Falcon Studio Surge

Austin Wolf Porn Actor Photo

‘Surge’ of sexual adrenaline shoots through their bodies. These eight hunky studs are brimming with sexual stamina that has them sucking rimming and fucking to shivering orgasm — a power ‘Surge’ that ends in roaring climax and hefty loads. Director Nick Foxx is at the control panel, orchestrating every jolt and volt of erotic electricity in this high-energy fuck fest. Micah Brandt’s body is beefed and his hole is hungry. Sebastian Kross puts Micah’s awesome physique to work satisfying both of their needs. Johnny V and Austin Wolf savor every square inch of each other’s bodies and merge in a multi-position fuck that ends with Johnny cumming in his own mouth. Jacob Peterson uses his athletic and flexible body to pleasure Derek Atlas, whose bodybuilder physique intensifies the heat between them. Logan Moore and Kyle Kash sport serious wood for each other and those hard-ons lead to an out-of-the-world flip-fuck. These studs and their powerful sex will send a ‘Surge’ of energy straight to your cock and produce a continual flow of hot cum. Press play, and get ready for Falcon Studio’s ‘Surge.’

Micah Brandt and Sebastian Kross Fuck

Micah Brandt is ripped with beefed muscle. He’s making out with inked and super-defined Sebastian Kross, and the bulges in their Cellblock 13 briefs say they clearly like the taste of each other. Micah alternately sucks Sebastian’s lips and nipples, while he strokes both of their rock-hard cocks. When Sebastian’s cock is at max hardness, Micah sucks him with deep suction and a hand assist. Micah rolls Sebastian into a ball and drives his tongue into his hot hole. Sebastian unbends and does the same to Micah, who puts his hip flexor muscles into overdrive opening up for Sebastian’s tongue. Micah soon begs for Sebastian to fuck his flawless ass. Sebastian’s ripped torso rocks and pounds away as he delivers Micah’s wish of a hard, deep fuck. The room is filled with the sounds and smells of rough, hard, man-on-man sex as they change positions again and again. Micah cums while riding Sebastian’s cock, brushing his fingers through his spooge and sucking it off, then sucking Sebastian to an explosive orgasm.

Micah Brandt Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Micah Brandt

Johnny V and Austin Wolf Fuck

With cocks tip-to-tip, Johnny V and Austin Wolf lean forward to kiss. Johnny quickly busies his lips on Austin’s chiseled anatomy: nipples, mouth, armpits, before he kneels to suck. Austin pinches the nipples on his massive chest and guides Johnny’s mouth to his balls. Johnny slobbers and chokes on Austin’s thick endowment. Giving his jaw a rest, Johnny squats over Austin’s face as Austin maneuvers his tongue and works it deep, savoring the whole hole. He pulls Johnny’s rump closer and inserts a finger as Johnny tips forward and resumes sucking Austin’s fat dick. When Austin’s cock is fully stiff, Johnny leaps aboard for a bucking sit-fuck. Exhausting his thighs, Johnny lies back for Austin to fuck him missionary style. Johnny’s fully edging now, and to finish him off, Austin rolls him into a shoulder stand, drilling his freshly-fucked hole with a thumb while Johnny shoots a big, wet wad into his own mouth. Austin follows-up by giving Johnny a second load to swallow, and shares it with him in sexual fulfillment.

Johnny V Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Johnny V

Logan Moore and Kyle Kash Fuck

Logan Moore is all over Kyle Kash’s smooth ass and Kyle can’t keep his hands off the pouch of Logan’s jock strap. Kyle’s nipples are perfect for Logan to pinch and nibble on. Logan’s thick dick provides a suitable oral challenge for Kyle, which he meets with lots of saliva and suction. When Logan stoops to return the blow job, he’s met with Kyle’s sizeable cock. Logan grabs Kyle around the hips and spins him into an airborne sixty-nine position. Then he lays him on a table to eat his scruffy bubble butt. Penetration of Kyle’s tight ass is accomplished in a single smooth stroke. The mutual attraction is ferocious as the studs flip positions and fuck even more as Logan turns Kyle over, jumps on the table and comes down with Kyle’s cock in his ass. They wrangle, cowboy and reverse cowboy, until they’re slick with sweat, then separate to jerk out pulsating loads, side-by-side.

