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AMK Empire is an award winning studio part of ATKINGDOM that is an entertainment company founded in 1996 for adults. Providing niche content for the purveyor of porn their titles include pregnant girls, hairy women, fat fuckers, anal creampies, MILFs for your pleasure and more. For the past 20 years, ATKingdom and AMKingdom offer high quality content for those that like their sex just a little off centre  They are the leaders in the market and pioneers for POV Amateur, Hairy, Natural, Mature, and other Fetish categories.

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Read what a reviewer wrote about the Anal Violation of Bonnie Gray –

This feature, “starring” Bonnie Grey is from AMK Empire/Exile, and features a girl with a mediocre body, dry-damaged bleached hair, small hanging tits and an ok face. — Steve Nelson Reviewer Rated: STOP! Don’t even bother! This one isn’t worth watching!

Anal Violation of Bonnie Grey was submitted to AVN for Best Anal Series. If there weren’t other better movies in this series to submit, then this is a terrible series. This feature, “starring” Bonnie Grey is from AMK Empire/Exile, and features a girl with a mediocre body, dry-damaged bleached hair, small hanging tits and an ok face. At least she has a bit of hair on her pussy, but that appears to be the only attractive thing about her. She’s not very photogenic and the best wood in this movie was her wooden acting.

For scene one there’s a POV suck in a tub, and fuck on bed. She has a pretty pussy but it’s shot with shaky camera all over the place. If they wanted her to look good they should have had someone do her hair and makeup. The camera frequently blurs out, and there’s bad lighting, as the scene progresses to anal with some shots of her tiny, flabby tits. She jacks him and sucks up some squirts and swallows.

Scene two: Her hair looks better here. Not as much blonde frizzed straw like the first scene. She strips out of lingerie after being chastised for wearing no clothes to work and has to put on a show for the boss. It’s a solo scene. It would be easier to masturbate to a bowl of fruit. Fast forward.

In scene three she comes into the room and says she’s “a friend of Sophia – maybe we can have some fun.” Then smokes a cigarette, she talks, he doesn’t. Now her pussy is not trimmed. The hairs are short and all over around her pussy and legs. She should have trimmed that thing up. He fingers her, then she blows him, then she jacks him off on to her foot. I would be pissed at Sophia for sending her over.

Scene four shows her again with the frazzled blonde hair that looks like a bleach job to the point of dry brittle hay. She looks stoned. Her pussy now trimmed, looks a lot better. The camera follows her in where she fills the tub. She has a flap of skin on her taint when she spreads her ass for the camera. You can’t see it very well on the boxcover because her ass looks dirty. She has another cigarette while the tub fills, then takes a bath. Yawn.

Scene five: He wake her with a caress and her hair looks better now than it did in the last scene. It’s now straight and not as fried-looking. She performs a good-morning BJ, a foot jack, and reverse cowgirl. Cowgirl looks ok. Then some POV spoon. Poor lighting here. If this scene didn’t blur out it would have been good in spite of the poor lighting. It was out of focus. Then anal and he cums on her face. Bad camerawork on this.

Unfortunately, an experience with Bonnie Grey may have colored my opinion of this DVD, as much as I’ve tried to be objective. When I saw her on the cover of this DVD I wanted to review it myself to see if she came across as a big of a cunt as she was to me when I drove her to her scenes before I put her on my no-list. 

Bonnie Grey Porn Star

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