Falcon Studio Bucks County Collection

Bucks County Into the Wild

San Francisco-based, iconic gay adult entertainment producer Falcon Studios announced that its Autumn 2013, two-part blockbuster release, Bucks County has shattered all recent retail sales records.  The widely acclaimed and favourably reviewed release, directed by Award-Winners Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond, has become the biggest hit from Falcon in recent years.

Bucks County Into the Wild and Bucks County 2 Road to Temptation take the viewer on a trip down the rural back roads of America, far from the big city. Incorporating some beautiful American Scenery featuring some of the best Buff Boys that Falcon has to offer, it no small wonder why this film has exceeded sales expectations and has become a DVD hit. Falcon is renowned for its high quality DVD’s and legendary production quality and this DVD is absolutely no exception. Part of the projects success stems from a superstar-filled cast, including Exclusives Ryan Rose and Donnie Dean and fan favourites Liam Magnuson, Connor Kline, Woody Fox, Jack King, Connor Maguire, Lance Luciano, Vance Crawford, Jason Goodman, Joey Cooper and Kip Johnson.

Bucks County 2 Road to Temptation
Bucks County 2 Road to Temptation

The movies are available in HD High Definition DVD in Australia at The Gay Exchange Sydney’s first all gay retail outlet and also available online at Xvideo – Australia’s Premium Online Adult Film Store.

From some hot Muscled Sex in the Back, Front and Bonnet of an SUV, to some hardcore Barn Yard play with some ‘conveniently’ placed hay and other various poles if American Dreams are your thing, then this is your film. Did I mention the Blowjob by the BBQ? No? Need I tell you more about these chiselled American Young Hunks enjoying their time on the Great American Road?

In addition to two movies filled with some of the biggest stars in porn, Falcon produced a 60-page, 8×10”, X-Rated coffee table book to accompany the DVD is a Bucks County Limited Edition Collector’s Set, exclusively available direct from the studio.  It includes both DVDs and a numbered (1-100) copy of The Men of Bucks County book signed by the photographers, Edward Scott and Kent Taylor, Grabby Still Photographer of the Year. Less than 20 limited edition, signed copies remain.

“I’m overjoyed with the triumph of Bucks County.  I have to give kudos to the directors, models and photographers who created the striking images and super-hot action in these releases,” states Chris Ward, President Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios. “This is a team effort and Tony Dimarco and Bruno Bond lead our team to a hugely successful production and final product, and the sales numbers prove that it’s a major winner.”

Bucks County is a two part movie. Parts 1 and 2 are now available at Sydney’s Legendary Gay Exchange and Online.

Review: Lucas Entertainment Lucky Fuck

Lucas Entertainment Lucky Fuck Porn DVD Image

Have you ever found the fuck you had always wanted? Israeli sex-stud Avi Dar is over alongside nine hard and horned men, who are prepared to run into their “Lucky Fuck“! Muscle-man Marc Dylan discovers Alexsander Freitas on the web, just to venerate his huge cock in him. Force top Ricky Sinz hammers lost New York City bottom vacationer Preston Steel. Lucas Entertainment Avi Dar discovers and fucks newcomer twink Edin Sol. Troy Daniels strips down and rides park jogger Barrington Brooks all the way home. John Magnum presents his gaping ass to pool-playing muscle-stud Samuel Colt. Discover your dream – now is the right time to get lucky!

Things often happen unexpectedly: muscle bound Israeli hunk Avi Dar is strutting down 39th Street New York, delivering a dildo to Lucas Entertainment studios, when he and lean biker Edin Sol connect in the city corner. The toys fall out for some flying, and Edin helps Avi help assemble the stray dildos up; Avi then makes an offer that Edin cannot refuse. “Hey, I work for a porn organization. You need to come see the workplace?” How could Edin resist to this?

Lucas Entertainment Lucky Fuck Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Lucas Entertainment Lucky Fuck

At the same time when at the workplace: Avi pumps Edin into the gay porn studio, wraps his thick arms around Edin’s conditioned middle, and starts covering him with kisses. At the point when their garments fall off, Edin’s thin body is superbly coordinated with Avi’s hunky, ripped body. Avi turns Edin around, pecking his ass cheeks, and afterward covers his mouth in the middle of, consuming out his delicious ass in a sexy visual of anilingus.

The rimming transforms into oral sex soon enough — Avi flexes his body as Edin slurps on and drools everywhere on his ready cock. Avi demonstrates his lust by wrapping his lips around Edin’s own smooth crick, sucking on his deeply; his tough facial hair couldn’t be more blazing! Yet Edin’s ass is the prize, and Avi’s capable body demonstrates the hungry ass no kindness as he presents his gaping hole to Avi’s thrusts. Avi pounds his dick way deep inside Edin, pounding him as he groans in joy. Avi’s most extraordinary fucking comes when Edin is on his back and Avi is holding his legs high baring all around: the position brings them both to a cum-filled peak!

