Meet Sister Roma, Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight and Chi Chi LaRue!

Ultra Fan Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Event Image

There is just one more sleep till everyone can meet some of the most famous gay adult movie stars in the world! You can find Sister Roma, Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight and Chi Chi LaRue at 6pm on the 3rd of March at Park Street Books. Park Street Books is located at Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. This event is in celebration of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras so be sure to add it to your calendar!

Everyone who is in attendance for this event will get a gift from Swiss Navy. You will also be able to enter a draw to win 1 of 4 Brent Corrigan Bliss Signature Fleshjacks! Mr Peeps will also be there! There will never be another time when such adult entertainment royalty will all be in the one place within Australia. Sister Roma, Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight and Chi Chi Larue all have had highly distinguished careers. Listed below are important moments within their careers:

Sister Roma

Sister Roma is a world famous drag queen. She is known for being an iconic veteran member of San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the leading order of queer nuns. The nuns have helped the LGBTQ community through community events, fundraisers, outreach programs and educational seminars. Sister Roma has a kind-hearted personality who promotes safety, human rights and sex positivity within the community.

With an amazing amount of beauty, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence dress up in nun costumes whilst wearing makeup on their faces. Their costumes express their wide range of personalities and personal values. The Sisters believe: “We believe all people have a right to express their unique joy and beauty and we use humor and irreverent wit to expose the forces of bigotry, complacency and guilt that chain the human spirit.”

Sister Roma has made one of the most positive marks on the LGBTQ community. Below is a list of important events within Sister Roma’s life:

  • In 2015, Sister Roma took on Facebook over its Real Name Policy and won.
  • In 1991, Sister Roma introduced the Stop the Violence Campaign to combat hate crimes throughout San Francisco in the city and surrounding campuses. The Stop the Violence campaign marks houses with signs that are safe zones and gave whistles to members of the LGBTQ community to use if they were being attacked.
  • In 2007, Sister Roma served as Emcee at San Fran Cisco’s Castro Theatre. She also covered the GayVN Awards.
  • Sister Roma is an emcee for Super Heroes and Villains Krewe de Kinque’s Bal Masque benefit for Tenderloin Tessie’s Holiday Dinners. This event serves Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to the homeless people of San Francisco.
  • Sister Roma is an emcee at the annual San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s public anniversaries.
  • Sister Roma was an emcee at the Free Speech Coalition’s 19th Annual Night of The Stars Awards held at Los Angeles’ Centre Studios.

Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan’s real name is Sean Paul Lockhart. Brent began his career when he was a teenager and mastered the amateur gay adult movie industry. Brent’s professional experience turned him into one of the most skilled, celebrated and popular adult movie stars of our generation. Brent Corrigan is a gay adult movie star, a mainstream movie actor, a singer and an adult movie director.

Brent Corrigan’s latest release is Ultra Fan a NakedSword production, this movie will be promoted at Park Street Books on the 3rd of March at 6pm. Ultra Fan is about Brent Corrigan who has been trapped in a web cam rut for years. The movie star promised his fans something spectacular. Although there is an Ultra Fan who has implicating evidence on Brent and will use it to hijack his live show. A series of orchestrated events go from mild to wild to downright dangerous, all in an attempt to force Brent back into the business.

Below is a list of important events within Brent Corrigan’s career:

  • In 2007, Brent starred in a musical “Didn’t This Used To Be Fun”.
  • In 2008, Brent starred in a short movie named “Tell Me” and a movie named “In The Closet”. The Closet was directed by Jodi Wheeler.
  • In 2008, Brent starred in a movie named “Milk”. Milk is a 2008 American biographical film based on the life of gay rights activist and politician Harvey Milk.
  • In 2011, Brent starred in the movie named “Judas Kiss”.
  • Brent has a biographical movie based upon events within his life. The movie features the 2007 murder of gay porn producer Bryan Kocis. It features James Franco, as one of the two aspiring producers who wanted Brent to sign over his performing contract to them.
  • Brent is a Falcon Exclusive Model.

