Falcon Studio Surge

Austin Wolf Porn Actor Photo

‘Surge’ of sexual adrenaline shoots through their bodies. These eight hunky studs are brimming with sexual stamina that has them sucking rimming and fucking to shivering orgasm — a power ‘Surge’ that ends in roaring climax and hefty loads. Director Nick Foxx is at the control panel, orchestrating every jolt and volt of erotic electricity in this high-energy fuck fest. Micah Brandt’s body is beefed and his hole is hungry. Sebastian Kross puts Micah’s awesome physique to work satisfying both of their needs. Johnny V and Austin Wolf savor every square inch of each other’s bodies and merge in a multi-position fuck that ends with Johnny cumming in his own mouth. Jacob Peterson uses his athletic and flexible body to pleasure Derek Atlas, whose bodybuilder physique intensifies the heat between them. Logan Moore and Kyle Kash sport serious wood for each other and those hard-ons lead to an out-of-the-world flip-fuck. These studs and their powerful sex will send a ‘Surge’ of energy straight to your cock and produce a continual flow of hot cum. Press play, and get ready for Falcon Studio’s ‘Surge.’

Micah Brandt and Sebastian Kross Fuck

Micah Brandt is ripped with beefed muscle. He’s making out with inked and super-defined Sebastian Kross, and the bulges in their Cellblock 13 briefs say they clearly like the taste of each other. Micah alternately sucks Sebastian’s lips and nipples, while he strokes both of their rock-hard cocks. When Sebastian’s cock is at max hardness, Micah sucks him with deep suction and a hand assist. Micah rolls Sebastian into a ball and drives his tongue into his hot hole. Sebastian unbends and does the same to Micah, who puts his hip flexor muscles into overdrive opening up for Sebastian’s tongue. Micah soon begs for Sebastian to fuck his flawless ass. Sebastian’s ripped torso rocks and pounds away as he delivers Micah’s wish of a hard, deep fuck. The room is filled with the sounds and smells of rough, hard, man-on-man sex as they change positions again and again. Micah cums while riding Sebastian’s cock, brushing his fingers through his spooge and sucking it off, then sucking Sebastian to an explosive orgasm.

Micah Brandt Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Micah Brandt

Johnny V and Austin Wolf Fuck

With cocks tip-to-tip, Johnny V and Austin Wolf lean forward to kiss. Johnny quickly busies his lips on Austin’s chiseled anatomy: nipples, mouth, armpits, before he kneels to suck. Austin pinches the nipples on his massive chest and guides Johnny’s mouth to his balls. Johnny slobbers and chokes on Austin’s thick endowment. Giving his jaw a rest, Johnny squats over Austin’s face as Austin maneuvers his tongue and works it deep, savoring the whole hole. He pulls Johnny’s rump closer and inserts a finger as Johnny tips forward and resumes sucking Austin’s fat dick. When Austin’s cock is fully stiff, Johnny leaps aboard for a bucking sit-fuck. Exhausting his thighs, Johnny lies back for Austin to fuck him missionary style. Johnny’s fully edging now, and to finish him off, Austin rolls him into a shoulder stand, drilling his freshly-fucked hole with a thumb while Johnny shoots a big, wet wad into his own mouth. Austin follows-up by giving Johnny a second load to swallow, and shares it with him in sexual fulfillment.

Johnny V Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Johnny V

Logan Moore and Kyle Kash Fuck

Logan Moore is all over Kyle Kash’s smooth ass and Kyle can’t keep his hands off the pouch of Logan’s jock strap. Kyle’s nipples are perfect for Logan to pinch and nibble on. Logan’s thick dick provides a suitable oral challenge for Kyle, which he meets with lots of saliva and suction. When Logan stoops to return the blow job, he’s met with Kyle’s sizeable cock. Logan grabs Kyle around the hips and spins him into an airborne sixty-nine position. Then he lays him on a table to eat his scruffy bubble butt. Penetration of Kyle’s tight ass is accomplished in a single smooth stroke. The mutual attraction is ferocious as the studs flip positions and fuck even more as Logan turns Kyle over, jumps on the table and comes down with Kyle’s cock in his ass. They wrangle, cowboy and reverse cowboy, until they’re slick with sweat, then separate to jerk out pulsating loads, side-by-side.

