Secrets to a Better Sex Life

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Sex Tips to Improve Your Sex Life

Satisfying sex is one of the markers of a great relationship. If your lover makes you scream, you two are doing something right. However, many people are in relationships that have a less-than-perfect sex life. Or maybe you’re still looking for someone to have amazing sex with on the best dating sites 2021?

Whatever the case, almost everyone is looking to have more mind-blowing sex. However, few people know how to get it. These tantalizing sex tips and ideas are sure to spice up your love life in no time!

Sex Tips for a Steamy Sex Life

  1.     Touch More (Outside the Bedroom)

Many people build their idea of sex from what they see in the movies. Couples go from 0-100 in no time and, usually, move straight to penetrative sex. However, real-life just isn’t that exciting, and sex in a long-term relationship is often routine.

Building intimacy in day-to-day life is one of the best sex tips to improve your love life. This can be as simple as holding hands while watching TV or kissing and hugging more. Although many people think cuddling is the opposite of sex, you’d be surprised what an intimate snuggle-sesh can lead to.

  1.     Have a Conversation

When it comes to thinking about sex tips in a new relationship, sexual compatibility can be hard to assess. You might have great chemistry, but that first time can still be a little awkward. Don’t be afraid to discuss sex, even early in a relationship.

While many people fear that talking about sex will kill the magic, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a scary conversation can actually lift a lot of the fear around sex. You might find yourself opening up like never before once you’ve explained the things you like/you’re worried about.

  1.     Understand What Works For You

One of the best sex tips life hacks is to learn how to masturbate. If you understand your own body and what gives you pleasure, it will be much easier to help someone else understand. Understanding your own pleasure also gives you an element of control in your sex life. You know what you want, and you don’t rely entirely on someone else to give it to you. What could be sexier than that?

  1. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

In modern life, it’s hard to avoid seeing images of sex. From online ads to porn to music videos, sexual imagery is everywhere. This can make us feel inadequate, and we can start to believe that our partners could easily find better sex elsewhere.  Not everyone is going to offer anal sex just because their partner asks for it.

Ironically, this type of thinking is likely to make your sex life dry up. One of the best sex tips you need to know is that sexiness relies on confidence. If you feel sexy, you’ll be sexy to others. Building sexual confidence means embracing who you are, not wishing you could be someone else. If you can’t work on this with your partner, try building your own confidence first and watch your sex life take off.

  1.     Prioritize Relaxation

One of the greatest sex tips to make a woman happy is to allow her to relax before you move straight on to sex. Life can be stressful, and stress is a guaranteed sex killer. Instead of planning to have sex, plan to spend time relaxing together. The more time you spend doing this, the more likely your sex life is to improve.


Maintaining a fulfilling sex life, especially over a long period of time, is tricky. These sex tips can help with some of the emotional baggage that can build up around sex. Once you’ve dealt with that, you’re free to just enjoy!

Final Call: How’s your sex life? Do you feel satisfied? Have any of these tips helped you improve your sexual encounters? Let us know in the comments!

Author’s bio:  

Miranda Davis is a freelance writer in the relation and psychology area. Miranda is interested in such topics as building healthy relationships between people, love/sex compatibility, and how to find the right balance in life in general. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves cooking and long-distance walking.

A XXX Adventure With Batman And Superman

Superhero gay porn parody

For my review this week I thought I’d do it on an adult movie, so I went to our DVD room at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre and scoured the wall. Then, I saw it! It was a perfect for this week, as the Justice League movie had just opened across the nation. This week, I will be doing my review on the parody of Batman v Superman made by the famous gay adult film studio

As a massive nerd and comic book fan I was weary that they had done this parody, but in good spirit I thought it could be some fun, if nothing else. Starring as Bruce Wayne aka Batman is dark and brooding Trenton Ducati and as Clark Kent aka Superman is sizzling hot sex god Toper DiMaggio. I feel like both casting choices were perfect for the part, and they both had done well in the roles.

Gay batman porn parody
Image: Batman Shielding Man

In the first scene it starts off at a party where Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meet for the first time after being introduced by the villain Mr. Smith. They talk and come to realise they oppose each other in defence of their alter egos. It then cuts to the very sexy Damien Crosse in an alley and is being attacked by thugs. In no time at all, Superman comes and fends off the thugs, and Damien Crosse shows his gratitude to him by offering himself to Superman. It is then that we see what the man of steel is really made of. They move to the warehouse and they get down to action. It cuts to Batman watching the pair and it looked like he was getting off from watching them. Or maybe he was just gathering ‘evidence’. Superman tops Damien; they change positions a few times and they both have an explosive end. Both actors worked well together, they were very passionate and had great chemistry. I feel like they could have made this scene better if Damien Crosse wasn’t just a random victim and they made him a parody version of Louise Lane. It’s not a big deal but it would have added to the story. If Superman saved all civilians like this, I would constantly be seeking his help and getting into trouble.

