Pure Passion’s Broken Vows 6

It was the cover to Pure Passion’s Broken Vows 6 that drew me in. Ava Addams graces the cover holding her huge bra, wearing a lace thong and a waist corset. Her long straight dark hair, gorgeous smile and a smattering of tattoos (these are a few of my favourite things) somehow took second place to her gigantic exposed tits.

Soon as I saw this cover, I couldn’t wait to dive headlong in and see what fun she gets up to. Broken Vows 6 features a few scenes, starting with Alexa Toma followed by Brandi Love and Kalina Ryu before finishing off with Ava Addams. I readied myself for the 2+ hour runtime, two bottles of lube and a toy resting patiently nearby.

Alexa Tomas is one hot Spaniard, and her story starts with her as a private yoga instructor. She definitely has the body for it, that belly is perfectly superb. After two minutes watching her flirt with the guy, I skipped to the next chapter. They were still clothed and flirting. But worst of all, the most ill-fitting music ever put to porn continued to assault my ears. It was more like elevator music. Not sexy, not romantic, it was just there. With no other sounds. Just the music. For ten minutes!

When Alexa finally gets down to business, I feel some relief. Not because her perfect tits are now on display, but I feel better about myself upon seeing the guy isn’t really big erection. I thought big dicks was a given for male porn stars, but maybe not. Then I wondered if Alexa was just a tall porn actress, but Google results tell me she’s around 5’7, certainly not enough to shift the perspective.

Thankfully Alexa is not only gorgeous, but amazing at what she does and while I do find myself skipping through the chapters, I enjoy the snippets I see. I’m still wanting to get to Ava Addams’ scene.

Brandi Love is up next, and while she is a near perfect milf, I can’t not be distracted by possibly the worst fake tits I’ve ever seen. I skip through these chapters a lot faster. As I do with Kalina Ryu’s scene.

In reality, it’s not so much the women or their scenes, but how unengaging the whole production is. There are never any close ups, and the whole thing feels quite static. Even quickly skipping through everyone’s ten minutes of shit music doesn’t help pick things up.

Ava Addams scene finally begins, again with the damn music, as she receives an oil massage where we are introduced to possibly the only close ups in the whole two hours, of her breasts and nipples being lathered up. It’s hot, kind of. I skip through to the good parts but again, the camera seems so far from the action that it feels almost pointless watching it on my big HD TV screen. I can get far better engagement from more intimate porn on my phone.

I feel let down by Ava’s scene as it abruptly comes to an end (pun intended) and I return to Alexa’s meatier moments. After going through the other scenes, this one is probably the hottest and the most dynamic. But that doesn’t mean it’s great. It’s just better, by contrast.

This DVD gets a 3/10. Wicked Picture’s educational movies are for hotter and more intimate than this. In fact, I think the cover of this DVD is probably the hottest part about the whole thing. Maybe I’ll just get it made into a poster and be happy with that.

Jessica Drake Vs Female Ejaculation

Having recently written an article on this very site about female ejaculation, I went into watching this mostly with an idea that 1, I wasn’t going to learn anything and 2, an educational video is not going to be very arousing to watch.


Wrong on both accounts.


This DVD (yes, they still exist, and for many good reasons) has a run-time of around an hour, not counting the two full length sex scenes or bonus scene from the Threesome volume. It should be noted, for jessica drake fans, that she doesn’t perform in any of this series, just hosts and gets the information across. Having a gorgeous host sure makes things easier to absorb, much like Margot Robbie explaining financial terms in The Big Short while drinking champagne in a hot tub.


After her introduction, we get a few brief interviews with two women and a man about their first experiences with squirting, followed by more from jessica about what and where the g-spot is, and how to stimulate it to bring on female ejaculation. To see this in practise, we then cut to a Jessie Andrews solo scene, starting off in her bra and panties, caressing herself and slowly undressing before her hands move south.


I don’t know if it was from cutting to this from the clothed interview scenes, or that it was all about Jessie Andrews just focusing on herself, instead of playing to the camera like cam girls have now made the norm, but this little scene was surprisingly hot. I was a little thrown on the two or so occasions that it cut back to Jessica drake explaining what is happening and what to do, but in hindsight this was a good thing otherwise this is probably where this review would finish.


