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Having sex is one of the good parts of life, no matter how you do it, when you do it, it is always fun. We are not been created to be good or bad at something, there needs to be training, understanding, and most of all practice and improvement. I will share my journey to learn about better sex and hopefully you will get it too.

My parent did not teach me everything about sex, they just bought a book and gave it to me, they said: “If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask”. The book was very good, it had everything I need it to know to understand where babies came, and that’s it. I had to learn the hardest way, by just doing it. During my first attempts at doing, it was awful, no rhythm, I was clueless how to do it, until someone took the time to explain it to me, I was so embarrassed about it. Then I used the same technique every single time. What I did not realize is that every woman is different, and they like different things.

I thought I had everything figured out, I had a script, just by following this script everything will be “Okay” but certainly that was not the case. It does not matter what you did in the bedroom every woman will go out without telling you if it was good sex or bad sex, and if it is just one-night standing you will never know, but her friends will.

I remember one particular night, I was just following my script, and then suddenly, she took control of the situation putting herself on top, then she came; she started dressing right away, and I said “Hey, what about me?” and she replied “you don’t need me for the ending”, and just like that, she left. So I had time for myself to think what went wrong, then I realize that it was me. Following the script will not work well anymore, and most likely she was the only one with the guts to tell me. An improvement was required and this is what I did about it.

Sex Educational Porn DVDs
Porn DVD: Sex Positions

How to Prepare for Sex

  1. Physical Training: Sex is physical. We need to be prepared to it, going to the gym and running will improve your resistance during sex, and your partner will love it too. The exercises are needed for endurance, a lot of it, and if you have extra pounds it is time to lose it, by adding a little bit of diet to the mix.
  2. Buying Sex Education DVDs: Getting the right kind of information, it is very important for this process, we need to learn from the best. However if you look for the internet anything related to free videos you will get only porn that will not tell you anything about doing it right. An investment is needed to achieve the goal, and buying the right DVDs it is a vital step, I bought the DVDs from they came as fast as I needed and they had all the information that I wanted. That is why I highly recommend it for any experienced or beginner user.
  3. Practice: This is the vital part of the process, without practice there is no way you can improve your sex skills. The educational videos will teach you everything you need to know about all the topics you are interested and to learn about better sex, however, they won’t do it for you. With the mere right guidance and training nothing can become better, I suggest to practice anything new gradually. since there is a lot of information, you need to practice all, but do it with different partners and avoid do it all at the same time, since there is a greater risk to make a mistake….. (it will be continued).


Tips for Anal Sex Preparation

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Sexual Education DVDs will make you a Perfect Anal Sex Advisor! Learning about anal sex can change your sexual lifestyle completely to be more interesting! For men anal sex provides an orgasmic experience and for women it will provide a full feeling.

When it comes to anal sex, the more you are familiar with your personal body, the more you will be able to enjoy Anal Sex.

Use Sex Education DVDs

Sexual Education DVDs can help you along your anal sex journey. You need to learn about how to begin building your anal capacity, how to feel relaxed, sexual transmitted diseases and what role you would like to each take in the bedroom. Learning about Anal Sex is a fun experience, which takes time! Whatever you do, never force anything and always use a lot of lubricant.

You can also watch Anal Sex DVDs to observe different sexual intercourse methods.


Communicate with your companion about your individual feelings about anal sex. It is also important to communicate during anal sex to ensure both people are comfortable with the experience.

Practice Anal Muscle Relaxation Techniques

Your anal muscles must be in a relaxed state before anal penetration begins. It is best to exercise your anal muscles so you can gain better control of your body. The muscles management seemingly is determined by you. It is possible to certainly management your lean muscle according to your own choice. So really you will need to understand the methods to control your lean muscle.

It is vital to be completely relaxed before you begin any type of anal play or anal sexual intercourse. Practice deep breathing relaxation methods. Deep breathing can make the body as well as also your mind relaxed and you will be able to like ecstatic sensual moments along with your partner.

Sexual Health Education DVD
Porn DVD: Jessica Drake’s Guide To Wicked Sex – ANAL

Clean Your Anus with a Douche

There’s a lot of filling back there. You will need to clean out your insides before you put something in there!

Take a Hot Shower

Warm water naturally relaxes the muscles throughout your body helping you to unwind. You will also be clean before you have anal sex.

Build Your Anal Capacity

Some people think you can just put something in, and it just works! This is not the case with Anal Sex. If you are a man, begin with using your fingers or a small prostate massager. Take your time to explore your prostate. When you are experimenting with sex toys, your partner can join you, to make the experience that much more exciting and fun! Anal Sex is said to bring a couple closer together!

Until you become comfortable with a small sex toy, you can progress onto bigger items. To build your anal capacity, I recommend you buy a anal butt plug kit that includes different sizes.

Go Slowly

If you are a beginner and feel pain, we recommend you stop. Take this time to recuperate. If you are a beginner then it’ll be better to have gentle sex along with your partner. Make your sexual life happy and healthy.

Romantic Education with Adult Movies

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Adult movies show you ways to get more romantic with your partner.  Sexuality is one of  the prime sources that makes your relationships strong. But do you know how to enjoy sex in different and more perfect ways. If you do not know then you should watch the Adult Movies to be more romantic, you can buy these movies online or at your local video shop. Many people watch sex education movies with great interest as they learn here different ways to do and experiment sex with good looking girls and women! But do you know sex education movies are also able to make your relationship better on a psychological level? It is seen that people who watch educational adult movies have more ideas about sex that make their commitment and attraction to their partner stronger.  You need to watch Movies To Be More Romantic.

It is also true that a man or a woman like their adult partner to have enough knowledge of sex to enjoy it an not be inhibited to try something new. Due to this reason the demand for sex ed is higher than ever especially with couples.  Erotic Movies have been made to get an ideal view of exactly what sex ought to or could be like. Girls are scorching, the men are well endowed, and everyone seems to have a great time. True to life, sometimes it is not as good as the movie but watching one will give you ideas of ways to improve you and your lovers times together! You could possibly sleep around with others, and one of those times may be great or not so great, but every time can be mind blowing when you spend it with the one you love if you will make the effort to experiment. Porn stars probably sometimes do not enjoy their sex scenes but they are actually paid to look like they are enjoying themselves. It is designed to basically aid people getting off, not to get used as a basis intended to or for a comparison to real life. Has any individual ever said you were not enough good or sexy enough in bed? If so watching sex aid movies will enhance your abilities and hopefully never again will you experience the demoralization that these words may cause.  Grab your partner to view Movies To Be More Romantic.

Adult Sexual Education DVD
Education DVD: Karma Sutra

Sex information movies are actually real fun to watch and make a positive impact upon your life and your relationships with others. If you are an adult you should watch at least one sex movie to see if you can benefit from the actions and knowledge you may gain. Sex movies give pleasure that and are good to watch when you know you are not going to spend the night with your partner. You will be able to enjoy the hot sex as well as really hot ladies without cheating on your lover.  You will find that doing so will give you a release and equip you to better perform when next with your special partner.

Are you an adult person and do you think that you are enough mature to watch the sex movies, if yes, then you can buy the educational adult movies or you can also enjoy the Amateur XXX movies that will allow you to view non porn stars enjoying themselves in front of the camera – unscripted and purely for their lustful pleasures.  These homemade movies may even be more beneficial than sexual education films and certainly watching them will make you be more romantic.