Buying an Automatic Male Masturbator

“Try beforeyou buy” is not really something you want to see on a website that you are buying hands free masturbating devices from! Sloppy seconds is simply not a selling point, not when you don’t know who could have gone there before you. However, you also don’t want to have to buy every device on the market just to find the option that feels best on your dick, providing the most satisfying orgasm.

Just as the manufacturers of automatic male masturbator devices saw a need and worked to create products that fulfilled that need, so some clever people realized that there was a need to be able to get unbiased information about the range of devices on the market without actually having to try each one yourself and created review sites like this website that can give you an overview of what to look for, what to avoid and what the best blow-job machine provides the best bang for your buck.

What To Look For
The whole point of investing in a pleasure device isn’tjust so that you have hands free to eat Cheetos without getting an orange dick, it’s to give you an amazing sensation that feels like a pussy or mouth. You don’t want something that feels like you’ve put your dick in a plastic tube. So, the first thing to look for are reviews that talk about the sensation. Some things that you want to know before putting your credit card into the shopping cart might be:

  • What is the device made of?
  • Is the sensation realistic?
  • Does it accommodate small dicks?
  • Does it accommodate large dicks?
  • Does it rub against your balls in a way that’s pleasant or does it irritate?
  • Is it battery operated, mains power or rechargeable (USB)?

The majority of blow-job machines have a silicone inner that is soft and smooth against your dick, adding lube for a juicy pussy feeling or cream for increased sensation Just as no two penises are the same, a one size fits all machine isn’t going to work for the majority of people.

Is It Adaptable?

We’ve all had hand jobs where they squeezed just a bit too hard, too slow, too soft or too fast – or worse caught your poor Willy with a sharp nail. How programmable is your device? Can you change the speed as you go – particularly for a device that is simulating a blow job, the right amount of suction really help. What about tongue action, is there any? Or does the inner roll in waves and ripples? Or have you found a model that has the occasional sensation of gentle teeth (this would be where you REALLY want to make sure that the device is size adjustable).

Look for ablow-job machine that makes it easy for you to make adjustments quickly, hopefully with just a slide of a dial rather than having to open an app. You want to ensure that you’re not forced into having a substandard orgasm just because you couldn’t get your fake pussy to fuck you a little faster.

Of course, sometimes the fun is from leaving your dick someone else’s hands (or mouth or pussy), so a completely hands-free option where you just take what you’re given until you’ve been fucked senseless might also be just the ticket. Either way, you want to know what you’re getting. Yes – there are devices that you use fully automated and devices which are completely manual and devices that are the best of both worlds. Read a few reviews and work out which ones have the best features for you.

Going Solo or Group Play

Some devices are really only good if you are intending to use it on yourself, by yourself. Whereas other devices are designed to allow others to be in control, which opens up a whole range of fun games that can be played. But if you are after one or the other check that this is an option.

If you’re going for a solo option you might also want to look at the size of the device – some are pretty large, others are more sheath like and can be carried, and used, discreetly.

The Internet Of Things

Another thing to ask is if your device is internet capable. You may think this a strange thing to be on the look-out for, but sex simulators can be connected to databases that will give you an amazing array of stimulating simulated experiences. If you have a favorite porn star they may have created a virtual environment that can be connected to your masturbating machine. Yes, you really can put on virtual reality glasses, put your dick in a sex-machine, and be transported to a world where your sexual fantasy’s will all come true. Have a good toy cleaner handy, and maybe some water.