The next scene shows a naked Paddy O’Brian being held up by some thugs but within moments Batman is there to fend them off and save the ‘helpless’ Paddy. As thanks Paddy does Batman. Now I found this as a surprise because I always imagined Batman to be a top (come on now, Robin is DEFINITELY a bottom!) but it was a very hot scene nonetheless. Paddy is a very good top and always delivers such passion and it was hot to see him do Batman. Again, they change positions a few times, and when Paddy is done exploring Batman’s bat-cave, they have a happy ending.

Gay superman kissing a man
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In the final scene we see the big bad Mr. Smith with three caged up twinks, naked and he is ready to do ‘experiments’ on them but before he gets to start he is thwarted by the crime fighting duo, who have come together to save the helpless caged up studs, played by Allen King, Dario Beck and Massimo Piano. Once stopped, while waiting for the authorities, the three captors decide they couldn’t resist the caped crusader’s charm and they want to show their gratitude. It starts off with an all in brawl and it seems Batman and Superman are very happy they saved the innocent captors. The three young men take turns servicing and offering themselves to the two superheroes but then Batman and Superman decide to bond with just each other. Superman ends up topping Batman and the others watch on and get each other off. As they watch the two muscular studs put on a show. The show stopping conclusion shows the three men watching, jerking each other off and then blow on themselves from the hotness of what they are witnessing which has the last son of Krypton explode all over the face of the Dark Knight. An extremely hot ending to the movie as great porn has many benefits!

Now overall I was very happy with the movie and the approach they took, and being the nerd that I am loved the fact that the actors kept their crime fighting costumes on, mainly, throughout the scenes and especially when the action happened. They didn’t just get rid of the costumes and become completely naked. This was a very hot detail and I appreciated it as it added to the overall experience. I did hope that they did more scenes in the movie. They could have done a scene where Batman goes back to the bat cave and has a scene with Alfred, his loyal butler. And it would have been hot to see a solo scene with Batman and Superman and have them fight then end up in a hot scene where they go at it on a rooftop or something like that. But that certainly didn’t mean the movie wasn’t good and it was very hot to watch. For me the main star was definitely Topher DiMaggio, as I have been a long-time fan of the actor and always enjoy his scenes but I felt he was extraordinary as The Man of Steel especially with his body and attitude. Now I wonder how they will approach a Justice League parody and how on earth will they do Wonder Woman?

I give this adult movie four and a half bat-signals out of five!

Author: Brett is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Slobbery Cock Sucking and Deep Throating

Nicole Clitman Porn Actress Photo

Evil Angel brings to you Anal Dolls 2, Full Anal Service 3 and Jasmine Jae Is Evil. If you are looking for beautiful, petite women playing with sex toys, slobbery cock sucking or big black cocks, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Angel Smalls Porn Actress Photo
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Anal Dolls 2

Petite, young sluts experience director Toni Ribas’ ferocious style of fucking – no holds or holes barred – in “Anal Dolls #2.” In each scene, the Latin Lothario (or another stud from his posse) wreaks backdoor devastation, opening a cute little lady’s butt wide with a big boner and dildos. Tiny blonde slut Angel Smalls plumbs her holes with various toys and buzzes her clit with a massager. She sucks the director’s thick dick ass-to-mouth and stretches herself out with multiple rubber dongs at once. Love doll Eden Sin slurps on Ramon Nomar’s erect meat and then mounts the thick, uncut schlong for a nasty anal ride. All natural, blonde minx Nicole Clitman drills her tight openings with various toys; tattooed, intriguingly named stud Small Hands fucks her in every slot and gives Nicole a messy, open-mouthed cum facial. Toni reams Japanese cutie Marica Hase’s cunt and butthole. He fingers her pussy until she squirts, and the Asian slut milks out his cream.

Toni Ribas’ “Anal Dolls #2” is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, cast list and filmography.