Next, Jessica talks about toys to use to stimulate the g-spot, and shows examples of a few of the different materials of such toys, explaining whether they include phthalates and which lubricants are safe to use on each. While it was nice to not see a shameless self plug here, I was surprised that she didn’t mention any specific Evolved toys here, as they are affiliated with Wicked Pictures.


Annie Cruz then gives us a solo show, and shows how to use a g-spot toy for ultimate pleasure and a hell of a lot of squirting action. By the way, she is using the njoy Pure stainless steel dildo, a toy that repeatedly turned up during my research for the squirting blog I previously did. And shit, this solo clip of Annie’s somehow was even hotter than Miss Andrews’ scene. This toy just kept on opening up her floodgates (which explains why it was on so many top squirting toy lists) and I really enjoyed her natural body and her hot dark nipples.

Veronica Avluv was up next with her husband Hans to talk about his dedication to pleasuring his wife and how he learned to make her squirt. They even discuss how when she moved from exotic dancing to solo and lesbian porn, that Hans had to show her how to get herself to squirt, as he’d always been the one to deliver the results. This chat is followed by a live clip of the couple, with a fully dressed Hans using his tongue and fingers to edge

Veronica, before finally giving her the release she craves. Veronica is smoking in this, not just with her augmented milf body, but how she writhes around on the lounge, barely able to control herself or hold back in any way.


Marcus London, the so-called ‘squirting instructor’ is interviewed. He talks about his first times being squirted on and wondering if the woman had just peed on him, to developing his technique to get 99.9% of women he’s been with to squirt. I found it amusing that he kept referring to the g-spot as ‘the spongy area’ and never by its name, but perhaps he cares less for the science and more for the practice. It was interesting to hear what he had to say, and while at first it did kind of sound like male posturing, by the end I was convinced of his chosen field of excellence. It was also within this interview that I found the new piece of information I hadn’t discovered in my research for the previous blog, and I’m looking forward to putting it to test in the near future.


jessica drake rounds the whole program off, before the DVD takes you a new menu where you can pick between the two hardcore scenes. The first option leads to a full scene between Annie Cruz and Toni Ribas, with a little backstory, plenty of foreplay and loads of action. Damn that Annie Cruz can mouth some meat!


The second option is Jessie Andrews and Marcus London in a similar format to the former, but very different in play. Once they climb into a 69 position, each partner giving their all, but Jessie must have been giving an amazing blowjob as more than once Marcus couldn’t even return the favour as he laid his head back and moaned at the experience. Several positions later, Jessie brings her Magic Wand into play and this readily throws her over the edge. Within a minute she is squirting all over the place, her kegels spitting Marcus out of her pussy.


Beyond my surprise at how hot these scenes were, I also found it interesting that each time, just before penetration, they would roll a condom on. Not sure if this was a contractual thing, or if it was Wicked Pictures way to help promote safe sex. Either way, it was great to see safe sex with each one not having it as some mood-busting moment, instead showing how adding this sensation-removing sheath can still be a hot moment to keep the blood flowing and not lose momentum.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by this DVD. It was made in and around 2012 (obviously before Hanz Avluv’s heart attack) but still in a quality HD format. Some of the jessica drake scenes feel a bit cheesy, but I think this series is probably more aimed at more vanilla people than me, who might find watching the way her lips shiver with every word somewhat of a turn on. The intimate moments were far hotter than I was expecting from an ‘educational’ DVD and, especially for those that may not know much about a woman’s g-spot and female ejaculation, then this really will be a great resource to further learn to explore these fantastic sexual additions.


Come visit the oh zone adult stores to get your copy now!

Asa Goes To Hell!

Asa Akira Porn Actress Photo

When you and I go to Hell (and that’s happening, believe that), we’ll probably spend eternity being beaten, burned, and forced to eat shit while listening to demons sing Nickelback songs.  When Asa Akira goes to Hell, however, she apparently gets to have all sorts of crazy sex with hot pornstars.  Because that’s what the Bible says.

