Lucas Entertainment Flatiron Fuckers

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Claudio Martin makes his Lucas Entertainment debut by fucking the daylights out of Zack Randall. The action continues with Brad Star giving up his smooth bubble butt for Angel Skye’s thick meat, while Jason Crew and Brant Moore get down and dirty with a double-headed dildo and heavy watersports action. Also watch Michael Lucas plunge his legendary cock into Anthony Marks and Zack. These eight men prove why they are Flatiron Fuckers.

Latin lothario Claudio Martin and sweet twink Zack Randall spend just moments kissing as the clothes fly and Zack makes his way down to Claudio’s big cock. Claudio humps furiously at Randall’s soft lips before dropping to his knees to repay the favor. They both make their way to the floor to partake in a mutual suckfest. Claudio rims Zack’s tight boy-hole before getting on his back to let Zack ride his big cock. Zack finishes himself off with Claudio still inside him before catching Claudio’s jizz in his mouth.

Michael Lucas welcomes muscular Anthony Marks with passionate kissing before giving him his big cock to suck on. Anthony skillfully takes all of Michael’s ten uncut inches down his throat. They get into a hot 69 with Anthony struggling to feed his immense hunger for cock. Michael spits on his asshole and licks it while he continues to hump his face. Then Michael lubes him up and mounts him, pushing his mighty foreskined tool deep inside Anthony’s waiting hole. The two lick and suck each other’s feet as they fuck in a variety of acrobatic positions. Michael pounds Anthony, his balls slapping against his ass, while he cums in his own mouth. Always hungry for more, Anthony slobbers all over Michael’s dick before swallowing his cum, too.

Flatiron Fuckers Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Flatiron Fuckers

Real-life boyfriends Brad Star and Angel Skye waste no time getting naked and running their tongues over each other’s smooth bodies. Brad makes love to Angel’s cock with his hot mouth, then switches as Angel sucks Brad’s big floppy meat. Brad lies back to let Angel lick his tight hole and shaved balls. Once Brad’s hole is slick with spit, Angel pushes his long cock into him. They flip over and Brad bounces on Angel’s dick before standing up to blow his load in Angel’s cumhungry mouth, which causes Angel to spray his own jizz all over Brad’s face and then lap it up.

Moving men Jason Crew and Brant Moore start by giving each other a well-earned tongue bath, viciously licking each other’s sweaty armpits. Jason’s big floppy cock comes out and Brant chokes it down as he strokes his own rod until Jason lays back and shoves his own dick inside himself! Wanting more, Jason throws Brant down and tears off his clothes so he can bury his tongue in Brant’s hungry hole, then shoves his enormous cock in all at once. Unable to get enough cock, both boys get down on the floor and share a big, black double-headed dildo. They grind their tight asses against each other and they spray their enemas all over each other’s holes. Brant bends Jason over and gives him a good fucking before they swap one last time and Brant sprays his big load all over his face and Jason feeds him his own load for dessert. In the Director’s Cut, Jason pisses all over Brant, too.

Sculpted Michael and twink boytoy Zack start their scene by kissing, but it doesn’t take Zack long to dive down to Michael’s huge cock. Michael returns the favor, sucking Zack’s cock until they move into a frenzied mutual suck session. Then Zack spreads his legs wide for Michael to plunge his fat tool into his smooth pucker. Michael twists and turns, probing Zack’s insides before pulling out to let them speak for themselves. Michael opens up his hole and smacks his supple ass. Then Michael goes back to jack-hammering Zack’s ass while spitting in his mouth. Zack finishes himself off while he rides Michael, spraying his load all of his chest and face, then kisses his way to Michael’s cock to get a facial of his own, licking the huge dick clean.












The Lost Diary of Giovanni

Michael Lucas Porn Actor Photo

Giovanni Summers misplaces his dirty diary filled with his naughty escapades, then loses all control and surrenders his pert bubble but for some hot ass-pounding! The Lost Diary of Giovanni goes balls deep in five sexy scenes with big dicked Michael Lucas, Dimitri Romanov, Valentin Petrov, and also muscular studs Rafael Carreras Giovanni Summers, Spencer Reed and Justin Beal.

