Couch Sex Guidance With Rose Queen At Whenever You Want To

Sex positions don’t always have to start or end on your bed especially with the Rose Queen. The easiest way to break everyday bed sex monotony? Add a few couch sex positions to your list.

Couches are definitely not all that different from beds. They’re soft and inviting, yet absolutely sturdy, and there is plenty of room for two or three lovebirds to canoodle. In other words, shifting your sex starting point from the bed to the couch isn’t a particularly intensive choice. But it’s one that can make a big impact. The couch feels out in the open, vulnerable, revealing in a way a bed never really does, and that holds true, even if you live alone.

Not to mention, there’s something really exciting about couch sex. Inherent to it is the notion that your passion was so abundant you simply couldn’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off, you couldn’t bear the thought of taking a few steps into the bedroom. At that moment. You are overrun with desire, and you could only channel it into one thing: couch sex.

Couch sex can be a hot place to mix it up in a relationship; it can be the setting for impromptu sex during downtime; or, it can be a convenient place to get it on while watching Mr. & Mrs. Smith. If you’re looking to get sofa sexy, try these two basic sex positions.

The Face-off Position

If you’re looking for a sex position that is sweeter and more intimate, the Face Off Sex Position has got you covered.

Face Off Sex is honestly one of the sweeter, calmer, and nicer sex positions, placing both parties in control with complete eye contact. The Face Off Position is easily achieved if the man has a sitting surface, like a bed or a ledge, to make it happen.

Him: Sit down comfortably at the edge of a bed, on a chair, couch, etc., and spread your legs slightly. Embrace your woman as she climbs onto you, facing you, legs spread around your back, with her arms wrapped around your shoulders. Pull her close while you sink deep, slowly, into her.

Her: Climb onto your man, placing your feet on the surface for stability, opening your legs, and slowly easing your way onto his cock while you push your breasts against his chest. Wrap your arms around his back and scratch your nails down his skin to get him going.

The Champagne Room Position

The champagne room position is a seated, rear-entry sex position. To get into this position, the partner doing the penetrating sits down on the edge of a chair, couch, or bed, and the receiving partner gently backs up into them. The champagne room position can be used for anal or vaginal sex.

If the receiving partner’s feet can touch the ground, they can control the depth, angle, and rate of penetration. If their feet do not touch the ground, the penetrating partner can use their hands to move their partner or use the furniture they are sitting on as leverage to thrust.

In addition, the champagne room position leaves both partner’s hands open for exploration or to include toys, as shown in the above picture. Either partner can use toys here to stimulate the receiving partner’s clitoris, nipples, or penis. The top partner can reach down and stimulate the base of the penis, scrotum, or perineum using their hands or a sex toy.

If you want to add more happiness into love, you can bring Rose queen, the most pleasurable and best sex toy, let it join it. As the Sohimi Rose toy pro, Rose queen is made with smooth silicone that isn’t irritating or uncomfortable on/in the body. It uses ABS and liquid silicone rubber, It is very soft, body-safe, smooth and stretchy. You can rub it at will for any sexual position you want. No matter how intense your sex is, no matter how you squeeze it, it can withstand it.

You only need to buy one Rose queen to experience the pleasure of multiple toys at the same time. It can be used as a vibrating dildo and sucking toy. Half of it takes you to experience the pleasure of traditional sex, and the other takes you to feel the stimulation of the clitoris to meet your every need. The most amazing thing is that although Rose queen can bend at various scales, it does not make any sound. 100% silent.

Americans spend nearly three hours a day on the couch, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. That’s more than 1,000 hours per year. Damn. So if you might want to start having sex on it, I mean, why not? Go for it!

Lube War: Anal Lube VS Vaginal Lube

Everyone knows that due to lube sex becomes especially sensual and comfortable – but did you know there is somewhat of a lube war happening. Its place in intimate life cannot be underestimated, because sometimes without lubrication it is impossible to have sex at all. Modern sex industry says that each of us can find for himself exactly “that very lube” to meet special needs and to be suitable for a particular sex. Therefore, in this business, as experienced lovers know, there are no trifles, and anal lube can significantly increase the pleasure of sex and to add a special taste. Moreover, vaginal lube cannot cope with the task assigned to the anal one. Below we will provide a lot of serious arguments to prove this.