Kyle Kash Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Kyle Kash

Derek Atlas and Jacob Peterson Fuck

Retro jock straps with wide waist bands and narrow straps grip the buns of Derek Atlas and Jacob Peterson. They are standing abs to abs, exploring each other’s lusting bodies with their hands. Both have toned and defined chests covered with dark hair. They mold their bodies together, kissing passionately and Jacob Peterson is eager to suck Derek Atlas’ throbbing cock. As Derek’s cock penetrates Jacob’s throat, his fingers drill Jacob’s ass. They swivel into a sixty-nine position. Derek sucks, spanks and rims all at once. Jacob uses the tip of his tongue to fuck Derek’s dick-slit. Derek provides bulk and drive; his thrusts pound Jacob hard and deep as he holds him by the dick. They change position again and again, finding new ways for flesh to contact flesh, until Derek Atlas squirts a creamy puddle of spunk on Jacob Peterson’s pale ass that drips to the floor as Jacob’s load shoots across the table.

Derek Atlas Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Derek Atlas









Lucas Entertainment Gentlemen 06

Gentlemen 06 Porn DVD Model Imag

Gentlemen 06  by adult porn manufacturer Lucas Entertainment is a compilation of five erotic and sexual scenes that depicts the biggest fantasies of gentlemen becoming hard reality, and all the enjoyment involved in the process.

Scene 01: D.O. Rides Business Partner Edji Da Silva’s Cock

The first scene in this compilation involves D.O. and Edji Da Silva. This scene depicts D.O. who is like any other normal man with a white collar job. Edji Da Silva is another famous person out in town, and both of them pack huge tools. They find themselves secluded in a fire escape and engage in a sexual intercourse following oral sex.

Scene 02: Hans Berlin Services Jessy Ares for a Raise

The second scene has Hans Berlin and Jessy Ares indulging in intercourse. Hans Berlin works under Jessy Ares. Often your boss is unhappy with your work but this does not culminate with the two parties indulging in sex, passionate and aggressive sex. But this scene works out well for Jessy and Hans.

Gentlemen 06 Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Gentlemen 06

Scene 03: Charlie Harding Reprimands Intern Luke Milan

The third scene also involves an office scene where the boss takes advantage of the employees and both have submissive sex annihilating each other. Charlie Harding plays the boss and Luke Milan plays the employee, and he is punished after spilling coffee on bosses dress.

Scene 04: Tyler Wolf Services His Boss Sebastian Rossi

The fourth scene depicts the sweet sensation of exchanging gifts. Two colleagues exchange gifts, where Tyler Wolf gives the first gift to his colleague, and Sebastian Rossi shows his gratitude by a blow job. This goes on to a full stretch hard on sexual intercourse. The big and muscular body parts in this scene are mouth watering.

Scene 05: Rod Daily Strips Off Mathew Mason’s Wet Suit

The fifth and the final scene is a sensual and erotic one. Wet sex is thbest sex, and Mathew Mason and Rod Daily experience the truth of this statement as they are drenched on their way back to office. As both of them undress to free themselves from their wet clothes they get into something even wetter.



Michael Lucas Gigolo

Michael Lucas

You won’t believe what XVideo is offering. Michael Lucas the Gigolo Blow Out $10 from $40. You read that right – a genuine original copy of the Blockbusting Gay Porn Feature The Gigolo at a worldwide low prices. Be quick and shop at the best gay adult DVD store online Xvideo Australia.
The dark, underground world of a New York City gigolo is as cut throat as it is kinky. Hustlers hit the streets hunting for their next john. Pimps demand their cuts. Loyalties are lost at the wayside. Following the tragic death of his lover, ex-hustler Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) is thrust back into that sordid world in order to survive and gets caught in a web of deceit, lies and murder. Sometimes life can become unbearable. Will Louis get his ultimate revenge?

Opening: The strangled body of Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) has been found in his Upper West Side apartment. A CSI crew is investigating the crime scene. What happened ‘Who killed Louis’.

Sex Scene One: We flash back to Louis (Michael Lucas) hooking up with a john (Jason Ridge) that he met at a hustler bar. Reclaiming his escort past, Louis takes care to work his john up, sucking his toes, eating his ass, and feeding him his large, uncut cock before fucking his brains out in multiple positions. Satisfied, the john pays Louis, who turned back to hustling after the death of his lover (Spencer Quest) put him in financial straits.