JJ Knight

JJ Knight has been in the gay adult movie industry for a year and he is already making headlines as a Falcon Exclusive model! JJ Knight is 6’2 with a perfectly chiselled swimmers body, warm green eyes, dark brown hair, a playful southern charm, a beautiful ass, has a contagiously charming smile and is in his early 20s. All his characteristics make him to be an incredible performer. JJ Knight is most famous for his huge penis that is a whopping 9.5″ in length. Falcon Studios molded his penis into a dildo named the “JJ Knight Supercock”. He has recently won ‘Grabby Awards’ for the Hottest Cock, when he accepted his award he said:

“Receiving any sort of nomination only eight months into this industry meant a lot to me. Winning Best Newcomer would be great, but there are so many great performers nominated this year that even I would have a hard time picking a winner. Winning Hottest Cock, however, would be a dream come true and would finally make what every director and other models say about my cock finally sink in. Never thought of myself as having a “hot cock,” but after hearing something a thousand times it has to eventually kick in that there is something special about it.”

JJ Knight has starred in 16 Falcon Studio adult movies including Cruising Grounds, Into the Blue, Urban Spokes, Desert Gateaway, Pitching Tents, About Last Night, Deep Release, Tahoe Snowbound and Wild Weekend 1 and 2.

JJ Knight Gay Adult Movie Star Photo
Photo: JJ Knight

Chi Chi LaRue

Chi Chi LaRue’s real name is Larry David Paciotti. Chi Chi LaRue is one of the world’s most recognizable drag personalities and adult movie directors. His early career began when he starred in “The Weather Gals” and a “Hag Drag” revue. He began working as an assistant at Catalina Videos and he now owns the company! Through hard work, determination and talent he also owns Channel 1 Releasing. Chi Chi LaRue works for Falcon Studios and Vivid Video to.

Chi Chi LaRue has now directed hundreds of gay adult movie films, his work is always in high demand. His work has won him countless awards including:

  • 1990 Dave Awards winner of Best Video and Best Director for More of a Man by All Worlds Video.
  • 1991 AVN award Best Director Gay Adult Movie for The Rise by Catalina Video.
  • 1991 AVN Award Best Non-Sexual Performance–Bi, Gay, or Trans Video for More of a Man by All Worlds Video.
  • 1992 Gay Erotic Video Awards Best Director for Songs in the Key of Sex by HIS Video.
  • 1993 AVN Award Best Director (Gay Video) for Songs in the Key of Sex by HIS Video.
  • 1993 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Special Interest Video for Chi Chi LaRue’s Hardbody Video Magazine by Odyssey Men.
  • 1993 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Gender Bender for Valley of the Bi Dolls by Catalina Video.
  • 1994 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Non-Sexual Role for Revenge of the Bi-Dolls by Catalina Video.
  • 1995 Gay Erotic Video Award Best Director for Idol Country by HIS Video.
  • 2000 Grabby Award winner of Best Director and Best Video.
  • 2001 GayVN Award Best Director for Echoes by Men of Odyssey.
  • 2002 GayVN Award Best Director for a Bisexual Video for Mile Bi Club by All Worlds Video.
  • 2003 GayVN Award Best Director (with John Rutherford) for Deep South: The Big and the Easy Part 1 and Part 2 by Falcon Studios.
  • 2006 Grabby Award Best Director and GayVN Award Best Director for Wrong Side of the Tracks Part One and Part Two by Rascal Video.
  • 2009 GayVN Award Trailblazer.
  • 2011 and 2012 Cyber Socket Best Personality.

Be sure to stop by Park Street Books to meet these gay adult movie industry royalties. They are very friendly and would love to meet you!




Sister Roma Creates the Stop The Violence Campaign!

Sister Roma in Purple Photo

In 1991, Sister Roma was in San Francisco and introduced her STOP the Violence Campaign. The introduction of the campaign was a reaction to the organised homophobia and transphobia hate crimes in the streets. A window placard system was devised to mark safe homes to run to in the instance of an attack or the threat of an attack. The STOP the Violence Campaign distributed window signs and whistles in the various neighborhoods, districts of the city as well as on college campuses which were used for people to call for help when being gay bashed.

She served on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and has participated in countless fundraising projects leading to strong relationships. She has helped a long list of causes that promote and serve the LGBT community. 
She also educates people within the community on sexual health issues. One of her career goals is to be on the cover of Vanity Fair. This was easily done with the help of Photoshop. When Sister Roma asked about her career highlights she said:

“I have the arduous task of looking at naked men all day long as the Art Director at Hot House Entertainment.”