The history of lube emergence in sex industry

As we know it and as the sex industry offers us, the modern lube comes from the 19th century. Its invention is credited to the talented chemist Francis Guarier. Having signed a contract with an engineering company to develop a lube for mechanical parts, he spent the day and slept in his laboratory in order to receive the remuneration. A few weeks later, his wife got tired of it and she made a fuss for him right at the workplace, reproaching him for not paying enough attention to her. But, as they say, lovers’ tiffs are harmless. It all ended with amazing sex, before which the scientist forgot to wash his hands. After he touched his wife with them in intimate places, she said that she liked it, after which the man seriously thought about how and for what the lube could be used. After fulfilling his contract, Francis went headlong into the project and invented the first lube for sex.

Now, the choice is truly limitless, and sometimes it seems that there is no limit to it, and people who are not versed in this may even think that there is no difference other than volume or design. However, this is very unsound opinion, anal lube and vaginal lube are not the same thing at all. More precisely, each of them is ideally suited for one or another type of sex. Therefore, it is worth to expand on this theme, and in more detail to understand the question: “What is the difference?”

Anal lube is thicker


First of all, you should know that anal lube is always thicker than vaginal. The reason for this lies on the surface. A natural lube is released from the vagina, even if it is not sufficiently hydrated. The same is no saying about the anus or rectum. Therefore, during anal sex all hope is placed on intimate cosmetics. But vaginal lube is lighter and is quickly absorbed, so its application may not even be enough for the time it takes to gently and painlessly insert the penis, vibrator, or dildo into the anus.

Anal lube may include antiseptic

Since anal sex is not as hygienic as vaginal, exist anal lubes with special antiseptic, which is designed to destroy bacteria that have got on penis, and then avoid them getting into vagina. In addition, it is an argument to try all the delights of such sex, if one of the partners is squeamish or especially anxious about health.

Anal lube with cooling and warming effects

Many women needlessly and unjustifiably avoid anal sex, believing that it hurts. In fact, this is nothing more than a myth supported by those who have not tried it, since in fact it all depends on the skill and patience of the partner. Moreover, those who love this kind of sex, authoritatively declare that the pleasure is sometimes even brighter! However, for such cases, there is a special anal lube with a cooling effect. The lidocaine present in it slightly freezes the anus and there is no pain felt. And as we can see again, vaginal lube doesn’t have such effect. At the same time, it should be understood that neither the woman nor her partner will feel special pleasure, since the nerve endings will not have such sensitivity. Therefore, such a lube will be useful only at first, and when the unreasonable fear disappears and the anus gets used to penetration you can switch to another lube.

As for preparing the anus for sex, it will be better to keep in mind the lube with warming effect. It will cause an additional rush of blood to the intimate place, help to relax and make sex even more sensual and enjoyable.

And, of course, no extreme fisting lover would say that vaginal lube is the right choice for entertainment. This process takes time to warming up, stretching and penetration itself. Therefore, no matter what fisting is, anal or vaginal, either anal lube or a special lube intended for this must be used.

Apply vaginal lube only on penis

Whichever anal lube you choose, you should be generous in applying it anyway. For example, vaginal lube can be applied only on penis and then systematically distributed along the vagina walls. But before anal sex, lube should be present both on penis and, most importantly, at the entrance to the anus and in the sphincter itself. Then, you can be sure in the most exciting pleasure. Moreover, the very process of lube application can be a foreplay, since many men are quite excited about this.


Water or silicone based?

However, vaginal and anal lube have something in common. Both can be water-based or silicone-based. And if the water-based is really universal, although it is absorbed faster, then the second one is not compatible with toys that are made of cyber leather or silicone. This should be considered while using vibrators.

Someone may say that anal lube or vaginal lube does not make that much difference. But it’s like eating soup with a fork. It is possible but not pleasant and convenient? And sex, as one of the main components of our life, should be fabulous and should bring nothing but joy and satisfaction from the process. If vaginal lube has already become your “friend “, then try to make sure that anal lube is also always present at your bedside table. And your anal sex experience will be amazing!