Kyle Kash Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Kyle Kash

Derek Atlas and Jacob Peterson Fuck

Retro jock straps with wide waist bands and narrow straps grip the buns of Derek Atlas and Jacob Peterson. They are standing abs to abs, exploring each other’s lusting bodies with their hands. Both have toned and defined chests covered with dark hair. They mold their bodies together, kissing passionately and Jacob Peterson is eager to suck Derek Atlas’ throbbing cock. As Derek’s cock penetrates Jacob’s throat, his fingers drill Jacob’s ass. They swivel into a sixty-nine position. Derek sucks, spanks and rims all at once. Jacob uses the tip of his tongue to fuck Derek’s dick-slit. Derek provides bulk and drive; his thrusts pound Jacob hard and deep as he holds him by the dick. They change position again and again, finding new ways for flesh to contact flesh, until Derek Atlas squirts a creamy puddle of spunk on Jacob Peterson’s pale ass that drips to the floor as Jacob’s load shoots across the table.

Derek Atlas Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Derek Atlas









Treasure Island Media DVD Range

Adam Russo Porn Star Image

One of the places men like to go to Buggery is whilst watching a Paul Morris directed Film from Treasure Island Media. Buggery is a new release gay porn DVD at XVideo Australia that is sure to quench the first from many cum dumpers with the great gut breeding scenes and bareback cocks going into accommodating male asses. Get all your TIM movies at Australia’s premier porn DVD shop online.


BUG·GER·Y – noun: The criminal offense of male anal copulation; sodomy; human defilement (cf. penal code ref. “a crime against nature”); to contaminate, infect or corrupt by means of sodomy; the depravity of the beast.

‘BUGGERY is made up of some of the crudest, rawest sessions made at TIM. Of all the videos I’ve produced, this is one that stands out for me. In particular, the sessions with DAYTON O’CONNOR, JACK ALLEN and ANDREW DARLING are lessons in the passion and force of men in the heat of anal sex. Heavy loads of sperm, big dicks, willing and hungry holes — what more could you ask for?’ Paul Morris


We’re ambling down the Strip in Vegas, me and DAYTON O’CONNOR, when a fucked-up and obviously bone-hungry man-slut sidles up to DAYTON and tells him that he’s on a sperm-collecting expedition. He recognizes DAYTON, I’m guessing. The man slut can’t stop rubbing his crotch and ass right there in public, his pupils are huge, his talking a little too loud, a lot too desperate. DAYTON knows who the guy is and is up for fucking him, adding to the bottom-whore’s ongoing gut-hoard of sperm.

We get to the room and the guy strips down lickety-split, dives onto the bed and writhes his hungry ass around. DAYTON climbs on and bingo! the guy’s mouth is saying what his butt-hole wants, all “Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!” over and over, ecstatic and whore-happy. DAYTON works that famous boner of his deep ’n’ dominant, with all the skill of Horowitz tickling Mozart on a fucking Steinway. And the bottom-whore moans, groans, cries and screams out “fuck yeah!” so much you stop hearing it after a while.

I tell DAYTON to shut the guy up, so DAYTON kisses him and slides his tongue in far enough to get a taste of yesterday’s lunch. Some very nice deep tongue ’n’ bung fucking, right up to DAYTON’s load-pumping jizz-squooshing bone-jarring man-climax.

Afterward, the deed all done deep ’n’ dirty, the whore pulls his pants on and stumbles out of the room, off in search of more loads for his dripping hole. DAYTON later joked about how the fuck-whore was carrying enough babies in his gut to repopulate the planet. Gotta love Vegas.

If you’re a DAYTON O’CONNOR fan like I am, you’ll wanna watch this one.

Just Meat To Fuck

There’s something special about a bottom whore who just doesn’t give a fuck what you do to him. It gives every top in the world the license to use him, abuse him and toss him the fuck away. Personally, I love to watch this bottom in action. It’s like he’s a new breed of fuck-zombie, existing only for the dick, needing only to serve any dick at all.

So for the hell of it I gave him to two of the real big dicks of the modern world: JERRY STEARNS and LITO CRUZ. They had some real nice fun with him. Neither stud ever learned the kid’s name, though. A whore-hole like him doesn’t need a name: it’s just meat to fuck.

Treasure Island Media Buggery Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Treasure Island Media Buggery

Andrew Darling and Diego Tova

Our new cameraman GEORGE — this was one of his first shoots and he made a serious mistake right off the bat. He left the room (to go buy some poppers) and forgot to tell the fuckers not to touch the camera.