Sister Roma is habitually, perpetually and happily single, but enjoys brief encounters when visiting her beloved Puerto Vallarta. With a schedule like hers, when would she have time to nurture a relationship? Summing up her time with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, she said:

“In 25 years I’ve done it all baby! I’ve worked with everyone from AIDS to PAWS. I’ve served food at Thanksgiving with Tenderloin Tessie’s. I’ve painted kids’ faces for LYRIC. I’ve hosted a Masturbate-a-thon for the Center For Sex and Culture. I’ve moderated public forums on safer sex for the SF AIDS Foundation. Mostly though, I’m a loudmouth who is very comfortable on stage. I’ve been the MC at countless events for years, including Folsom Street Fair, AEF Christmas Eve Dinner, Easter in Dolores Park, SF Drag King Contest, Mr. & Miss Gay SF Contest, San Francisco Pride, Halloween In The Castro, Castro Street Fair, and AIDS Emergency Fund County Fair – to name a few. I’m thrilled whenever anyone thinks to invite me to be a part of their event.”

Some of Sister Roma‘s favorite sayings include:

“Life’s a banquet and most poor sons o’ bitches are starving to death!”- Auntie Mame

“All men are created equal.”- Abraham Lincoln

“There’s only one true judge and that’s God, so chill, and let my father do his job.” – Salt N’ Peppa.

Sister Roma‘s advice to others is simple:

“Be yourself. Accept yourself. Love yourself. Live your life however you want, and don’t listen to what other people say or think, especially drag queens in a newspaper interview, for God’s sake!”

Sister Roma is an inspiration to the entire LGTBQ community which she serves with passion and integrity.

Sister Roma in Purple Photo
Photo: Sister Roma

In addition to all her community and charity work Sister Roma also acts professionally as well as in more casual drag performances in clubs. In 2003 she appeared in Ronnie Larsen’s Sleeping With Straight Men at Theatre Rhinoceros with Mink Stole. Sleeping with Straight Men was produced to be a drama based comedy about the Jenny Jones murder case. Sleeping with Straight Men is filled with nudity and odd sexual scenes.

In Falcon Studio’s 1997 film High Tide, Sister Roma appeared with drag star and porn producer Chi Chi LaRue. High Tide had one of the largest casting of it’s time filled with beautiful men and large erections. The adult movie was based in the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii. The men are on the beach, hot and drenched with sweet which makes for some steamy scenes. This movie features Anders a man who has lost his memory, who is trying to get away from his fiancee. He tries to get to a private island to give himself some private time to work out what is going on. On the island he finds a man named Mr Tom Chase who had previously known him. Their connection reignites as Mr Tom Chase and Anders find themselves making out under a cascading waterfall.

In 2006, Sister Roma was nominated for Best Nonsexual Performance Gay Adult Video News (GAYVN) award for her portrayal of Mona Lott, the maid of Wet Palms which is a ten episode gay porn soap opera series. Wet Palms is based upon a man named Peter Dune who is an avid night clubber and is a gorgeous underwear model. He moves on from his old life of partying to be with a man named Tucker Bang who is a kind man that write articles for “Jetsetter” a gay gossip magazine. Simon Jett The Wet Palms hotel manager’s brother is trying to get into Peters pants.

Sister Roma also performed at San Francisco’s longest running drag show Trannyshack. Trannyshack is a drag show that runs once a week. It was originally founded by drag queen Heklina as a Study Bar which ran for 12 years. Trannyshack regularly draws big crowds to their shows. Sister Roma also writes a bi-weekly column Drag It for San Fransisco’s gay alternative magazine Gloss.

Come and meet this iconic drag queen who is one of the hardest working activists for the LGBTQI community at the exclusive FREE meet and greet at 6pm the 3rd of March 2017 at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. There will also be gay adult movie icons including Brent Corrigan, JJ Knight and Chi Chi LaRue.