These two don’t waste any time and immediately begin to play with each other’s cocks. Rafael Carreras gives Valentin Petrov an intense ass eating before they swap blowjobs. Rafael throbbing fuck-stick plows Valentin’s hungry hole. Rafael fucks him hard and rough. Valentin shoots his load on his own body and Dimitri covers his face with sticky cum, which he then laps up hungrily.

Fernando Lopes and Giovanni Summers Porn Actor Photo
Porn Stars: Fernando Lopes and Giovanni Summers

Shirtless hunks Dimitri Romanov and Spencer Reed embrace in passionate kissing, while they dig for each other’s cocks in their jeans. They can’t help but swallow each other’s dicks and enjoy 69 action. After some hot rimming and fingering, Dimitri takes all of Spencer into his tight ass. Deep ass fucking ensues, ending with a creamy facial for Dimitri, which Spencer can’t help but taste.

Justin Beal and Raf Rollin sensually explore each other’s mouths, showing their intense chemistry. Soon they are naked and Raf finds Justin’s dick sliding in and out of his lips. After Beal returns the favor, he gives Raf an extra wet rimming. This leads to an intense ass pounding that leaves Raf gasping for air. After cumming while getting fucked, Raf shows his thanks by swallowing Beal’s load.

Raf Rollin and Justin Beal Porn Actor Photo
Porn Stars: Raf Rollin and Justin Beal

Upon seeing Fernando, Giovanni Summers crawls to him and uses his mouth to worship Fernando’s sculpted body. Giovanni soon finds himself on his knees, eagerly sucking Fernando’s massive tool. Once Fernando cannot take it any longer he throws Giovanni down and wets his boy hole with a deep tonguing. After some more dick sucking, Fernando gives Giovanni the pounding he begs for and the scene ends with two huge loads covering Giovanni’s face and body.

Rafael Carreras and Michael Lucas engage in some sloppy spit swapping before Rafael takes Lucas’s huge meat deep into his throat. Spit flies in all directions as the sexy pair gets even steamier by 69’ing. Lucas rims Rafael and finally fucks his tight butt, but surprise! Giovanni Summers walks in on the two and immediately joins in the sweaty fun. He drops to his knees and sucks both hung Lucas and Rafael. Michael is the first to plunge his ten inch cock deep into Giovanni’s begging ass while Rafael fills his throat. Michael and Rafael switch places, fucking away at Giovanni and give him the fuck of his life. Both men end by shooting huge loads on Giovanni’s face.









Michael Lucas Gigolo

Michael Lucas

You won’t believe what XVideo is offering. Michael Lucas the Gigolo Blow Out $10 from $40. You read that right – a genuine original copy of the Blockbusting Gay Porn Feature The Gigolo at a worldwide low prices. Be quick and shop at the best gay adult DVD store online Xvideo Australia.
The dark, underground world of a New York City gigolo is as cut throat as it is kinky. Hustlers hit the streets hunting for their next john. Pimps demand their cuts. Loyalties are lost at the wayside. Following the tragic death of his lover, ex-hustler Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) is thrust back into that sordid world in order to survive and gets caught in a web of deceit, lies and murder. Sometimes life can become unbearable. Will Louis get his ultimate revenge?

Opening: The strangled body of Louis McMann (Michael Lucas) has been found in his Upper West Side apartment. A CSI crew is investigating the crime scene. What happened ‘Who killed Louis’.

Sex Scene One: We flash back to Louis (Michael Lucas) hooking up with a john (Jason Ridge) that he met at a hustler bar. Reclaiming his escort past, Louis takes care to work his john up, sucking his toes, eating his ass, and feeding him his large, uncut cock before fucking his brains out in multiple positions. Satisfied, the john pays Louis, who turned back to hustling after the death of his lover (Spencer Quest) put him in financial straits.

Sex Scene Two: Meanwhile, also needy for money, pimp Vic (Ray Star) gives kinky German Kurt (Lars Svenson) the business card for his next client and tells him to turn the extreme sex play down before someone gets hurt. Kurt heads to Ken Jergesons (Jason Sparks) apartment and after some intense dick sucking and toe licking, the two forcibly fuck. Ken swallows every last drop of Kurts cum. (The DIRECTORS EDITION includes a feature where Lars and Jason piss all over each other!)