Directed by Axel Braun, Asa Goes To Hell is the latest showcase featuring one of the hottest and most popular pornstars on the planet; Ms. Asa Akira.  The movie features five hardcore scenes, all of which star Asa Akira, and has a runtime of just over an hour and a half.  This would seem to indicate that each of those five hardcore scenes move along at a fairly brisk pace, which is good for all of us who suffer from short/damaged attention spans.

Asa Akira Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Asa Akira

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Asa Akira has been filmed having sex in Hell.  You may recall she had a similar adventure in Underworld, which was directed by Brad Armstrong and released back in 2013.  That film went on to be one of the most critically acclaimed XXX movies of that year.

In addition to Asa Akira, the movie also features the talents of Aiden Ashley.  The pairing of these two ladies is especially exciting, because anyone who’s seen either of their work knows that these women are hardcore superfreaks.  So seeing them do sex to each other will probably melt your face right off your goddamn skull.  #WorthIt

As for the five dudes that perform in Asa Goes To Hell, they really need no introduction.  Dane Cross, Eric John, Rob Piper, Moe the Monster, and Will Powers are all excellent at what they do, they’ve collectively been nominated for every major industry award in existence, and each of them has more sex in a week than most people have in their lives. Shop the Asa Akira Porn DVD Range today!

Axel Braun’s Dirty Talk

Edyn Blair Porn Actress Photo

Wicked Pictures has announced the release of “Axel Braun’s Dirty Talk,” which pays tribute to “the art of aural sex.”

Arriving on the heels of his 2017 XBIZ Awards nominations sweep with the Wicked Comix hits “Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Parody” and “Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody,” the legendary director’s salute to auditory erotica finds him reuniting with Kleio Valentien, whose performance in “Suicide Squad XXX” earned her a 2017 XBIZ Best Actress — Parody Release nomination.

Kleio Valentien Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Kleio Valentien

She teams up with 2017 XBIZ Best New Starlet nominee Lyra Law, Kat Dior, Edyn Blair and Britney Amber to bring “lush tableaus of verbal tease to life through whispered innuendo, erotic descriptions, raunchy sexual humor and much more.” They share the screen with male performers such as Eric John, Tommy Gunn, Alec Knight and Lucas Frost.

Throughout its 120-minute running time, “Axel Braun’s Dirty Talk” blends what is described as “hot, sweet and sticky action with high production values, intriguing set-ups and, of course, generous doses of graphic spoken word imagery and interplay.”

Edyn Blair Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Edyn Blair

Both photographed and edited in 16×9 widescreen HD, “Axel Braun’s Dirty Talk” is presented in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound and features three bonus sex scenes, a XXX still gallery, hardcore trailers, “stylish packaging” and other content exclusive to the DVD Release.

“Axel Braun’s Dirty Talk” is now available at xvideo and stars Edyn Blair, Kleio Valentien, Lyra Law, Britney Amber, Kat Dior, Eric John, Rob Carpenter, Tommy Gunn, Alec Knight, Lucas Frost.







Axel Braun’s Cinderella XXX

Samantha Saint Porn Actress Photo

Axel Braun takes us once again into the world of fairy tales. This isn’t a Disney version though. In fact, this one teaches a number of things that Walt’s classic tale didn’t. I’ll outline those as we go. Samantha Saint plays Cinderella and is beautiful as always. We get to see her get busy twice and both scenes are worth watching. Her scene with her step sisters is one of the hottest lesbian romps I have seen in a long time. The finale with Prince Charming is also mighty fine. Veronica Avluv plays the wicked stepmother to absolute perfection. Her opening sex scene sets the bar very high. Carter Cruise and Penny Pax play Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters. They are plenty bitchy and always horny. After working over Cinderella, they share a big cock in a fantastic double blowjob. Julia Ann makes her way into the movie as well. As the fairy godmother, she pops in, waves her magic wand and then takes a wand herself. Hot scene with Tyler Knight for this living legend. The script is good and well acted by the whole cast. It is nicely shot and surprisingly hot sexually. The sex scenes stand up really well making it a very complete flick. It is fun, funny and hot, exactly what we would hope for.