Sister Roma and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence – Free Event and Giveaways

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI) are also known as the Order of Perpetual Indulgence (OPI). The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a charity, protest and street performance organization that uses drag and religious imagery to call attention to sexual intolerance by satirizing issues of gender and morality. At their inception in 1979, a small group of gay men in San Francisco began wearing the attire of nuns in visible situations to draw attention to social conflicts and problems in the Castro District.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have grown throughout the United States of America and are currently organized as an international network of orders. They are mostly a non-profit charity organization that raises money for AIDS, LGBT-related causes and mainstream community service organizations who do a lot of work in San Francisco. They promote safe sex, educate others about the harmful effects of drug use and other risky behaviours. Between 1979 and 2007 the Sisters were credited when they raised over $1 million for various causes. They continue to raise an average of almost $40,000 per year.

Early members of the group, when they are not hiding their masculine features or facial hair, are characterized by San Francisco gay community historian Susan Stryker. Susan Stryker is the embodiment of a gender bender. Their appearance has changed over the years; the nun motif remains the same but it has now been joined with exaggerated make-up that accentuates the rebellion against gender roles and religion. The Sisters have attracted controversy both within and outside the LGBT communities but have received the harshest criticism for obvious parodies of Catholic icons and policies.

One of the most outspoken and highest profile members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence is Sister Roma who is hosting a meet and greet in Sydney on the 3rd of March 2017 from 6pm at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street, Sydney. So come along and meet this iconic drag queen who is an activist for the LGBTQI communities.

Womens March San Francisco Image
Photo: Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Womens March San Francisco

Community Involvement

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have been involved in various causes including the promotion of safe sex, raising money for HIV/AIDS and breast cancer research. They host important community service activities like the Gay Games, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics and raising the “first legal $1000” for a city proposition to legalize medical marijuana. Sister Roma “There’s No Place like Rome!” organized the “Stop the Violence” campaign in the Castro where the Sisters distributed placards in homes and businesses to signify which were safe places to go and whistles to be used to alert those nearby in case of attack. They have sponsored dances for LGBT youth and given to or worked for a variety of similar objectives.

Over the years the Sisters have been named as saints who are supported by hundreds of people who have helped on various projects behind the scenes. They actively organize projects, coordinate actions, performing at events as an artist or emcee and serve the greater LGBT community in other ways. Sometimes they canonize community heroes who have recently died. It is customary for the Sisters to award sainthood with the addition of an elaborate “saint name”. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence notable saints include:

  • Assassinated San Francisco Supervisor: Harvey Milk
  • California State Senator: Carole Migden
  • Mayor of San Francisco: Gavin Newsom
  • Mayor of New Paltz, New York: Jason West
  • San Francisco Supervisors: Tom Ammiano and Bevan Dufty
  • General Manager of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Susan Leal
  • Founder of the Radical Faeries: Harry Hay
  • Authors: Armistead Maupin and Tonne Serah
  • Actresses: Margaret Cho, Ethel Merman and Rosie O’Donnell
  • Professor of Christian Theology at King Alfred’s College, Winchester : Dr Elizabeth Stuart,
  • Medical marijuana activists: Brownie Mary and Ed Rosenthal
  • Film maker and artist, Derek Jarman
  • French photographer: Jean-Baptiste Carhaix
  • Former City Assessor-Recorder of San Francisco: Mabel Teng

Community Activists and Organizers

  • Michael Brandon
  • Molly McKay and Davina Kotulski
  • Mr. Leather Washington 2002: Tony Buff
  • Jackie Forster
  • Peter Tatchell
  • San Francisco photographer who documented the early Sisters: Greg Day
  • The first Chair of the Terrence Higgins Trust, the largest AIDS charity in Europe: Tony Whitehead
  • Ian Campbell Dunn
  • Lisa Power

Community Drag Icons and Activists

  • Juanita More
  • Trauma Flintstone
  • Connie Champagne
  • Donna Sachet
  • Heklina
  • Peaches Christ


Sister Roma is Coming to Town – Free Event and Giveaways

Sister Roma Social Activist Photo

Sister Roma was born on the 22nd of December in 1962. She is a humble 20 year veteran member of San Francisco’s Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Inc. According to her biography page on the Sisters website she joined in 1987 and was the first of the group to be publicly elevated and veiled. In 1991, Sister Roma introduced the STOP the Violence Campaign to combat hate crimes throughout the city as well as on college campuses. She has been a social right activist ever since.