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4 Great Benefits Sex Toys Can Bring into Your Sex Life

Why do I need sex toys, you ask? The answer is the 4 Great Benefits Sex Toys can bring into your sex life.  People have different attitudes towards sex toys, some are embarrassed to use them, but the vast majority cannot imagine life without toys for adults. 

For some couples, sex ceases to bring satisfaction and pleasure over the years. Who feels better during sex – you or your partner? Try to add variety to your bed with a toy that’s right for you.  $100 loans are enough for you to get a couple of toys you will love. We will tell you about the benefits of sex toys for better sex. Stay tuned to find out more!

Love at the Distance

There are times when loving people are at a distance from each other, especially during the pandemic. In such moments, sex toys, controlled from a smartphone application, can help you. Pick yourself a couple’s smart vibrator and make your online dates hotter. The partner can select the appropriate pace and degree of vibration, being hundreds of miles away. With such a device, both partners will make their sex life as interesting as possible.

Stronger Relationships

There is an opinion that toys for sexual pleasure are used only by single people who do not have any relationships. However, this is wrong. Using erotic devices is not only possible but also necessary for everyone, especially couples with experience. With their help, they will be able to get better sex and understand their reactions, find new positions and re-experience the diversity in the world of sexual pleasure.

To make sex bring you joy and satisfaction, do not be afraid to experiment. Try sex toys during intimacy. Who knows, maybe the world will sparkle with new colors for you, and you will discover a completely different level of intimacy. Don’t jump straight to the couple’s strap-on; start with something more innocent, such as special lubes and blindfolds. Try to feel who enjoys sex better. Listen to your feelings and decide if you are ready to continue.

More Trust

Many couples note that sex toys have completely transformed their intimate married life:

  • Someone discovered a new erogenous zone
  • Someone became more easily aroused
  • Some even had an orgasm for the first time, only thanks to a vibrator

Most people are afraid of offending a partner because sex gadgets can suggest that they are no longer arousing, bored, and satisfying. Role-playing outfits are a harmless but very specific signal for starting a sexual play. You can switch to stimulators, vibrators, and other toys by entrusting, for example, remote control of the gadget to your partner. Both will enjoy it, and you won’t have to ask yourself if sex can get better with someone you love.  You will be just doing it.

Pleasure for Health

Don’t forget that sex toys help develop sensuality and lead to better sex. Thus, the use of Kegel balls strengthens the muscles and stimulates the sensitivity of the vagina. Will exercise make sex better? As a result, the woman’s muscle tone increases, and she experiences more pleasure and has more joy while having sex.

If you decide to use vibrators, be aware that they help increase blood flow and serve as an excellent prevention of gynecological diseases. And using a vibrating penis ring will improve the erection and duration of sex for a man, giving pleasure to a woman also. If your partner doesn’t mind the use of sex toys, it brings variety to your intimate life, increases the range of feelings you get from intimacy, and as a result, strengthens your relationship.


Sex toys have become a common thing in our time – every third person uses them. And this is quite natural because sex toys can completely change the usual sexual life, make it much brighter and richer, experience previously unknown sensations that cannot be achieved with traditional intercourse.

And many sex toys also have the most beneficial effect on the health of both men and women. They strengthen the muscles of the vagina, massage the internal organs, and eliminate the stagnation of blood in the small pelvis. So sex toys are not only amazing sensations and better sex, but also great benefits for the body.

Have you tried sex toys? How do you think, which is better sex in the morning or at night?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

10 Tips for Better Sex & Overall Health

Ever wondered why they are so many sex therapists and counselors nowadays that want to teach you better sex? Sexual intercourse is essential whether you’re dating, married, or doing hookups, which you quickly find with the help of these best hookup sites review. This is one thing that can easily tear you and your partner apart. However, it doesn’t have to get there; these tips will help you enjoy better sex like you just got into the relationship.

  1.   Intercourse Classes

Life is always a learning process; you can never know everything. It doesn’t have to be a physical class; you can always find them online. We bet you’re wondering if sex can better a relationship. Also, don’t just learn; make sure you put it into practice.