Purchase Lucas Entertainment Lucky Fuck on DVD now at Xvideo Australia for an amazingly cheap  prices for porn DVDs on the web. Lucky Fuck emphasizes 5 separate scenes featuring Alexsander Freitas, Marc Dylan and Preston Steel. Everyone’s most loved scene is with John Magnum and Samuel Colt. The scene happens at a restaurant and bar and peculiarities a considerable measure of gentleman on fellow butt-centric sex, cockerel sucking and doggy style, completing with semen on his belly.


Lucas Entertainment Revenge

Rafael Alencar Porn Star Photo

Revenge Gay Porn DVD now available at Xvideo Australia from the Lucas Entertainment Studio,  When you want the best gay adult DVDs at fantastic pricing shipping worldwide by DHL why would you shop anywhere else?

“An evening of debauchery decimates a storybook romance, and there is only one way to even the score – Revenge!”

Justin Beal has everything – a flashy suit, the corner office, and the attention of hot, scruffy bike messenger Kyle DeAnthony. In no time Kyle’s shirt is on the floor, his pants are ripped open, and his cock is buried in Justin’s throat. Kyle’s dick is quite the prize, but Justin’s real attention is focused on his hot furry ass. Soon Kyle is groaning for more as Justin pile-drives him in a chair with his gorgeous eight-inches. They move to Justin’s desk, where Kyle gets fucked to a massive cum shot, and Justin coats his sculpted torso with shot after shot of his hot load.

Soon to be ex-bachelor Jesse Martin is lulled into an erotic tizzy by Matan Shalev’s lap dancing skills. After the other party goers leave, Jesse and Matan can no longer control their passion for each other and begin a suck and fuck fest that has dire consequences for all involved.

Lucas Entertainment Revenge Gay Porn Image
Porn DVD: Lucas Entertainment Revenge

Revelers Roy Jones and Murphy Maxwell escape from the party and find each other in a New York City loft, ready to bear witness to their sexcapade. They fuck and suck, with Roy topping tattooed twink Murphy. Assholes are opened wide, fluids are blasted, and pleasure is had by all!

Justin Christopher saunters into tattooed bad-boy Johnny Angel’s bedroom, his rock-hard dick barely contained by his briefs. They greet with a passionate kiss, and Johnny gets to work worshiping Justin’s massive uncut cock. After stretching his throat, he reluctantly breaks away to let Justin service his dick and ass. But Johnny won’t be happy until he sees that monster cock spew, so he pounds Justin’s insatiable hole until his load comes flying out.

Furious at Matan Shalev for ruining his relationship, Rafael Alencar attacks the home-wrecking Israeli with every muscle in his toned body. But Matan is ready for him, and the two toss each other around in a fierce battle for physical and sexual dominance. Rafael forces Matan into submission, and the battered hunk takes Rafael’s massive cock in every hole. Grunts of pain and protest turn into moans of pleasure as Rafael humiliates his opponent with a jizz facial.

Very sexy and hot throughout the entire movie. If this movie doesn’t get you off, I don’t know what will. The gay sex scenes are all very well done, and they have very full and hard erections, and their facial expressions are what you would expect them to have if they were enjoying the sex, so I think they are truly enjoying the sex and not just going through the motions like they do in some porn movies. This movie is now going to the top of my wish list.

Colt Studios Dual: Taking It Like A Man

Jake Andrews Porn Star Photo

The reaction to COLT Studio featuring simple unadorned couplings of two big muscular COLT Men has been as big as the muscles on the COLT Men themselves! Which is to say big … really big! It was a formula COLT Studio Group head John Rutherford first used in COLT’s COUPLES Series… a video so successful that it started a series of COLT videos featuring two men in simple settings allowing the video to be first and foremost… all about the men and the sex to be sold in adult stores.

In COLT Studios Dual: Taking It Like A Man we have seven men… big bull-like men… in four encounters… one-on-one. As hot as it is simple. Simple… but much harder to put together than it looks. The two men have to not only be cut and chiseled COLT Men… they have to be attracted to each other. They have to really want to be with each other performing for the camera and for fans of the COLT Man everywhere. Finding them and putting them together is the specialty of multi-award winning director and producer John Rutherford. “I always make a point of paying attention to what the fans of our videos are saying and wanting.” Says Rutherford. “And I’m always getting great e-mails from guys who are totally into our COLT Couples tradition, whether it’s in print or on DVD.” This popular scenario has struck a deep cord with fans… a deep hard one!