Sister Roma has done coverage of the GayVN Awards and served as emcee for the awards held at San Francisco’s Castro Theater on the 24th of February in 2007. Sister Roma is also the art director at gay adult movie studio named “Hot House Entertainment”. She co-hosts an online live-format talk show about the adult movie industry named “The Tim and Roma Show” with a large range of guests. The Tim and Roma Show discuss film projects as well as events in the LGBTQ community and the news within the gay adult movie industry.

Sister Roma has served as an emcee and celebrity judge for countless community and charity event including: Judge at the world’s longest running and possibly largest drag king event named the San Francisco Drag King Contest; Judge for Will Clark’s 2005 benefit Adult Movie Idol; Emcee at the world’s largest BDSM and leather event; California’s third largest spectator event the Folsom Street Fair; Emcee for the 2005 Bad Boys by the Bay; Main Stage emcee at San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade which is the largest LGBT event in the United States; Emcee for Super Heroes and Villains Krewe de Kinque’s Bal Masque benefit for Tenderloin Tessie’s Holiday Dinners (serving Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to homeless people of San Francisco); Emcee at the annual San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s public anniversaries often held in the city’s parks and emcee at the Free Speech Coalition’s 19th annual Night of The Stars awards event held at Los Angeles’ Centre Studios.

Sister Roma also acts professionally as well as in more casual drag performances in clubs. In 2003 she appeared in Ronnie Larsen’s “Sleeping with Straight Men at Theatre Rhinoceros with Mink Stole. In Falcon Studio’s 1997 film “High Tide Roma” appeared with drag star and adult movie producer Chi Chi LaRue. In 2006 Sister Roma was nominated for Best Nonsexual Performance Gay Adult Video News (GAYVN) award for her portrayal of Mona Lott, the maid of Wet Palms which is a ten episode gay adult movie soap opera series. She also has performed at San Francisco’s longest running drag show Trannyshack. Sister Roma writes a bi-weekly column Drag It for San Franscisco’s gay alternative magazine Gloss.

Ultra Fan Poster
Photo: Ultra Fan

For the 24th annual Folsom Street Fair held on the 30th of September in 2007 the official poster artwork featured a photo of the well-known LGBT and BDSM community members. They were clothed in festive and fetish attire alongside Sister Roma who dressed as Mary Magdalene. This event was said to be an innovative version of the culturally iconographic of the famous “Last Supper” painting by Leonardo da Vinci. The photograph was complete with table draped with a Leather Pride flag, cluttered with sex toys, whips, and various BDSM restraints. The artwork by FredAlert was used on the official event guide as well as produced as collector’s posters that were posted throughout the city for advertising. Some conservative religious groups criticized this as anti-Christian and blasphemous event. Even though numerous parodies and homages of the Last Supper painting are readily available like Renée Cox’s controversial Yo Mama’s Last Supper.

Sister Roma’s Filmography credits include:


  • 2007 Grunts: Misconduct – Armed force life is unpleasant and to a great degree there is a lot of work to do. Sergeants bark demands and anticipate that they are to be followed just as strictly as they are given. As the Grunts are prepared to be fighters, down time turns out to be increasingly essential. Kinship comes into full play on the war zone. Their friendships are fortified in the couple of minutes of rest. What happens when the sergeants aren’t around? How do the men let off their sexual steam?
  • 2007 Santo Domingo – Santo Domingo is an adult movie made by Raging Stallion Studios and Colin O’Neal Productions that takes you through the exotic jungle of men of the world.
  • 1997 High Tide – There is a beautiful man in Hawaii who has everything. He has a wonderful home, a job and girlfriend. He has everything going for him. Though he finds a lost love. Starring Falcon Exclusive Superstar Tom Chase and Matthew Anders.

Received Special Thanks

  • 2005 Arabesque – An award winning gay adult movie by Raging Stallion Studios. This adult movie stars Huessein, François Sagat, Manuel Torres, Sarib, Ivan Andros, Joey Milano, Joey Russo, and J.C. It has won two GavVN awards for Best Group Scene and Best Music. It has also won three Grabby Awards including Best all-sex Video, Best DVD Extras & Best Group-sex Scene.