  1.   Erotic Movie Night

You can create a routine where you occasionally prepare those chocolate and strawberries and some wine, put on sexy lingerie, and put that erotic movie. You want to find out what is the best time for sex? Try this after you’ve both freshened up and are just chilling; you will discover anytime is the best time.

  1.   Know Your Body

There’s no way you would expect your partner to give you mind-blowing sex when you don’t even know which parts of your body make you aroused the most. People wonder, is sex better for a man or woman, and who needs to know their body? The truth is, it’s best for both, and they both need to know their body anatomy; it should be something mutual.

  1.   Is Sex Better with Someone You Love?

True that intercourse is better with someone you love, but why do we still get to the point where we lose interest in the people we love and opt for hookups online? If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you also get bored. It would be best if you put effort into making it better every day and doing things differently. Go the extra mile to ignite that passion in your partner.

  1.   Iron Out Your Issues

Never go to bed angry at each other; make sure you speak out about your issues. Don’t let your ego control you because, before you know it, things will have gotten out of hand, and you’ll find yourself sleeping in separate rooms. Solving your issues before bed can make you have better sex.

  1.   Physical Affection

Is there a better feeling other than cuddling with the person you love? Maintaining physical affection is very important. Kissing, cuddling, random hugs, and physical touches are part of physical affection. You won’t have to worry about which is better sex in the morning or at night. With constant physical affection, anytime is the best intercourse time.

  1.   Work Out

You maybe be wondering how exercise and better sex are related, but it’s a fact that can’t be taken for granted. Those endorphin hormones you release during your yoga or typical workout can make your body urge for intimacy. How can sex better a relationship? Try working out together, and you will find out how.

  1.   Be Curious and Open to Change

How does it feel like trying new recipes for your kitchen? The same works with intercourse; you want to know what is the best time for sex? Be curious and try something different; why not after breakfast or lunch? It doesn’t have to be on the bed all the time, with that same style you’re used to!

  1.   Have Sex Talks

Ever had an open discussion with your partner about your intimate life? This is something that rarely crosses our minds. Sex talks are equally important in relationships. How else will you know when is better sex, in the morning or at night? Maybe they don’t like it when you wake them early, maybe that style you prefer makes them uncomfortable. Talk, and make sure that when you do, it is real talk and no hard feelings.

  1. Avoid Toxicity

Toxicity in relationships is the worst mood killer. You know your partner doesn’t like something, but you still insist on doing it; why so? If you can’t maintain emotional intimacy, then your sex life will come crushing hard as well.


A healthy relationship doesn’t necessarily mean having intercourse frequently. But better sex can tremendously improve your relationship and the overall health of both of you. How are you working on improving your sex life? Kindly share your ideas with us in the comment section below.

Author’s bio:

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

My First Thailand Trip As A Bachelor

When I opened my eyes, I was startled awake by the movement of the plane as it landed in Bangkok. I am young and this is my first trip as a bachelor to Thailand. Actually, I had heard a lot about this place from my friends and that’s why I decided to plan a trip to Thailand. Undoubtedly it is a beautiful country. With its stunning scenery, diverse people, lovely beaches, breathtaking vistas and most importantly availability of hot and seductive babes, this place has many things to explore.


I reached my pre-booked seaside hotel. In the evening, I was feeling bored and decided to spend some time at the bar. I sat down to have a drink because the pub was almost vacant. A sleek young beauty approached me and sat down after introducing herself as Adriana. She stood 5 and half feet tall with long, lustrous black hair and a lovely, intellectual face. She had a great body, which she kept in tip-top shape by going to the gym on a daily basis, and a sweet, husky voice that made you want to masturbate just talking to her. She introduced herself as an escort from Adelaide and asked if I wanted some company for the night.


Later, I told her that I am not intended to pay for sex and that she should look for it elsewhere. She smiled and walked away after thanking me for the drink. I sat there nursing my drink for a while, thinking about her and her gorgeous perfume, her body, and how much fun she would be. She was suddenly smiling and sank back into her chair. I agreed to get her another drink, which she requested. She then told me that she enjoyed talking to me and that she may stay with me for a while. I answered, “OK with me.” As we conversed, time passed by, and in the dim light, we progressed to light petting and kissing.