Angel Smalls, Eden Sin, Marica Hase, Nicole Clitman, Ramon Nomar, Small Hands, Toni Ribas

August Taylor Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: August Taylor

Full Anal Service 3

In “Full Anal Service #3,” freaky director Mike Adriano documents his graphic encounters with a diverse group of eager nymphs. This is top-quality backdoor perversion – decadent sodomy, slobbery, ass-to-mouth cocksucking and explicit rectal kink. Exotic Genevieve Sinn experiences her first on-screen butt fuck. She vibrantly rims Mike’s bunghole and gleams when his meat penetrates her asshole. He slathers her smile in sperm. Slender Spaniard Moka Mora parades her flexible body and freshly shaved snatch. Her wet cunt sloshes Mike’s chest as she rides his bone; following a backyard plowing, she valiantly exhibits her stretched, cavernous colon. Brunette bimbo August Taylor brings massive tits and fleshy cheeks. She spices up a sloppy blow job by swaddling Mike’s thick shaft in her jumbo jugs, and she fondles his balls while his prick hammers her butthole. Tiny, 19-year-old Holly Hendrix is horny and enthusiastic. The hot tart takes an epic anal reaming, deep-throats Mike’s thick prick and displays her prolapsed rectum!

Mike Adriano’s “Full Anal Service #3” is a single-disc DVD with cast list and filmography.


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Bailey Blue Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Bailey Blue

Jasmine Jae Is Evil

Six edgy, artistic Evil Angel directors offer their individual takes on one bombshell performer, each revealing different aspects of her volcanic sexuality and proving that “Jasmine Jae Is Evil.” Legendary cocksman Lexington Steele gives the buxom, brick-house beauty an outdoor interracial screwing in front of God and the neighborhood; inside, they share breathless, skin-slapping sex till his big black cock unloads in her deep cleavage. Exotic, Brit-accented Jasmine deep-throats Manuel Ferrara’s fat white prick and takes it straight up her ass as he spanks her cheeks pink. Director Kevin Moore captures Tyler Nixon blackmailing stepmom Jasmine into illicit anal sins. Super-hung Nacho Vidal finds Jasmine working the street and brings her home for a threesome with his girlfriend, Dahlia Sky. Tall Jasmine aggressively pummels pervy Mike Adriano’s face with her jugs, tongue-fucks his asshole, takes a serious butt fuck and gulps his jism with a smile. Huge guns spilling from her glamorous evening dress, Jasmine talks dirty to BAM Visions director Mick Blue, initiating intense sodomy. LeWood Productions stud Mark Wood reams her gaping rectum and fills her deep throat with splooge.

Evil Angel’s “Jasmine Jae Is Evil” is a double-disc DVD with cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies.


Angel Smalls, Bailey Blue, Jasmine Jae, Lexington Steele, Manuel Ferrara, Mark Wood, Mick Blue, Mike Adriano, Nacho Vidal, Tyler Nixon




Raging Stallion Hairy Boyz

Dean Coulter Porn Actor Photo

Directors Chris Ward and J.D. Slater have long been known as the guys who bring you the macho male. The casts that have populated Raging Stallion’s infamous movies set an unrivaled standard for high-end masculinity that never fails to deliver hot, dripping action right into your lap! And now, for the first time ever, Chris Ward has delved into the archives to bring out Raging Stallion’s first Classic Collection tape, featuring his choice of the finest scenes he has filmed. Studs, this is the cream of the crop – five long scenes, uncut and presented in their original long-play format, and all built around our favorite topic: the hairy chested male!

What could possibly be hotter than a finely chiseled hairy chest? And Raging Stallion is the place to find them! We specialize in filming hairy jocks and we have built our reputation on filming them better than anyone else. If you enjoyed those old classic films from the ’70s, you will love the hot hairy action that Raging Stallion has captured on film for your depraved enjoyment.

Here is what you get in this value-packed set of scenes:

The timeless classic pairing of Tom Vacarro and muscle god Dean Coulter. This scene originally published in Sexpack Two, was what originally put Raging Stallion on the map. Receiving a Best Sex Scene nomination at the 2000 GayVNs, this match-up remains one of the best sex scenes ever filmed. Vacarro’s shimmering chest hair and stunning good looks will make you do a double take! Can any man be this hot? But wait until you see his massive cock! Like a heat-seeking missile, Tom’s tool finds its target in the form of Dean Coulter’s perfect ass! And the explosion is one that you must not miss!


Michael Soldier Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Michael Soldier

Cover man Mark Evrett can do no wrong as he spends an afternoon doing yard work in another Ward/Slater Classic – BackYard Buddies. Raging Stallion favorite RJ Parker gets the honor of fucking Evrett’s hairy ass. RJ, himself a stunning hairy stud, knows how to have sex, and when paired with Evrett, the two really catch fire. I guess that is what you get when you throw a hot hairy Sicilian into the same space as our favorite hot, hairy American! The back-story on this scene is also interesting – it was actually the first scene that Raging Stallion ever shot! It was filmed on Chris Ward’s birthday in 1999 and both Mark and RJ were in town to celebrate with him (in a very nasty sort of way!). This is one of our favorites!