Sex Scene Three: Vic (Lucas exclusive Ray Star) takes his hustler JJ (Lucas exclusive J.) to a club to scope out new recruits. They eye Nate (Zack Randall) and take him home to give him a test run. Nate sucks Vics cock with vigor, and soon Nate and Vic are having their way with JJs tight ass, taking turns pounding it from behind. (The DIRECTORS EDITION includes a feature where Ray, Zack and J. piss all over each other!)

Michael Lucas Gigolo Porn DVD
Porn DVD: Michael Lucas Gigolo

Sex Scene Four: Vic confronts Louis, who used to work for him, at a restaurant, telling him he cant turn a trick unless it goes through him. Vic threatens Louis with a knife and puts him down, showing off his new guy Ben (Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews) as younger and more hung. We follow Ben as he hooks up for a threesome with couple muscle daddy Steve (Scott Tanner) and twink Kyle (Kurt Wild). The couple worship Bens monster uncut cock, followed by tons of 2-on-1 action that includes ass-eating and toe-sucking. Steve and Ben then take turns fucking Kyle until cum flies.

Sex Scene Five: Louis gets a call from a trick hes never met before, Ken Jergeson. He heads over and does his job, and while he leaves the building to his next client, we see Kurt sneakily re-enter before the door closes after him. Meanwhile, Vic sets up his new guy Nate (Zack Randall) with a stressed out European businessman Nicholas (Arpad Miklos). Nate gags on Nicholas huge cock and opens his hole wide for Nicholas tongue in order to prep for a deep fuck. (The DIRECTORS EDITION includes a feature where Zack and Arpad piss all over each other!)

Closing: A cop questions Louis about the murder of Ken Jergeson, his first trick from the previous night. Panicked, Louis goes to his second tricks apartment, hoping to get him as an alibi, but he only gets his wife. Louis heads back to the hustler bar and overhears talk that one of Vic’s guys may have had a part in the murder. Convinced that he was framed, Louis tracks Vic down to the Slipper Room, only to get roughed up by Vics bodyguards. Defeated, Louis heads back to the bar, has a drink, and encounters Kurt. Back at Louis apartment, Kurt appears ready to give his client what he wants¦

Flash forward to the present, where the CSI crew is investigating the crime scene of Louis murder. A detective picks up a wallet from the floor.

Bonus Sex Scene: Horny bad boy Damian (Jimmy Trips) and two more of Vic’s guys (Anthony Marks and Lucas exclusive Erik Grant) suck and fuck on the hustler bar pool table!

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Lucas Entertainment Cock Suckers

Adam Killian

Lucas Entertainment unites its most sizzling and sluttiest “Cock Suckers” to show exactly what number cocks these fellows can swallow. Many men hotshot their oral abilities right here in several scenes of wet profound throating activity: there’s no deficiency of dick in more than two hours of unadulterated dick sucking and throat-fucking! Some of Lucas Entertainment’s finest are assembled here, including Jonathan Agassi, Vito Gallo, Mathew Mason, Adrian Long, Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, Will Helm, Tate Ryder, Damien Crosse, and Michael Lucas. Watch “Cock Suckers” extricate up their jaws on a portion of the greatest meat in gay porn!

Lucas Entertainment Cock Suckers Scene 01:

Braxton Bond an extraordinary force, exhibits his oral abilities rather than what his rear end can deal with. He opens up his throat and swallows the huge uncut cock of Brazilian porn lord Rafael Alencar – he even lubes the meat up with some brew! Taking after Braxton Bond and Rafael Alencar is Junior Stellano and Brad Star, who looks better than anyone might have expected. Their to die for bodies flex and they swap slippery caresses – Brad first puckers his lips and sucks on Junior, and afterward they switch around. Thereafter Steven Daigle takes a shot at Cliff Jensen’s hard dick at a red-lit bar – Cliff’s penis is enormous and hard, and there’s nothing more blazing than viewing Steven chip away at it. Wilfried Knight takes after, and he’s furrier and more sizzling than at any other time in recent memory in the recent past. He and Drew Cutler get forceful with one another as they give gay oral. Michael Lucas and Adam Killian enter the scene, and Adam utilizes the majority of his gifts to love Michael’s immense manhood, a fabulous weapon in gay porn. The scene closes with Franco Ferarri extending his mouth and throat to the great by gulping Vito Gallo’s hard-0n!