As the evening wore on, both she and I became increasingly excited, and my inhibitions had entirely dissipated. “Would you rather do this or feel the actual thing?” I asked her as I turned to face her. Without further ado, we headed to my suite. She leaned in and kissed me passionately as soon as we walked into my room. My hands glided along the contours of her upper body from her shoulders to her waist, securing and lifting her t-shirt. Our hungry lips brushed against one other, and we even had a tongue-wrestling match!!! As I raised my arms to remove her t-shirt, she gave me a questioning look.


With a black bra on her white milky body, she was looking like a seductress. She was reminding me of my first escort experience which I had 2 years ago in my hometown with escort girls in London. I just stared at her 33 C-cup tits, carefully running my hands under her bra, and started fondling her tits. We kissed some more while I stroked her smooth and removed her bra. Her firm tits and taut nipples were actually saluting me for touching them. I started unbuttoning her jeans until they were completely undone. Her tits pressed against my face as I assisted her in pushing it back. “Oh my god! Adriana, your tits are stunning!”


It sparked an even more intense need in both me and her, so I slipped down onto the floor and kissed her belly button. Adriana was unbuttoning my shirt, undoing my belt, and unbuttoning my jeans in the meantime. Except for the socks on my feet, I swiftly kicked off my Nike sneakers and stood tall in my birthday suit. She whimpered, ‘Kiss it, Yes, Bite it.’


She was an outspoken lover who enjoyed freely expressing her emotions while in bed. She then knelt to remove my underpants, and my cock sprung upon her in all its glory, the entire 8-inch length. She grabbed it with one hand and tucked it beneath my balls with the other. “That’s it, baby, be a good girl and suck my cock!”


I pushed myself up so I could take off my jeans and underwear. She stretched out and caressed my cock a few times, kissed the head, and licked it thoroughly a few times, much to my delight. “You have a very great and large cock; I’m blown away! I’m hoping you’ll completely fulfill me and transport me to heaven! She licked my dickhead once more when I positioned my cock towards her mouth. She slid my dick into her mouth and began twirling her tongue in numerous directions across the firm flesh while continuing to stroke it. “Ah! It’s fantastic!” I exclaimed. I lunged forward and pushed my cock farther into her mouth as she leaped forward to squat in front of me.


We were now completely naked like it was some sort of sex competition, and she was going to have her sexual desires fulfilled. She told me there are a lot of Melbourne escorts who fuck for money. But who cares other, when you have fucking hot lady with me, I said. I stretched out and drew her closer to him. I turned my face towards her crouch and smelled her pussy while she was licking and stroking me. This is the best of all aromas, a hot, pulsing pussy just waiting to be pounded. To stimulate her g-spot, I pressed my middle finger inside her pussy. Her juice flowed even more freely as a result of this, it was fantastic… It’s just too much to have a hot pussy pouring with juice. I noticed stars and said, “Oh crap, that’s fantastic… That’s wonderful! You’re making me hungry! Oh my god, that feels amazing!”


She massaged her hot, wet pussy on my face and fed me with her juice-soaked fingers. She was emboldened by the sensation of my cock in her mouth and the knowledge that she was acting like a slut. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs for me, showing her wanton wet pussy, which was cleanly shaved and clean. “Why don’t you feel how hot my pussy is for yourself darling and put your cock inside me?” she murmured, looking up at me. For a long time, my pussy has been neglected.


We’d arrived at a point where all you could think about was fuck… fuck. And fuck to please yourself and your lover; it’s the most self-centered thing you can do. As I went onto the position for the last countdown, I rubbed my cock and massaged myself. I slowly entered her moist, hot, and welcoming pussy with the head of my cock on her cunt-lips. I proceeded to penetrate her and pushed deeper and deeper into her love canal until the full 8-inch massive meat was fully inside.


I bent down and started to rock her back and forth, my large manhood fully engorged in her cunt. “Do you want me to cum in your pussy?” I asked, looking down at her. Do you want to be filled with my hot cum? You want to feel me accelerate inside you.” As if the situation couldn’t be any more uncomfortable, my question prompted her to begin climaxing. She shouted and screamed as she could feel my cock expanding and mushrooming as her pussy constricted from the climax before I began discharging fast bursts of my hot lava into her burning volcano.