Mark Evrett is not only known for his stunning, hairy body (perfect pecs, perfect ass, washboard stomach, fantastic beard, etc). He is also known as Mr. Butt Boy Wonder! His ass is perhaps the most talented one Raging Stallion has ever filmed – so much so that even now, years after he retired from the Biz, he still has one of the most loyal fan bases of any model we have ever filmed. In this disc, we decided to give you one of his most amazing solo dildo performances – watch his bubble butt, hairy ass ride up and down on a very long toy. Where it goes is your guess! Suffice it to say, this scene will make you into a Mark Evrett fan for all time!

Since we designed this movie as homage to Mark Evrett, we decided to include one more of his amazing performances – this one is his famous dark room scene with hairy leather stud Lance Gear. This may be Chris Ward’s favorite scene of all time and one that fans talk about to this day. Never before has Mark’s colt-like body looked better! His ass cheeks are like solid, furry cannon balls, his chest like a Steve Kelso Calendar, his huge cock like a tool built to ram ass! After a stunningly well-filmed blow job, the fucking really takes off – and it is fucking Raging Stallion style! And when the cum drips down Mark’s furry body, you yourself will be unable to hold back your own overwhelming orgasm!

For the finale of our first collection disc, we chose another all-hairy jock masterpiece: Michael Soldier (2004 GayVN Best Actor) gets a pounding from hairy fashion model Buck Philips. These guys are the epitome of manly beauty, and they perform exactly as you want them to! Fucking in position after position, their pelted chests drip with man-sweat and the close up shots of amazing anal penetration put you right in the middle! When Michael literally has the cum fucked out of him, Buck pulls out and has one of porn’s great cum shots!









Falcon Studio Into The Blue

Topher DiMaggio Porn Actor Photo

Dive ‘Into the Blue’ with a cadre of gorgeous men in a luxurious adult lifestyle emerge themselves into a  private pool. These studs are hot and as the temperature rises, so does their need for sexual satisfaction. Tony Dimarco directs seven toned, horny studs as they suck, rim fuck, and shoot enormous loads in and next to the stunning waters underneath the bright clear sky. Seth Santoro shows off his oral skills with JJ Knight’s massive cock before JJ pounds Seth’s ass and delivers a load of cum to the face. Topher DiMaggio’s horseplay with Jeremy Spreadums leads to an intense fuck session in the soft green grass, and Topher shoots an epic load on Jeremy’s muscular bubble butt. Ryan Rose and Seth Santoro trade head in the hot tub, and Ryan snowballs Seth’s load back into his mouth. Brent Corrigan takes Topher DiMaggio’s dick from both ends, then gets his chest covered with both their loads. Ryan Rose spies Scott Riley’s round bubble butt and can’t resist putting his dick inside, pounding Scott’s hole and putting a load in his mouth. For the hottest poolside sex with the sexiest men in the world, just take a deep breath and dive ‘Into the Blue.’

Scott Riley and Ryan Rose Fuck

As Scott Riley approaches the pool, Ryan Rose lifts his sunglasses to get a better look at Scott’s perky butt. As Scott swims back and forth in the cool, refreshing waters, Ryan rises from his chair and wades into the pool too. They immediately embrace and lock lips in a kiss. Ryan’s hands move down to Scott’s ass, pulling down his blue swimsuit to show the top of Scott’s ass. Scott gropes Ryan’s hard boner through his bathing suit. Pulling it down, Scott goes underwater to give Ryan a deep-throated blowjob. They kiss again passionately, and then Ryan leads Scott to the edge of the pool for more. Using his hand against the back of Scott’s head, Ryan guides Scott up and down the length of his shaft. Thick trails of spit roll down Ryan’s shaft as Scott swallows Ryan’s meat to the base. Scott stand up in front of Ryan and Ryan pulls down Scott’s suit. With Scott bent over the lounge chair, Ryan Spread’s Scott’s fuzzy blond butt cheeks and rims his tight, pink hole. Eager for more, Ryan mounts Scott from behind and fucks him doggy style. They move to a sit fuck, and Scott’s ass stretches around Ryan’s huge cock. Using his muscular legs, Scott raises and lowers himself on Ryan’s massive tool. Flipping Scott over, Ryan fucks him in missionary position until he can’t hold back any longer. Ryan moves forward and blows his load right in Scott’s open mouth. Jerking his hard cock, with the taste of Ryan’s cum on his lips, Scott busts his nut on his blond treasure trail.