Veronica Avluv Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Veronica Avluv
Veronica Avluv & Evan Stone

Ever wonder how Cinderella came to live in a house ruled by her stepmother? This opening scene clears that up a bit. The King (Evan Stone) runs through a list of grievances he has for his bitchy wife. She spreads her legs and reminds him why he can’t resist her. He licks her pussy and she turns into a very hot talker right away. She looks really good busting out of her bustier with her legs kicking as his tongue makes her hips buck wildly. She turns over and sticks her ass in his face. After riding his face for a good long while, she takes his cock out and licks the head while twisting her hands on the shaft. This is probably why Veronica gets away with being so evil. What man in his right mind is going to be able to resist head this good? (Things the Disney version doesn’t tell us: Lesson One. The King can’t resist great head no matter how evil the bitch is.). Mounting up, Veronica rides really hard. She is great at the dirty talk and looks beautiful as she slams her hips down on him. They roll into spoon where his long cock has her squirting all over her fingers in no time. Evan keeps jabbing his cock into her pussy even as it gushes. He rolls her back onto her side and sticks it right up her ass. This is a really hot opening scene and has the bar set quite high already. She finally helps him explode using her hands and her mouth. Too bad it doesn’t end well for the King. (Things the Disney version doesn’t tell us: Lesson Two.)

Carter Cruise Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Carter Cruise
Samantha Saint, Carter Cruise & Penny Pax

The evil stepsisters (Penny Pax and Carter Cruise) convince Cinderella that she needs some experience if she wants to land a prince. They each grab a boob and start licking, sending the pretty blonde into fits of pure sexual euphoria. Having discovered something special in their leggy step sibling, the girls eat her pussy and ass until she is ready to crawl right out of her skin. This is a very fun scene with Samantha at the center of the action. She is super hot so the eye candy is fantastic. They make her hold a try of potatoes while they finger her meaty pussy and spank her ass. I don’t know if she learned anything about pleasing a man, but her slit gets a through work over. (Things the Disney version doesn’t teach us Lesson Two: Clit piercing and pussy shaving were as common as implants in this world.) I like both Carter and Penny so this is a hot scene all around.

Julia Ann Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Julia Ann
Julia Ann & Tyler Knight

Gus (Tyler Knight) takes Cinderella to see the Fairy Godmother (Julia Ann). She asks for a dress, a carriage and a whole lot o magic. In exchange for the magic, she demands something from Gus. Three guesses what it is. If you guessed a big hard cock, you guessed correctly. Julia Ann looks amazing as always and quickly gets to work sucking that dick. Her blowjob is fantastic of course and then she kicks back with her legs spread wide to give him a taste of her sweet goodness. Great leg shots here. Once they both get good and wet, he slips in from behind. (Things the Disney version doesn’t teach us: Lesson three Apparently a Fairy Godmother can turn a pumpkin into a carriage, but even she isn’t immune to STDs or unwanted pregnancies.) They get into doggy where he bags her hard enough to make the tits sway every time their hips collide. He decorates her boobs with a stream of sticky goo, paying Cinderella’s debt in full.

Penny Pax Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Penny Pax
Carter Cruise, Penny Pax & Will Powers

After the ball, the King’s guard (Will Powers) brigs the glass slipper around to see who it fits. The stepsisters are more than happy to share his cock if he will just put in a good word for them. These girls are great cock sucker and true whores which they probably learned from their mother. (Things the Disney version doesn’t teach us Lesson four: This family was the inspiration for all things Kardashian) Fantastic two girl blowjob here. They keep their mouths close together, working the cock and balls together like a perfect cock oral sex machine. He paints their pretty faces with a really nice load. Great little scene here with Carter getting her tongue coated in man chowder.

Samantha Saint Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Samantha Saint
Samantha Saint & Seth Gamble

This is a fairy tale, so there has to be a happy ending. The Prince finally gets his dream girl and she proves that she has more than enough skill to please his cock. Samantha looks fantastic on her knees choking on cock. She warms up the head and then rams it to the back of her throat until she is good and messy. Great blowjob, especially as part of the final scene. He spreads her legs for a very short round of pussy licking before sticking his cock into her and going to town. Samantha rubs her clit, throws he head back and loves every stroke. They fuck, moan and kiss like this is the best fuck of their lives. He flips her over and has at it from the back. She spins around at the end, opening her mouth wide to catch the load he fires are her pretty face. Samantha sucks out the last few drops and licks up the rest from her fingers.