You get to hear the guys discussing who gets to do what to whom. It’s fucking wonderful. Once they get a fucking (and it’s only DIEGO’s third time taking a dick up his tight ass!) sparks fly. These two fucking love fucking each other. Plus, DIEGO had never used poppers before, so you get to enjoy watching him react to it. Awesome!

Use Me Daddy

BILAL is one of those perfect, beautiful total bottom boys who can’t get into a guy unless he’s old enough to be BILAL’s dad. There’s a reason for that, but I’m sworn to secrecy.

DEREK later told me that the kid’s ass was the warmest, softest, finest butt he’s ever fucked—and he’s fucked many a fine ass. BILAL’s little boyish prick never gets hard—in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen the thing hard. The boy’s sex is completely centered in his perfect hungry ass.

They Couldn’t Wait

If you’ve met DAYTON O’CONNOR, you know how fucking powerful his sex energy is. It radiates hot and horny for a mile in every direction. The man is sex charisma personified. When he and DIMITRI met, they couldn’t wait for a fucking minute before their clothes were torn off and they were fucking like animals.

DAYTON shot a load in the guy’s ass and they hit the shower – where they fucked a second time. And then they toweled off and to the amazement of the crew, they fucked a third time in a half hour. These two couldn’t get enough of each other.

All Bottoms Think They Can Take Big Dicks

SETH ADLER, like every other bottom I’ve talked to, assured me that he could easily take any cock I could throw at him. So I tested him – and the fucker nearly failed! I gave him JERRY STEARNS and DREW SEBASTIAN, and told them to stretch the confident bottom’s hole and push his limits. These two studs gave him a workout he will never forget. And his hole will never be the same.

The Submissive and The Sub

When you’re a true master, there’s no need to be showy or theatrical. JACK ALLEN is a master of straight-forward man fucking. And DICE, a man I own, is a true master of submission. These two are like the yin and yang of mansex. A true pleasure to watch.

This hot, beautiful session was shot by PONY before he moved up North to take over TIM’s Portland/Seattle operation. You’ll enjoy his camera work almost as much as you’ll love the sex.

Hugh Petereson and Adam Russo

All my life I’ve been drawn to men who understand how to deeply, truly enjoy their own bodies. So many men are actually fearful or hesitant to enjoy themselves. But ADAM RUSSO sets the standard and could teach a college course on taking pleasure in being a man. His passion is honest, real, deep and inspiring.

And when you couple ADAM up with a mega-hung daddy stud, you know the results are going to be breathtaking. These two redefine mansex. If you need a reminder of why you were born a man, you owe it to yourself to enjoy these two in action.

Ethan Wolfe’s Final Scene

ETHAN WOLFE has retired from porn and I for one will miss him. If you’ve met him in person, you know what a sweet, polite and charming ex-soldier he is. He’s also a solid, courageous guy who proudly took the step of getting a toxic tattoo just above his fat veiny cock.

I paired him up with LITO CRUZ and gave them both a porn newbie with a very fine fat faceable ass. They all got along fine, even though ETHAN was a little in awe of LITO — who wouldn’t be? LITO’s the only man I know who can convincingly sport a Superman tattoo.

So Check out xvideo.com.au for all the classic and latest in Treasure Island


Media DVDs.


Bel Ami & Lukas Ridgestone

Bel Ami Todd & Dolph GAr Porn Image

Bel Ami made an immense impact on the gay adult industry in the mid 1990’s with a progression of DVDs highlighting stunningly lovely Eastern European models, for example, Lukas Ridgeston and Johan Paulik. With stunning cuties and extraordinary creation values, the studio rapidly turned into a gay porn legend, and in the process no doubt set off an immense measure of tourism to the previous Czechoslovakia. Titles like “Lively Summer” and “An American in Prague” are two of this current commentator’s top choices. Fortunately for every one of us, after thirty years Bel Ami has made an exceedingly fruitful move to Internet, not at all like a large number of its companions. Furthermore, Bel Ami keeps on turning out scene after scene of delightful young men in incredible scenes. The site is stacked with substance, even smaller than normal arrangement sort narrative style features – obviously, Bel Ami needs the models and their individual identities radiate through.