Scott Riley Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Scott Riley

Brent Corrigan and Topher DiMaggio Fuck

Lounging by the pool, Brent Corrigan waits as Topher DiMaggio approaches. Topher knows what he wants and goes for it right away, wrapping his lips around Brent’s thick cock. He sucks on Brent’s balls and fingers Brent’s tight hole. Standing up, Topher pulls out his meat and offers it to Brent to suck on. With his expert deep throating skills, Brent is eager and up to the task. Their toned bodies glisten under the warm sun as Brent gets on all fours and shows off his ass. Topher goes in for a rim job, slicking up Brent’s tight ass with his spit. He pushes the saliva down Brent’s hole with his thumb, then thrusts forward with his cock, penetrating Brent’s ass. They move from doggy style to a sit fuck, with Brent riding Topher’s hard meat. Brent’s dick bounces against Topher’s washboard abs. Brent starts jerking his cock in rhythm with Topher’s thrusting, and he shoots an extra thick load across Topher’s tanned, toned stomach. Topher picks Brent up and lays him down on his back. Stroking himself, Topher unleashes massive ropes of cum that splatter across Brent’s muscular torso. They press their lips together in slow, passionate kisses, sinking down into the poolside lounge chair.

Brent Corrigan Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Brent Corrigan

Topher DiMaggio and Jeremy Spreadum Fuck

Topher DiMaggio is horsing around in the clear, blue pool with Jeremy Spreadums. Topher reaches around and pulls down the back of Jeremy’s rainbow swimsuit, fingering his tight hole. Jeremy goes underwater, pulls down Topher’s bathing suit, and gives an underwater blowjob. Coming up for air, Jeremy makes out with Topher while stroking Topher’s hard cock. Exiting the pool, they move to a shady spot in the grass. Jeremy inhales Topher’s massive cock to the base, slicking it up with his slippery saliva. Topher thrusts his hips, face fucking Jeremy’s eager mouth. Topher spins Jeremy around and spreads his cheeks, delivering a deep, spit-fueled rim job. He teases Jeremy’s ass with the tip of his cock, then thrusts inside. With Jeremy’s legs in the air, Topher starts fucking him faster and faster underneath the warm sun. They move to a sitting position, with Jeremy using his muscular legs and thick glutes to raise and lower himself on Topher’s towering cock. Rolling over to doggy style, Jeremy strokes his cock as Topher fucks him deeper and deeper. Rearing up on his knees, Jeremy rubs out a thick white load that splatters across the towel beneath them. Topher uses Jeremy’s ass as a target for his epic load, shooting off a fountain of white cum. With their sexual needs satisfied, Topher and Jeremy jump naked into the pool together for a gleeful skinny dip.

Topher DiMaggio Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Topher DiMaggio

JJ Knight and Seth Santoro Fuck

Underneath a bright clear sky, with palm fronds swaying in the breeze, Seth Santoro dives into the cool, blue waters of the swimming pool. His swimsuit shows off his smooth, toned body. JJ Knight lounges nearby, watching intently as Seth swims his laps. A bulge grows in JJ’s bathing suit that can’t be contained: he whips out his hard cock and strokes it slowly, enticingly, waiting for Seth to notice. Slowly, Seth emerges from the pool, his own suit displaying the unmistakable outline of his boner. He walks toward JJ, bends forward, and wraps his lips around the sensitive tip of JJ’s cock head. As the sun shines on JJ’s abs, Seth works his way down JJ’s immense shaft, lubing it up with his spit. They strip and share a kiss before Seth turns around for JJ to rim his tight hole. Bending forward, Seth pushes his hairy ass into JJ’s face while sucking on JJ’s massive cock. Spinning around to face JJ, Seth sits down on JJ’s meat. As JJ’s cock stretches and fills Seth’s hole, JJ begins thrusting up from below, pressing deep into Seth’s most sensitive spots. Standing up, JJ fucks Seth from behind. As Seth braces himself against the lounge chair, JJ picks up speed, ramming his enormous meat into Seth’s tight hole. Seth rolls on his back and raises his right leg to the sky, allowing JJ’s cock to penetrate deeper than ever. The sensation brings Seth to orgasm: jerking his cock, he shoots a massive, thick load across his furry stomach. JJ reaches for his cock and pumps out stream after stream of hot white cum right into Seth’s face. Drenched in cum, Seth pulls JJ close and exchanges a tender, creamy kiss.

Seth Santoro Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Seth Santoro