  • 2016 Dragged – A documentary crew follows the lives of drag queens, staring Sister Roma’s real life.
  • 2014 Folsom Forever – In 1984, San Francisco was the home for gay men and leather. Their community was faced with demolition as they also handled the AIDS crisis. They community hosted a Folsom Street Fair to raise funding for their AIDS charities. This documentary follows the lives of people within the community including Sister Roma and how they inspired their community to become one of the biggest outdoor kink and fetish events.
  • 2005-2006 Wet Palms TV Series – In the Wet Palms bedroom of Peter Dune, a previous nightclubbing lover who is also a men’s underwear model. Peter gave up his old lifestyle for his new partner named Tucker Bang. Tucker’s, a kind hearted writer who’s works at gay talk magazine “JettSetter”. The distributor of Jetsetter is attempted to get into Peter’s pants.
    • Party of the Year (2006) Stars Sister Roma
    • Separate Lives (2005) Stars Sister Roma
    • Family Reunion: Part 2 (2005) Stars Sister Roma
  • 1999 Gendernauts: A Journey Through Shifting Identities – Monika Treut investigates trans-gendered people’s opinions living in the society and their worldly views. Likewise with Treut’s first film “Jungfrauenmaschine”, Gendernauts enters a minority area of San Francisco culture. The people in this film are individuals whose born gender does not reflect their social identity.

Come see Sister Roma for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras on the 3rd of march at Park Street Books, Level 2/44 Park Street Sydney.




Sister Roma Poses as Mary Magdalene

Sister Roma as Mary Magdalene Photo

A fundraising event called the “Great District 8 Chili Cook-Off” on behalf of orphans in Chile which was sponsored by Rainbow World Fund. The Rainbow World Fund is an “an all-volunteer international humanitarian service agency based in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and friends community.”. The fundraising event was scheduled last Sunday afternoon at Ellard Hall, the parish hall of San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer Church located in the city’s 8th supervisorial district.

According to the press, the charitable event was scheduled to include the first public return of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to the Most Holy Redeemer Church since the 7th of October 2007. According to an article published in the Bay Area Reporter the “emcees for the event will be current District 8 Supervisor Bevan Dufty and Sister Roma of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”. The Bay Area Reporter is one of the longest running and largest local newspapers that serve the LGBTQI communities. Two members of the group embarrassed San Francisco Archbishop George Niederauer when they presented themselves for communion in drag. The archbishop gave the self-described “queer nuns” communion but within a week, he had publicly apologized for his actions and issued a statement strongly critical of the group.

An important emcee at this event was Sister Roma. Sister Roma is a world famous drag queen, social rights activist of the LGBTQI community and an art director of gay adult movie studio “Hot House Entertainment”. In addition to being a professional adult movie director, Sister Roma has served as an emcee at the Folsom Street Fair, an annual San Francisco event that celebrated BDSM and leather subculture.This event concluded the city’s yearly Leather Pride Week. Sister Roma also co-hosts an online live-format talk show about the adult movie industry.

Folsom Street Fair Apostles Advertisement Image
Image: Folsom Street Fair

In 2006, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence described themselves as “the leading-edge order of queer nuns” alongside their official slogan is “go forth and sin some more”. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence  were booted out of Ellard Hall which was the same parish hall where Sunday’s cook-off was scheduled. The group had leased Most Holy Redeemer’s parish hall for bingo games to raise funds for HIV/AIDS programs, until the chancery ordered them evicted,

In 2008, Sister Roma posed as Mary Magdalene in a now notorious poster that promoted that year’s Folsom Street Fair. The poster was a take-off of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” with men and women in leather attire posed as the apostles. Scattered around the table were various whips and BDSM restraint devices. The poster provoked outrage among Christians all over the country.

Sister Roma also acted as emcee at the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’s annual “Hunky Jesus” contest. The contest took place on Easter Sunday which mocked the crucifixion of Jesus. Men dressed up as what they thought Jesus would have looked like and prizes were awarded for what was considered to be the best costume. The 2010 winner was Junky Jesus, who wore a loincloth covered with syringes.

Sister Roma is coming to Australia for the 2017 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and will be attending a meet and greet at 6pm on the 3rd of March 2017. The event will be hosted at Park Street Books which is located on Level 2, 44 Park Street, Sydney. Come along to this free event and meet one of the hardest working people supporting the LGBTQI community.