Amazing Sex Tips for Beginners to Help Them Get Started

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Sex

So, you wanna cross the bridge with your lover? Here’s what to keep in mind.

Good sex is both a science and art of “give and take.” However, in the age we live in, many people seem to have a bit different perception of sex. And that’s mostly influenced by not just Hollywood and the porn industry, but also many smutty novels. After watching too much porn or graphic scenes from movies and reading about perfect sex in books, we get this image of how sex is supposed to be. However, this ideal image is almost never the same in real life as it is in works of fiction.

That’s why newly married couples often find it strange, especially when their desires are not met. That’s led us to compile this list of sound expert advice on sex for beginners.

A Beginners Guide to Hot Sex

What is sex for beginners, and how should it be done?

We believe sex is an expression of love. It involves sharing of emotions, time, energy, and of course, body fluids. So this piece of advice goes out to anyone visiting the best dating sites 2021 for long, meaningful, and fruitful relationships. The first step in your sex for beginners’ journey is to know and understand your lover.

Communication is King when it Comes to Sex for Beginners

Lack of communication could be the single biggest killer to your relationship. Don’t wait for therapy to talk.

The process of knowing and understanding your partner begins with clear and honest communication. Communicate using your body as much as you communicate with your words. Many people who seek ways of how to make sex good for beginners approach it from a selfish viewpoint.

What do we mean?

Most people focus on what ‘good sex’ means to them. How sex makes them feel or what they enjoyed from previous encounters. For example, as a guy, you may fancy a long blowjob. However, your woman may not yet be comfortable enough to have your manhood in her mouth. And guess what, that’s totally okay. There has to be mutual consensus in everything you do, and that means openness and communication.

Great Sex is More Give than “Take”

If we were to assign a value to it, giving in sex should carry 80%. Most couples overlook the pleasure derived from giving and only take it selfishly. That’s why you often find one partner starved and unsatisfied. In a way, this contributes to cheating and mistrust. This would probably be the best sex advice for beginners. If you’re more attuned to giving, you’ll always look for more ways to make it spicy for your significant other. You’ll always be concerned whether you’ve fulfilled their desires and craving at each moment.

Usually, the question you don’t ask is, “What am I not giving?”

If this becomes your mindset, your spouse will go nowhere else looking for satisfaction.

Kinky Means Boundaries

Don’t have a preconceived notion of what sex should be like from your previous experiences or what you’ve seen and heard on TV and in society. Rather, be in the moment and don’t be afraid to be a little nasty. However, communicate upfront about any boundaries. You may not always be in the mood to get all touchy and mouthy during sex. That’s okay. Let your lover know when to stop. Similarly, you may at times not be in the mood of getting laid, but you just want some foreplay, and that’s it.

Kinky comes with boundaries. Whether in the kitchen, laundry, car, or back garden, just be sure to communicate your boundaries if there are any.

Sex Exercises for Beginners

The best sex exercise for beginners is practice. Don’t jazz with your wife one day in a week and expect that will make you a sex guru. Remember the 10,000-hour rule? Well, practice will perfect your moves. Make whoopee as many times as possible without forgetting the next piece of advice.

Sex Breaks are Healthy Even for Beginners

Whoever said absence makes the heart grow fonder was either giving sex help for beginners or had gone on a dry spell for a while. Sex for beginners should not be done at every time, in every place, and after every minute. Soon, it becomes dull, dry, empty, and meaningless. Avoid turning what’s good and precious into something familiar.

Sex for beginners should be ‘innocent and yummy.’ If possible, maintain those qualities throughout the age of your sex life together.

The Best Sex for Beginners Comes with Feedback

A reader once asked us, “What is the best sex for beginners?” We replied, “What does your partner think is the best sex?”

Tell each other the good, bad, and the ugly. Be sure to laugh about it.

Often, we find ourselves seeking validation or social proof from outside sources concerning our sex lives. This should not be the case. As such, we normally recommend that couples should be open to giving and receiving feedback after every session (or even in the heat of the moment.)

Sex is not as smooth and linear as it looks on your screens. It often involves stomach grumbling, gas, and uncomfortable situations where the pee-pee comes out unnecessarily. While all these may not be desirable, they are inevitable when you’re making love. Instead of aiming for perfection from what you see outside, communicate what was right or wrong about each moment. This kind of intimacy draws you closer and makes your bond stronger.

And Remember…

Sex in itself is a form of communication. Be present at every moment. Avoid watching red tapes which fill your head with a fantasy you may never achieve. Rather, be there at the moment and let your lover know that you care and are sensitive at every minute.

Summarizing Sex for Beginners

You don’t have to develop a six-pack or have a Kim-Kardashian-sized booty to make your lover feel loved and special. After all, sex is a deep and meaningful activity, and when you’re together, how you look no longer matters. Your partner sees you for who you are, and they love you for this. And when you keep in mind these small tips, even the sex for beginners will feel so much more intimate and pleasurable.

So hopefully, now you know a bit about what is sex for beginners and what you can do to make it so much better! And if you have any more sex questions for beginners, feel free to ask them in the comments; we would be glad to answer them!

Davis is a marriage and family therapist. She has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings over the past 7 years providing services to children, adults, families, and couples. She is currently doing specific research on the topic. Miranda loves traveling and hiking.

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