax when suddenly you can feel your dinner re-emerging from the pit of your stomach. It’s not exactly the part of the experience you look forward to the most. And something you’d probably prefer doing without.


Fortunately, AR porns format means this doesn’t need to be an issue. This is because you’re not looking at a visual representation of yourself while moving in a digital environment. Rather, the digital aspect is moving within your real-world environment and there is no visual representation of yourself.


Remember, In AR, your body is your own which means your brain isn’t receiving conflicting sensory signals which can lead to motion sickness. The whole time you’re not being bombarded with feelings of dizziness and nausea means you’ve got more time to enjoy the show without feeling like you’re one move away from blindly vomiting on your lap.


My Experience With AR Porn, And Realising That it Too Isn’t Perfect


I recently discovered an augmented reality app via AR Porn Tube. The app, named Holograms, has been developed by popular VR porn studio Naughty America. You can choose between a modest selection of around 13 digitally created 3D virtual avatars which  are created using volumetric data, capturing the bodies, movements, and voices of the selected adult stars.


The models are positioned in your physical environment and each puts on a short erotic performance. There are animations involving swinging around a stripper pole, there are scenes where the models are down on all fours shaking their breasts, plus various other kinky animations.


After messing around with a handful of models in the app, it became apparent that AR porn isn’t without its own set of problems. I mean, the model was performing in my physical environment, but, it was clear that she wasn’t actually ‘there’.


The lighting and shading of the model didn’t match with that of my real-world environment. It’s not like VR or even traditional porn where the entire scene is filmed on a studio set. Only the model is recorded under the lighting of the studio at the time of recording. When this is taken and put into your physical environment, you’re trying to match two entirely different settings together which is seemingly a near-impossible task.


And in terms of graphics, we’re not exactly taking a stroll down the uncanny valley. If anything, it was more like looking at an early version of a Playstation 2 game coming to life. Like entering a Grand Theft Auto Vice City strip club, only in 3D, in my bedroom and without the guns, violence, and threat of gang members.


Another thing I realized is that viewing the model with my half-open closet and evening news playing in the background hardly enlightens a state of fanaticism, more like hiring a cheap, end of the month hooker for a 15-minute quicky.


All in all, there are benefits and disadvantages to both AR porn and VR porn. Virtual reality porn is unique in that it offers the ability to be transported into foreign and luxurious locations that we very likely wouldn’t have seen otherwise. This is something that will always make VR porn interesting and separate it from any other form of adult film. But AR porn offers something different entirely which VR simply can not provide.


For now, it’s just a waiting game until AR porn explodes, and that time will eventually come once the augmented or mixed reality headset market picks up. But until then, I’ll be in my room, with my VR headset…

Amateur Sex Video For Entertainment

You can never really go wrong with amateur sex video. There’s just something amazing about seeing the girl next door getting busy. There are tons of clips out there if you know what you’re looking for. Regular people are making porn all of the time. It’s so easy to make homemade adult videos that practically everyone is experimenting with it. It can be as simple as a girl turning on her cam during her masturbation sessions. She’s going to be fucking herself, anyway. Why wouldn’t she record it and show it off to the world to enjoy?

Amateur women love to show off

Any amateur girl loves to feel like a porn star on Arousr. They see how much men love watching them. They want some of that attention for themselves. They’re always happy to get nude if it means getting someone hard. She’ll make it as erotic as possible to get you hard. It gives them a thrill that nothing else on the planet can give them. If a girl thinks that she has a nice ass, she’ll always be showing it off. If she likes her own, curvy body, you’ll never be able to go without coming across her naked videos.

Some girls love to give that little extra

Not all videos are made the same, though. There are always going to be girls who go above and beyond. There are tons of horny girls masturbating with their sextoys on camera right now. They want to cum and nothing is going to stop them from doing it. They just want you to watch them after they finish. They’re going to show off the hairy pussy as it twitches and floods while they get it closer and closer to exploding. They might even treat themselves to a little tit play as an appetizer and you get to see it all.

Just choose what you want to see

You can really see anything in an amateur sex video. If it exists in porn, real women are going to do it for you. Any bbw out there is willing to show off her boobs to you. Even milfs get in on the action. You don’t have to be a teen to make your own porn. Horny moms from all over the place make time to give a good blowjob on camera for you. She may be respectable during the day, but once the sun goes down, they let their true sluttiness come through.

Women love to experiment

Lots of women use their amateur sex videos to try new things. It’s not crazy to see a regular girl try anal for the first time on camera. It adds a whole new layer to their sexual enjoyment. They’ll even show off their oral skills and finish with a very satisfying cumshot all over their faces. What makes amateurs so hot is that you can see all of this coming from someone who could be living right next door to you. You could see the same women walking down the street that you just watched swallow a massive cum load.

It can get really naughty

Nothing is holding these women back. They’re going to let themselves go crazy once the camera comes on. They’re going to make their videos as hardcore as anything they’ve ever seen in porn. Any hot cougar could be seen with a younger guy that she specifically picked up to fuck on camera. She’s not going to rest until she’s sure that she’s the best fuck he’s ever had. She’ll let him fuck her in every hole and leave her with a massive creampie. It’s her advertisement to the rest of the world that she’s in it to be naughty.

It takes all types

Keep in mind that you can find any woman in the world in an amateur sex video. There’s always going to be a bbw, MILF, cougar or teen who wants to fuck on camera. They’ll even be in multiple clips. They get addicted to the feeling of making porn. It turns them on to feel like an adult star. After they get naked on camera once, they want to do it all of the time. It gives them a rush that they can’t do without.