Sex Scene Two: Meanwhile, also needy for money, pimp Vic (Ray Star) gives kinky German Kurt (Lars Svenson) the business card for his next client and tells him to turn the extreme sex play down before someone gets hurt. Kurt heads to Ken Jergesons (Jason Sparks) apartment and after some intense dick sucking and toe licking, the two forcibly fuck. Ken swallows every last drop of Kurts cum. (The DIRECTORS EDITION includes a feature where Lars and Jason piss all over each other!)

Sex Scene Three: Vic (Lucas exclusive Ray Star) takes his hustler JJ (Lucas exclusive J.) to a club to scope out new recruits. They eye Nate (Zack Randall) and take him home to give him a test run. Nate sucks Vics cock with vigor, and soon Nate and Vic are having their way with JJs tight ass, taking turns pounding it from behind. (The DIRECTORS EDITION includes a feature where Ray, Zack and J. piss all over each other!)

Michael Lucas Gigolo Porn DVD
Porn DVD: Michael Lucas Gigolo

Sex Scene Four: Vic confronts Louis, who used to work for him, at a restaurant, telling him he cant turn a trick unless it goes through him. Vic threatens Louis with a knife and puts him down, showing off his new guy Ben (Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews) as younger and more hung. We follow Ben as he hooks up for a threesome with couple muscle daddy Steve (Scott Tanner) and twink Kyle (Kurt Wild). The couple worship Bens monster uncut cock, followed by tons of 2-on-1 action that includes ass-eating and toe-sucking. Steve and Ben then take turns fucking Kyle until cum flies.

Sex Scene Five: Louis gets a call from a trick hes never met before, Ken Jergeson. He heads over and does his job, and while he leaves the building to his next client, we see Kurt sneakily re-enter before the door closes after him. Meanwhile, Vic sets up his new guy Nate (Zack Randall) with a stressed out European businessman Nicholas (Arpad Miklos). Nate gags on Nicholas huge cock and opens his hole wide for Nicholas tongue in order to prep for a deep fuck. (The DIRECTORS EDITION includes a feature where Zack and Arpad piss all over each other!)

Closing: A cop questions Louis about the murder of Ken Jergeson, his first trick from the previous night. Panicked, Louis goes to his second tricks apartment, hoping to get him as an alibi, but he only gets his wife. Louis heads back to the hustler bar and overhears talk that one of Vic’s guys may have had a part in the murder. Convinced that he was framed, Louis tracks Vic down to the Slipper Room, only to get roughed up by Vics bodyguards. Defeated, Louis heads back to the bar, has a drink, and encounters Kurt. Back at Louis apartment, Kurt appears ready to give his client what he wants¦

Flash forward to the present, where the CSI crew is investigating the crime scene of Louis murder. A detective picks up a wallet from the floor.

Bonus Sex Scene: Horny bad boy Damian (Jimmy Trips) and two more of Vic’s guys (Anthony Marks and Lucas exclusive Erik Grant) suck and fuck on the hustler bar pool table!

So grab your copy of Lucas Entertainment, Michael Lucas The Gigolo Blow Out from Xvideo Australia.

Treasure Island Media Gay DVDs

Paul Morris Treasure Island Media Image

For gay guys that like their porn real and raw without any Vanilla watching real men fucking bareback and giving those breeding shots that we all love – lets face it who pulls out unless you are coming on someones face – Treasure Island Media is the answer and this week we have a treat at Xvideo Australia – not 1, not 2 but 4 New Releases from Treasure Island Media. The first one we would like to share a review on is Lost Unreleased Sex Tapes taking us to a decade ago when guys like Christian and Matt Walker were in their prime. For the latest and greatest TTIMFuck DVDs come check us out at xvideo.com.au.

L.U.S.T. 1 – Lost Unreleased Sex Tapes

Deep in the dusty raiders of their video vault, Treasure Island found several hard drives that had a ton of unreleased footage on them. You won’t believe what was unearthed and then you might wonder why they were never released until now with L.U.S.T. Volume 1: Lost Unreleased Sex Tapes, newly edited and remastered. Featuring many of their all-star Hall-of-Fame exclusives as well as fan favorites from over the years, this is is a lost moment in sexual time and TIM history. Each scene is a gem. Many of these guys stopped doing porn, some moved away, and some they still work with today. L.U.S.T. Volume 1: Lost Unreleased Sex Tapes is must see fucking for new and old Treasure Island fans. You’ll bone up in your pants over these never before seen scenes featuring some of the men that you have jerked off to for years and some new faces to get your cum juices flowing.