The fans know exactly what they want to see. Big hard COLT Men having the time of their lives with each other as they take it like a man! COLT Studios Dual: Taking It Like A Man is a video that viewers will take over and over again for prime one handed viewing!

This is classic John Rutherford… perfect pairings of big muscular men and camera views that leave nothing to the imagination. You’re close enough to smell the sweat on these worked out bodies as they work one out for their fans! It might only be two guys at a time… but what guys… and what a time!!! Anyone else on the set would just be in the way….

COLT Dual Taking It Like A Man Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: COLT Dual Taking It Like A Man


COLT Studios Dual: Taking It Like A Man was cast in the simple straightforward way that videos containing pairings of two men at a time are done. COLT Studio Group head John Rutherford had recently signed a new COLT Man Exclusive… Skye Woods. An impressively built bodybuilder, Skye needed to be teamed with someone he wouldn’t visually overpower on screen. The timing was right for him to debut in an upcoming COLT COUPLES style movie that was scheduled to be shot, but who to team him with?

Realizing that getting an appropriate man at the needed time could be problematic, John made a lot of calls. Two interesting possibilities soon came to light in the form of two popular COLT Man Exclusives who were visual opposites, smooth bodied All-American Luke Garrett and dark, hairy Italian Carlo Masi. Both had seen pictures of Skye and were excited about the possibility of topping him on camera, and just as important, Skye had seen many COLT products featuring the work of Luke and Carlo, and was definitely interested in the possibility of meeting them… in the biblical sense!

Rather than deciding who should be given the honor to be the first to be paired with his newest COLT Man Exclusive, John decided to feature Skye in two scenes his first time out…. paired with both COLT Man Exclusives…. Luke Garrett and Carlo Masi!

COLT Man Exclusive Chris Wide, a popular fair featured versatile German was singled out to do a sex scene, after a conversation with John unearthed a keen interest in a screen encounter someday with fellow COLT Man Exclusive Gage Weston. It was sealed when Gage expressed the same desire!

Among those that the COLT Studio Group head was talking to at the time COLT Studios Dual: Taking It Like A Man… was being cast was a COLT Man Exclusive who hadn’t been in front of his cameras for awhile… the distinguished looking Karim. With the face of an executive, and the body of a daddy alpha bull, those who have seen him in soft-core action before and who are fans of daddies have never forgotten him! John did a little research and came up with a COLT Man who was the perfect match… Jake Andrews. When each reviewed the others pornography work before the COLT Cameras… they were ready to go!!!

COLT Studios Dual: Taking It Like A Man is in a continuing series:

Studio releases of simple but powerful scenes of one-on-one all-male sexual action. DUAL will be particularly memorable for the debut of new COLT Man Exclusive Skye Woods, a proverbial brick shit house of a man, with both a handsome face and a big voluptuous ass. But there are strong performances throughout as director John Rutherford again shows why he’s one of the most honored directors working in all-male erotic films


today. This one is definitely a keeper!


Dick Dorm #8

Gay Sex Movie DVD Australia

Pornography is one of the largest industries in the world. Due to the acceptance that the porn stars have started to get this industry in a state of major expansion. Today the output of pornography can be categorised under many heads that even varies with the sexual orientations.

If you view it in the other way round, the viewers have also increased owing to newer mobile viewing devices which have provided a safer and more private viewing environment. Most of the internet data usage among the teenagers is largely contributed to the porn websites, DVDs and other formats.

Due to the fact that various sexual orientations make up a larger view of the market it has led to the rise of genres like the gay porn, lesbian porn, bisexual porn and transsexual porn. These porn formats are not only popular in the LGBT community but many of the straight and heterosexual individuals prefer this type of videos owing to some sort of fetish enjoyment.

Gay Sex Movie DVD Australia
Gay DVD: Dick Dorm 8

Again when you go for a gay porn movie you get to choose between a huge range of sub-genres. They include hardcore and rough, soft-core and some of the BSDM and group sex elements have entered the gay pornographic industry. Some of the gay pornographic films also are made keeping the target audience as heterosexual female viewers. This form has also gained popularity in fetish scenes.

Gay group sex is one of the major sub-genres in the gay porn industry. It works well with both gay viewers as well as heterosexual female viewers. Dick Dorm #8 is one of the recent films in this genre that can be considered as the trademark of the genre. Dick Dorm #8 is a dorm sex party of a group of male participants, which gives you a big range of dicks to choose and fascinate about.

So when you want to enjoy gay sex pornography comes to the leader in adult DVD sales in Australia Xvideo.  They will ensure you receive top quality products at a nice price.  Get more for your buck and watch porn safely without the fear of getting viruses or malware on your computer.  Watch porn safely in the comfort of your own home.