It’s always erotic

Amateur sex videos are more erotic than any other kind of porn. When it’s homemade, you know it’s real. The masturbating always leads to a real orgasm and not the fake ones you see pornstars have. They’re tits are real and their pussies are hairy because they like it. It’s really that simple. You’ll never see a better blowjob than you’ll get in an amateur video. That woman is sucking cock because she loves it. She’s taking the cumshot because she likes the way it makes her feel. Amateur is always the way to go. Go and checkout the Arousr Sex Clips now if you are up for some fun.


Most articles and reviews about sex dolls are written for a straight male audience because they tend to be the primary buyers and users of sex dolls. While they are the most common market, this doesn’t mean these are the only people who buy sex dolls. Gay men buy and can benefit from these dolls both in terms of pleasure and making peace with their lives. 

It’s true that coming out and being yourself is easier in today’s society, but it’s still very hard for many men. This is especially true for older men with more traditional values or those who have wives but aren’t happy living a lie. We will discuss here how gay men can benefit from sex dolls. 

Difficulties With Coming Out 

While society as a whole is becoming more relaxed about the idea of homosexuality, it’s still a scary time for men to come out as gay. Perhaps, the first fear is whether that knowledge will change things within their social group. Friends might treat you differently after coming out. Some of them might even reject you. Even work can become difficult. While homosexuality is protected under the law, that doesn’t mean all your coworkers have to be nice. 

Then there’s the fear of how your family will react. Many families are fine with the idea, but some truly do reject those who come out of the closet. The fear of this rejection is so painful that some don’t even broach the subject. 

Coming out as bisexual can be just as difficult. In some ways, it’s even harder. Gay men can usually find support, but many bisexual men feel that they are split between homosexual and heterosexual values and viewpoints, rarely fitting either. 

Gay Loneliness

Homosexuality has rocketed to legal acceptance faster than nearly any other group. From being barely recognized to becoming a protected trait and even having the right to marry, homosexuality has made amazing strides in many ways. Now, this has led many to believe that things are perfect on the rainbow side, but they aren’t. 

Despite these victories, gay men still face the harrowing reality of hatred and loneliness. Gay men, unfortunately, are more likely to use hard drugs, suffer from depression and anxiety, and worst of all, commit suicide at a much higher rate than their heterosexual brethren.

Not only are many gay men starved of healthy and consistent contact with other gay men, but they usually have fewer friends and a less cohesive family unit than heterosexual men and even lesbians. Homophobia might be a real fear, but all these factors lead to the real killer: high rates of suicide. 

This article is not an attempt to cast a dark shadow on being gay, but rather an open look at how many of these men live and the realities of their situation. Being gay is not the problem, but it seems that many of these men have a harder time living a fulfilling life. 

Gay Husbands and Straight Wives 

Many gay men go through life and simply do what’s expected of them. They marry, have kids and try to live straight lives. It isn’t until later that this heterosexual charade becomes too overwhelming and they can no longer live pretending to be something that they’re not. Many people demonize these men and say that they should have come out earlier,and now they are hurting their wives and children. But one should take a step back before pointing the finger. 

For a long time, and even today, heterosexual norms are the only ones taught to children. Boys are taught that the only pathway to happiness and fulfillment is getting married to a woman and the only true way to love is by being with a woman. This comes from friends, school, family, media and many other angles.

This can lead to boys being confused about their sexuality. They know that they are attracted to males butare taught that these feelings are either deviant or bad. Many even think it’s only sexual and that it’s a “fetish” they can ignore. Others simply can’t face the reality of coming out as gay and will go through life and follow all the steps to societal happiness. 

For these men, they will wake up in a world where they have a wife, kids,and their whole life is built on a straight personality that is suffocating them. In some of these marriages, men will tell their wives before the marriage or at some point afterward. They may continue to live as straight and feel that they can get through it, but others get a divorce and try to reform their lives in a more truthful manner. 

Men who find themselves in this situation rarely hate their wives and children. In fact, they often love their family and that’s why it’s so hard to live truthfully. It’s just that they don’t love their wives in the same way they would love a boyfriend or husband. 

How Gay Men can Benefit from Sex Dolls 

How could a sex doll possibly help gay men? There are several benefits that you could reap from a gay sex doll based on your preferences and needs. Perhaps the most salient situation is a man who isn’t out of the closet yet. Friends and family still regard the man as straight and they might be too scared to be with a real man for fear of being seen. 

In this case, the man can explore his sexuality and satisfy his physical needs without worrying about people finding out. This gives him a chance to see what he likes and to have fun without changing his life significantly. 

Gay sex dolls can also be beneficial for men who are married and are either thinking of coming out or have recently come out of the closet. Many of these men know that they are attracted to other men but have no experience in that realm. They don’t know what they like, what feels good, whether they are a top, bottom and so on. All they know are their feelings and that they are attracted to men. 

There are also many gay men who live openly gay who could benefit from gay sex dolls. The reality is that gay men face many of the same relationship problems as straight couples. This includes loneliness, sometimes failing to connect to potential partners or being hurt by past partners. In this case, just like with straight sex dolls, these dolls can be beneficial. You can satisfy your needs while forming a connection with your doll. It’s therapeutic and feels good. 

Whether you’re open, unsure or just looking for some male comfort, gay sex dolls are highly beneficial. They help satisfy your physical needs while also giving you a partner that you can form a relationship with. Many people emotionally connect with their dolls and their highly realistic nature ensures they feel just as good as being with a real person. 

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