Recent top picks, for example, Dolph Lambert and Kevin Warhol never cease to amaze the audience. Kevin Warhol clearly enjoy working in porn, and his absolute enthusiasm for the task at hand clearly shines through. It is little wonder that this pint sized European is quickly becoming one of the favourites of the Bel Ami Family. Bel Ami even stages extensive preparations, for example, the South African generation that incorporated a 27 fellow blow out. Since takes a considerable measure of vitality and coordination! As it keeps on delivering DVD titles, the website itself offers both scenes from its DVDs and in addition scenes shot for Bel Ami available at xvideo.com.au. As of late Bel Ami has been delivering all the more bareback scene, so significant others of no-condom fucking will appreciate also. Generally speaking, Bel Ami appears to have made its own reality, loaded with extraordinary looking fellows (and now and then even visitor stars from over the ocean). Hot sex proliferates, and the popularity is well justified.

Lucas Ridgeston Tough & Tender Gay DVD Image
Porn DVD: Lucas Ridgeston Tough & Tender

One of the unequaled most loved Bel Ami stars is Lukas Ridgestone who in the end produces, in conjunction with Bel Ami, his own line of DVDs.

Lukas Ridgestone was conceived in Bratislava, which is in the Slovak Republic, on 5 April 1975. He is 5ft 10ins tall and says something around 175 lbs. This, actually, blue looked at kid, has mulled over Architecture at University so is not only a lovely face :- ) ! He first came to notoriety under the name of Jan in some low spending plan, German, porn movies. From that point he has gone from quality to quality having showed up in all the principle gay porn diaries in Europe and the United States. Lukas got together with Bel Ami chief George Duroy. George appreciated his conspicuous photogenic qualities and this in the long run prompted him featuring in ‘Delicate Strangers’. Lukas is fame for his wonderful and loose demeanor. Clearly his mystery is not to have intercourse or masturbate for two weeks prior to a ‘shoot’, therefore guaranteeing an inside and out, great, execution for the camera.

After a long break Lukas has been at last enticed back before the camera to show up in the staggering new features like Lukas In Love.

Other Lukas titles include:

  • Boytropolis (aka A Man’s World) (1993)
  • Lukas’ Story Series of three films (1994–1995)
  • Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian (1996)
  • Lucky Lukas (1998)
  • All About Bel Ami (2001)
  • Lukas in Love Series of two films (2005)
  • Thinking XXX (HBO documentary, 2005)
  • The Private Life of Tim Hamilton (2006)
  • Thinking XXX
  • Forever Lukas (2013)

His awards include:

  • 1996 Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards (the “Grabbys”) “Hot Shots” award with Cole Youngblood
  • 1999 Ranked among the top 10 in Unzipped magazine’s “Best Erotic Video Performers of the Millennium”
  • 2000 GayVN Awards Hall of Fame inductee
  • 2002 Unzipped magazine reader’s poll named him “Hottest Porn Star of All Time”
  • 2006 GayVN Awards “Best Actor in a Foreign Release” for Lukas in Love 3

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Gay Relationship

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Seduction Ass in Session Volume Gay Pornography
Porn DVD: Seduction – Ass in Session Volume #02

below you can read more about Third OTB Studio:

courtesy & Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OTB_Video

OTB Video (Original Teen Boy Video) is a Dutch company producing gay pornographic content in Latin America (specifically in Colombia and Mexico) which predominately features Latino-twink performers (usually age between 18 and 22 at the time of production) in either bareback anal action or safe sex. OTB Bareback content productions are characterized by the performers uninhibitedly handling any performer’s semen, as well as potential multiple cumshots that is in an orgy or gang bang film environment. Their highest cumshot count production is 59 in Everybody Gangbangs Alex (2010).

OTB Video is the company name and it is also used as a studio name. In 2007, a second studiobrand name was added:StarBoyzVideo titles are formally published by “OTB Video Releasing”. OTB Video announced (mid 2013) that due to a dispute with their credit card processor, the online store would shut down; later it was announced the total OTB operation would shut down on July 28, 2013. Some of their products continue to be available from other adult video merchandisers.

OTB Video Brands:

  • Bareback Daydreams
  • Bareback Elite Series
  • Bareback Friends
  • Cumcrazy Twinks
  • Original Red Hot Boyz
  • Passionate Twinks

StarBoyzVideo Brands:

  • Fresh Latinoboyz
  • Twink Cum Club
  • Young Devils