Christian and Mat Walker

  1. What an amazing dick MATT WALKER (aka Chip Matthews) has between his legs. It is the absolute perfect size and width. CHRISTIAN, being the consummate cocksucker gags on it balls deep getting it nice and wet before he sticks it in his notorious fuck chute. MATT stretches CHRISTIAN’s perfect hole giving him the kind of pounding you can almost feel through the video.

Two of our favorite men in one gay scene. The cumshot for this duo was seen in the best of christian, “every load Christian took Tim” cum shot compilation.

Dan Fisck and Scott

  1. DAN FISK’s dick is a Treasure Island Media legend. SCOTT is a young bottom eager to be a TIM cum slut. DAN doesn’t waste any time getting at SCOTT’s hole. Dressed in his finest mechanic drag, FISK fucks the boy with just his zipper down and his cock out at full mast. You can tell SCOTT is in that fine line between too much pleasure and too much dick as the top man uses his hole to unload.

Jason and Seth Scott

  1. JONAS and SETH SCOTT appeared in a lot of TIM scenes back in the day. Their connection together is instantaneous; their chemistry is undeniable from the moment JONAS begins to suck on SETH’s heavy, cum-filled balls with a mixture of sheer animal lust and gratitude, as if the creamy nougat at the center of SETH’s thick meaty cock was the antidote to keeping him alive.

SETH takes JONAS for a spin, fucking that greedy hole wide open and pounding him mercilessly before filling him up with a huge load.

Drake Jackson Gang Bang

  1. DRAKE JACKSON is a hungry cum dump bottom looking to take as many loads of hot Daddy sperm as possible. Sexy Drake asked for a room full of alpha tops, and we granted it. BEN ARCHER, KORY HUDSON, TOM MCCARTHY, RICK MILES, ANDREW SAKS, and JOE SARGE all show up to breed some good fuck hole.

The men start off sucking each other hard and then each one steps up, slides their dick into DRAKE’s wet hole and unleashes their baby batter mingling it with the other loads. By the end DRAKE is left with a huge smile on his face, and an ass full of cum.

L.U.S.T. #1 - Lost Underground Sex Tapes Vol. 1 Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: L.U.S.T. #1 – Lost Underground Sex Tapes Vol. 1

Unknown Glory Hole Taker

  1. This is a classic TIM glory hole load taking scene. We forget what the guy’s name is, and frankly we don’t really fucking care. All he is, is an anonymous mouth and wet hole and that’s all that really matters. He knows his place in this world as a human cum receptacle.

We also don’t know who the beautiful uncut cock belongs to, but that dick is happy to have found a warm crevice to get into. This would have been this dude’s afternoon if we were there or not. A true cum pig in his most cherished environment … on his knees and bending over for sperm.

Elliot Tyler and Johnny Boheme

  1. The only thing non-twink about the pairing of ELLIOT TYLER and JOHNNY BOHEME is the huge grown-up cock between budding top boy TYLER’s legs and JOHNNY’s ability to take every last inch. There is something tender and unaffected about these two and how they breed. The bottom boy begs for that big dick and ELLIOT rams him in several different sex positions until they both shoot their loads.

Jonas, Jacob Scott and Jeremy Sterns

  1. JONAS caused quite a stir in the PLANTIN’ SEED bar scene taking cock and cum atop a barstool. Here he becomes a human “Lazy Susan” being passed around from top man JERRY STEARNS to his buddy JACOB SCOTT. Both men feed JONAS from both ends spit roasting him at all times, taking turns giving this slut all the cock he has dreamed of.

Dawson Group

  1. Treasure Island Media rented a fuck pad and then had all the 2008 exclusives stay there for a weekend. DAWSON and CHRISTIAN FINALLY together in the same scene egging each other on taking dick and making out while tops DAN FISK, DEREK ANTHONY and BRAD MCGUIRE mount, fuck, and breed.

Add in JAMES ROSCOE as resident fluffer & felcher and you have a recipe for an epic nugget of a scene! At certain points you don’t know where DAWSON ends and CHRISTIAN begins, if it’s DEREK fucking DAWSON, or if it’s DAN stuffing CHRISTIAN. It is sexual chaos TIM-style.

Behind The Fucking

If you ever wondered what kind of things TIM men get up to off camera before and after filming you are going to dig this documentary Real Porn Stars of Treasure Island Media episode “Behind the Fucking”.Mostly shot in the house that TIM rented, DAMON DOGG and the guys are waiting for DAWSON to get back from the gym to start filming the DAWSON and CHRISTIAN fuck scene.

