8 Facts and Myths About Penis Size

In recent times, sex and lovemaking have become a huge topic worldwide as people search for ways to maximize sexual satisfaction so lets debunk some Myths About Penis Size. Therefore, there have been several claims and beliefs about the male sexual organ with regard to sexual satisfaction. While some of these claims may have a logical basis, others are just mere assumptions and speculation that has spread so vastly that it starts to look like the truth. Myths about the penis have become a huge topic of discussion, most especially as the adult entertainment industry tends to shed light on them. Here are some of those myths as we try to separate fact from fiction.


  • Bigger means better:

  • This has to be the most popular of them all. So many people have come to believe that there is a reciprocal relationship between the size of the penis and the level of satisfaction a woman gets during sexual intercourse. This belief has been so deeply rooted in the minds of so many people that most men with smaller penis sizes tend to feel inferiority and dissatisfaction with the size of their sexual organs. They feel that most women prefer men with a larger or bigger penis and that having a small penis makes them less attractive to the female gender. But the truth is, most women are unbothered by the size of a man’s tool. Instead, they are more concerned about the man’s ability to combine other aspects of lovemaking like oral sex and clitoral stimulation to achieve maximum satisfaction. As much as most men know this, they still take pride in having a big penis. So there you have it, bigger is not always better.


  • If it’s not straight, it’s not good:

  • Some people are born with a bent or a not so straight penis, and that’s perfectly natural. So if you have a penis bent a little to the side or upwards, there is no need to worry because it’s really not a big deal. But if it’s too curved, or you feel it’s a problem, then you can consult a medical professional to help you correct it using the appropriate medical method.


  • If it’s small when it’s flat, it’s going to be small when it’s erect:

  • If there is one lesson worth learning, it’s that you should never judge a book by its cover. Do not judge the size of a penis by its flaccid state because you may be shocked. There is a huge difference in size between a fully erect penis and a flaccid one. You may think that a penis is small – wait until it achieves a full erection. Note that a big penis may not get so much bigger when it’s erect. In fact, smaller penis sizes tend to have more differences between their flaccid and erect state than the big ones.


  • You can tell the size of a man’s penis by the size of his shoes:

  • Personally, I find this one very amusing. It’s like judging a man’s appetite by the size of his fingers. Very ridiculous, right? There is no scientific basis to this argument at all. All studies conducted to validate these claims turned out with a negative conclusion. So it’s safe to say there is no relationship between the size of the shoes and the size of his tool.


  • You can increase the size of your penis without surgery by using pills: 

Due to the increasing worry about the size of the penis, several sex shops have been advertising and selling pills and herbs which they claim can increase the penis size. As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, there is no such miracle pill in existence that can increase the size of your penis. The only known effective way to increase the size of your penis effectively is with the use of penis extenders. This method is safer than going through surgery. Surgery comes with lots of risks, and the result is marginal, and the effect may not last for a long period of time. The idea of a penis enlargement pill is ideal, but it’s only a fantasy.


  • Use of condoms reduces sexual satisfaction for men:

  • This is true because condoms are made from latex and the thickness of the condom can affect the sensitivity of the penis during sex, making it difficult for the man to attain full sexual satisfaction. Condoms reduce the sensation of the penis, but the extent is determined by the thickness of the condom. That is to say, the thicker the condom, the less pleasurable it is during sex. So to increase your satisfaction all you have to do is find a very thin condom. Luckily, in recent times condoms have undergone so much innovation, and now you can find condoms that are more pleasurable to use. But if you still find using condoms less pleasurable, you can make use of lubricants to enhance your sexual pleasure.


  • Constant ejaculation reduces sperm count:

  • Having sexual intercourse daily or regular masturbation can affect the quantity of sperm your body produces, but this is only temporary. Constant ejaculation does not reduce the production of sperm. It only makes it unable to meet the constant demand, thereby creating an illusion of scarcity. Interestingly, for a couple looking to have a baby there may be some advantages to masturbating because when a man ejaculates constantly even though the sperm count reduces, the quality of the sperm may increase since the sperm is freshly produced, making it more potent than a sperm that has been in stock for a longer period of time. Please note that this is just a theory and may not be applicable to all men.


  • Blue ball:

  • This is a painful sensation that follows after prolonged arousal and stimulation without ejaculation. As much as this is real, it’s not as painful as men paint it to be. So yes, you can have blue balls, but the pain is not unbearable.

There are so many other myths in this regard. While some of these myths are true, others are either made up or exaggerated. So before you agree to anything, try to verify if it’s facts or fiction. What other myths about the penis are popular in your community? Is it a fact or fiction? Let us know in the comments below.


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