Lucas Entertainment Cock Suckers Scene 02:

Dominic Pacifico is an attractive mix of Native American and Mexican qualities, and he has the best lips made for sucking dick! Simply Ask Canadian porn star Adrian Long: he is fortunate to such a degree as to appreciate Dominic’s oral administration. Adam Killian and Tate Ryder catch up with some oral sex activity they could call their own – Tate has a long penis and Adam’s is thick and substantial. They squander no time sucking on each other. Rafael Carreras then stars with blonde surfer Mathew Mason, which opens up for the Cuban’s 10-inch prick. Dylan Hauser tests his breaking points on Vito Gallo’s beast cock, and he gags more than once. Damien Crosse and Issac Jones’ flex their tough jaws on one another’s cocks with profound dick activity down their throats. Boston Miles and Devin Dixon swap head, and they endeavor to suck one another’s long cocks. Spencer Fox closes the scene by sucking on Chris Tyler’s uncut dick before he whips out his own tremendous beast for some licking.

Lucas Entertainment Cock Suckers Gay Porn DVD Image
Porn DVD: Lucas Entertainment Cock Suckers

Lucas Entertainment Cock Suckers Scene 03:

Both Tate Ryder and Will Helm are youthful, nice looking, and brimming with vitality, and when they begin sucking on one another it’s tricky to pry them off their cocks. Will Helm returns for a moment run around with Cuban porn star Damien Crosse: they impractically suck one another’s cocks sitting above the ocean. Rafael Carreras and Leo Helios swallow one another’s cocks while they clean up together – the greater part of the water and cleanser makes them elusive and prepared to suck. Ben Brown and Scott Carter set up one another’s dick with some profound and erotic sucked on the shoreline. Jessie Colter opens up his throat for Jean Franko’s gigantic uncut penis. Adam Killian drops his dress jeans for his business accomplice, Cavin Knight, to suck his cock after a taxing day in the workplace. John Magnum needs an advancement but first he’s going to need to first orally joy his manager, Jeremy Bilding – its ensured to be a treat! What’s more Arpad Miklos pushes his cock down the throat of his subordinate, Steven Daigle.

Lucas Entertainment Cock Suckers Scene 04:

RJ Alexander demonstrates why ginger men are so damn mainstream as he sucks on Ryan Patrick’s huge beast – he has red whiskers and he takes Ryan’s ball and all deep throat style. Latin representative Alessio Romero and Conner Habib swap slippery caresses with each other after they unfasten their jeans. Brandon Jones and Edji Da Silva sneak off into the back region of a club where the base sucks and muffles on Edji’s hard dick. As Tate Ryder and Adrian Long get ready for their post moving execution, they get one another pleasant and hard with their mouths and tongues. In the wake of playing around behind the bar, Will Helm unleashes his monstrous hard manhood for Felix Barca to blow while nobody is looking. Furthermore Kyle King sits once more on a barstool and pushes out his cock for Issac Jones to slurp on.

Lucas Entertainment Cock Suckers Scene 05:

Adam Killian is a gay porn star of a close incredible extents, yet he is tried when needing to about unhinge his jaw to gobble up Vito Gallo’s cock. Jonathan Agassi takes not one dick yet two as he swallows Kriss Aston and Will Helm in an old fortress ignoring the island of Ibiza. Rafael Carreras and Damien Crosse sneak away to a stockroom where they get their uncut Cuban cocks hard for swapping some profound slippery caresses. Issac Jones is held hostage, and the main way he will have the capacity to free himself is to utilize his mouth to delight Adriano Carrasco’s huge, floppy dick. Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez pushes his tremendous fat penis down Jonathan Agassi’s throat. Both Adam Killian and Jonathan Agassi match up with one another where they strip out of their suits and 69 each other. Jonathan simply can’t get enough, as he has a suck-fest trio with Giuseppe Pardi and Rob Nelson what great cock suckers they are.

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