Hope you enjoyed this gay scene by scene and blow by blow description of Lost Unreleased Sex Tapes Movie From Treasure Island Media from our Xvideo Australia DVD shop online.

Gay Acceptance History

Gay Rainbow Flag Photo

Many years ago being gay was a crime. Sadly, it still is a crime depending on what country you live in. In developed countries of the world these thoughts are slowly moving to those of acceptance for the past few decades.

Homosexuality is now common and accepted in today’s world and it is so interesting why some people like to have sex with the same sexual persuasion.  In  1969 the gay revolution started and male sex culture was for the first time openly recognized in most of the major cities of the world.  A literary club named The Violet Quill was formed by seven gay partners to focus in the positive views of being gay in modern society. These studies showed that many gay men wished to remain monogamous but unfortunately there were very few truly monogamous gay relationships. Though Gay life was very staid in those times and as such were not socially received or accepted. The subject was still avoided and many gay men lived their lives in denial as to who they truly were. In this modern age, the old access for gay civilization has changed and modern civilization allows and accepts relationships between same sex people.

In recent years the whole scenario has changed, especially in modern countries of the world. The general trend towards homosexuality is one of acceptance. The days of secrecy, the days of hiding and the days of living in constant fear, are slowly fading away.

The use of internet and ease of access to information and to connecting to like minded people has had a significant factor in social change. In many countries gay rights are becoming platforms on which governments are standing on, and are continually being improved upon with public opinion, and public pressure. Now in these countries  rights for gay people are reserved and they can have their desired partner. But in the third world the scenario has not been changed. The homosexual person has to resist his urge as there is a great scarcity of gay sites which contains online dates and which are available they have to  browse those in secret.


Gay Couple Holding Hans Photo
Photo Gay Couple

In fact many tourism organizations give many attractive packages for gay men and women to holiday as singles or couples. There are now a lot of gay bars, cafés as well as night clubs that cater for gay clientele. It has in some regions become ‘trendy’ to be gay so if you wish to find out more about your sexuality why not watch some gay XVideo Australia?  After 1969, after the Stonewall Riots and Gay revolution you are totally free to choose to be gay and look for places to find gay partners. For this freedom you must thank your fore brothers in arms. The nightlife time now is awesome for gay people to enjoy their sexual orientations just like straight people. To enjoy a cool and peaceful time you can go to a bar or go on your weekly holidays to gay destinations. You can even openly go to the beach or swimming pool and catch up on you tan with your gay friends. To make your time more lovely you can enjoy the world’s greatest beverages as well as drinks. It is more relaxed and fun being gay in these modern times.

From lot of tourist spots you can select the best for you and for your partner if you want to spend romantic times. But if you want to make sexual intercourse much more exciting, then it will be best for you and for your partner to enjoy XVideo gay DVDs or even some Mens Sex Toys together. Believe it or not, it will add spice in your sexual life and you will be able to perform new techniques to make your sensual moments interesting. If you want to spend some time with your gay partner outside of your home, then always stay in the gay zones to avoid any kind of harassment as well risk. Do not miss the chance to enjoy the best times of your life.

Gay DVDs are a useful product for both couples and singles alike. We all have fantasies and to let your partner into the world of your fantasies can be a truly bonding experience. A great idea would be to take your partner to a store and browse through the DVDs that they have, pick one each and explore each others inner fantasies and even consider grabbing some naughty new gay sex toys as well – it can be a great way of exploring each other where one of the partners is shy or can’t exactly communicate what they’re after. Whilst one can’t help but acknowledge the unrealistic aspects of gay porn and the immense pressure that it can have on males – it can be a great way to explore new things and new positions and simply just to bring a little spice into the bedroom. One must be careful to remember, however, that porn is a series of scenes filmed over several days and its not usually a marathon session!

Now if you and your partner are still quite shy or don’t have the option of going to your local store – perhaps you could both go online to select a few dvds and have them easily delivered to your front door. There’s some very good sites out there which give great value for money and have speedy, discreet delivery options at very affordable prices. These facilities for online delivery are only provided to the people of those countries who can use the internet and where gay sites and DVDs are not restricted. But it is the best solution for the people who want to know about gay sex and want to make their partner happy. It will take them to a new level of love making. One should be careful about the fake sites and different false offers offered by them while he is going for an online deal.